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    Default Community Meeting - March 31, 2012

    Community Meeting Synopsis

    • Kronbelt is on the Pathfinding Beta.
    • More WLPW assignments are available. Contact Aki Shichiroji, Ccindy Pfeffer, or Vikki Placebo for more info.
    • Features of WLv2 (in development) were discussed at length such as new HUD features, Skills, Item Quality, Workshops, and Tools.
    • Resident run storyline "The Key and the Courier" is ongoing.
    • Azkadellia Triellis is planning a Circus in the Cape of Ruin.

    Please read the following meeting logs for more information and feel free to comment or ask questions.
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    Default I. Estate


    NeoBokrug Elytis: Okay, so we'll start. Feel free to throw questions at me as we go along. First we'll be talking about estate stuff.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Estate occupancy has picked up a very little bit, and we've remained stable over the past month. Nothing too exciting there.


    NeoBokrug Elytis: I asked the residents of Hambone Slash if they didn't mind being subjected to the Pathfinding Beta so we can goof around with all the new features. More than half the people responded, and not a soul didn't want it.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: I think it was Wed that Hambone was given Pathfinding, but due to some dynamic objects and LLs lack of foresight to how dynamic objects impact a region -- Hambone Slash DID NOT like it at all. So, for now, it's not on the pathfinding beta until they fix the bug that brings sim FPS down to two.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: However, Kronbelt IS on the pathfinding beta -- so feel free to test there. Be warned however, it's a bit crashy. Most of the time it comes up right away, but there's been an instance where it took an hour.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: I'm quite pleased with how fast pathfinding works even on a homestead WITH debug code slowing it down. So once it's live expect estate wide things to hunt down and chase -- or more likely be chased by. If you happen to be playing on Kronbelt and crash it, and seriously break it -- please contact a dev.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Other than that I don't have much to say about estate stuff. Any other dev got anything to bring up?

    Aki Shichiroji: WLPW! More assignments are available. There will be a meeting on Apr 14 at potentially 12 or 1PM SLT. The first deadline for assignments is 04/7/2012 If people need help or more time, they need to contact CCindy Pfeffer, Vikki Placebo or myself.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Anyone got any questions?
    NeoBokrug Elytis: Nope! Movin' on!
    How many times will the teeth bite the tongue,
    Looking for salvage in the damage that's done?
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    Default Ii. Game (part 1)


    NeoBokrug Elytis: March is the initial month I released the Wastelands game back in 2007. I have been spending FULL time working on game stuff this month.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: I even have a very alpha version of the WL2 HUD. It's got all the important things I need, but isn't hooked up to the database, or processing any external commands yet. Basically you wear it and it enforces the current rules, has the speed limiter, falling damage, etc.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: I feel somewhat comfortable talking about it now that I've cemented everything I'm working on, and I've been asking/tasking the devs with some things to work on.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: WLv1 has only Health and Hunger.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: WL2 Will have Health, Hunger, Hydration, and Endurance.

    Harvey Jillybean: So, Neo, are you saying we will get a beta version this month?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: This month: Probably not.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: I've ditched the class system I was working on, and converted everything to Skills. With a skill based system people can fine tune how they play with whatever they want to be.

    Ironblood Mechanique: skills > classes

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: Very yes.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: There's 13 skills that you can have a maximum of 100 points in. Your character only has 350 points maximum through all skills -- so in theory you could max out 3 skills then have 50% in another skill.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Three skills are dedicated for Combat, two skills count as combat and Trade skills, 5 skills are pure trade skills, and there's 3 resource gathering skills. And being a certain race, exempts you from gaining in some skills.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: With the way things work, traders or resource gathers might want to hire toughs to guard them.

    Frank Hilltop: How would these skills work exactly? Or are they just for show?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Skills determine what you can and cannot do, as well as how well you do it.

    Ironblood Mechanique: wait wait wait, RACES in the hud! <3

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Yeah, races will have only a minor effect on some things, and exempt you from doing other things.

    Frank Hilltop: Could you give an example Neo? Regarding trading for example

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Well trading between people is still the same.

    Frank Hilltop: ah ok

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: Oohhhhh, this will be, like, trading with the Food Trader?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: But there's a thinking skill that helps you get a better deal with NPC traders.

    Frank Hilltop: Oh ok, I see

    Ironblood Mechanique: blacksmithing farming etc?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Kind of.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: I won't go in depth or list the skills because that may still change.

    Ironblood Mechanique nods

    NeoBokrug Elytis: What I do want to talk about is the Quality system I thought up.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: So if you make a thing that you use. For instance a ripper , or a tool. It will have something in the description that says something like Q(84/95). You can also get that information (as well as flavor text) by clicking and holding an item. So if you're shopping click and hold an item for a second then let go, you'll get a wall of not only flavor text but info about whatever it is. Back to quality though

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Q stands for quality

    NeoBokrug Elytis: The first number stands for current quality

    NeoBokrug Elytis: The second number stands for maximum quality

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Current quality affects how a thing performs right now

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Maximum quality represents how good of an overall condition the thing is in.

    Azkadellia Triellis: So things can "wear" out?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Yes. When you use an item, it's current quality will go down (at a decent rate), thus performing worse

    NeoBokrug Elytis: When it gets real low you may want to repair it. So when it's repaired a small portion of maximum quality is taken away, and you bring the current quality to whatever the new maximum is.

    Ironblood Mechanique: I like this a lot, no more useless stuff floating in your inventory cause you already made or bought 1 of said item. Gotta keep making stuff <3

    Azkadellia Triellis: So will food have a rot rate too? no more hording

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Some of it will, Azka.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: Are certain things inherently higher quality than others? Like, if you're capable of making it at all, it's going to be at least a 50/100 because you're awesome at thing-making? Or could even a skilled masheener make a 1/100 Slugthrower or something, which could be beaten by a 95/100 scav knife?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: That's sort of where skills come in

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Let's say you're a novice at whatever skill, and you build a thing. The thing you build has a range of quality it's built with, based on your skill.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: So let's say you build 3 rippers

    NeoBokrug Elytis: The first one is Q(33/33), the second is Q(54/54), and the last is Q(15/15). Obviously the best one is the second one. It has the most overall "life" in it. But Q54 isn't as good as a perfect Q(100/100) item

    stohtwlasikbradia Jurassic: So a range of values ​​of objects ...

    tralala Loordes: how do you repair an item?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: With other objects.

    Benji Tamarack (bighairy.mammoth): oh man, the wastelands just got a little harder xD

    NeoBokrug Elytis: And I plan to make it so that the bigger the gap on the current vs. max wear, the more max wear you'll lose.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: So regular maintenance is key to keeping your super good item a long time.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: Question... Would weapons still be used as components in the manufacture of new weapons? If so, would their qualities combine? Or, if you could make some UberRipper out of a Ripper and some Unobtainium or whatever, could you never make a good UberRipper from a 15/15 Ripper?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: I am unsure Apo, I haven't thought about it.

    tralala Loordes: So recipes will change dramatically?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: tralala, there will be a recipe reboot.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Each trade-skill will have its own set of recipes, and there will be a global recipe pool that everyone knows. And to KNOW how to build a recipe, you must first get it from a Thinker

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: So, if we want some stuff, we'll HAVE to cooperate.

    Harvey Jillybean: a thinker?? I like the sound of that

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Yeah, I know it takes away from the olden days of experimentation.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: yeah. :/

    Zeroyel Katsu: would it make sense to be able to repair an item with the components it was initially made of?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Zero, I chose not to do that because I want it to be cost effective. And that way you have to bring it to a Fixer to have it repaired.

    Ironblood Mechanique: this sounds like a built in anti-recipe pass around mechanic too

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: This will do interesting things to the economy. : We can have people who don't just sell items, but provide services!

    Ironblood Mechanique: sounds good to me

    Harvey Jillybean: I hear that Apo!

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Essentially there's a lot more accountability to randomly beating people up.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: IC or OOC. Random-ass fights for fun will still be cool, but you'd better not piss people off whether as characters or as humans, or you're diiiiiiiiiicked. Moohoohahaha.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: But yeah, some people will make amazing quality items, and those will be highly sought after. That way every rifle doesn't cost L$300 in the Wastelands.

    Ironblood Mechanique: [Nice]

    NeoBokrug Elytis: People with the skill will make better things for certain. Oh, and skilling up will be easy the lower your skill is. But getting to max on any skill will be hard

    KittyKat Borkotron: So the Quality will replace the BV (Barter Value)?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: It won't but it will factor into an items BV. One shot consumable items will just have Q(whatever_quality) so some cooks will make really great food.

    Zeroyel Katsu: can 1 SL avatar play separate WL characters with different skills and stuff?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: No But there will be a reset item. So roll up some SL alts. :P

    Ironblood Mechanique: ALTS all the alts!

    NeoBokrug Elytis: But I would much rather everyone worked together. It would really give groups a reason to cooperate amongst its members.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: So, that way, if we're crazy antisocial, we can maybe still get by if we put in extra effort.

    Frank Hilltop: Sounds very good!

    NeoBokrug Elytis: People will still have shops.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: True. But if you have to have things made or repaired, you might have to TALK to someone! D:

    Zeroyel Katsu: if there's something you can do best they might still want to cooperate!

    Sand Digger (sandusky.kayvon): and people will have "workshops" too, Neo?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Yes, I forgot to mention.

    Ironblood Mechanique: ooh

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Tradeskills will have their own stations/workshops to work at. There will be public ones.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: Oh that's cool.

    Azkadellia Triellis: neato

    Ironblood Mechanique: will there be personal ones too?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: And for a VERY HEFTY BV (Barter Value) fee, you can have one of your own.

    Ironblood Mechanique: NICE

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Another thing. I needed to create some salvage sinks (things where BV goes in and doesn't come back). So there will be a Tools Vendor. You can ONLY get tools from the Tools Vendor. And these tools, are used at the work station. Each tool has 20 uses. They are not expensive. Even public workstations need tools.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: Makes sense.

    How many times will the teeth bite the tongue,
    Looking for salvage in the damage that's done?
    - Jay Farrar

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    Default II. GAME (part 2)

    II. THE GAME (continued)

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Any questions so far?

    tralala Loordes: Can you trade tools?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: I haven't decided yet tralala, I am thinking : probably

    Ironblood Mechanique: will salvage spawn the same way it does now? and will there be fishing!

    NeoBokrug Elytis: I think the old salvage boxes will retire, for more appropriate trade skill resource gathering nodes that spawn.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: Yeah, will there be more stuff, less stuff, region-specific stuff?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Region Specific: yes

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: Like... harvestable plants that look like plants?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Yes

    NeoBokrug Elytis: I may even advertize the game for the first time in ever.

    Ironblood Mechanique: will there be WL: hamburgers?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Probably, but not made of beef.
    How many times will the teeth bite the tongue,
    Looking for salvage in the damage that's done?
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    Default Iii. Roleplay


    NeoBokrug Elytis: So on to RP while we have 10 minutes left. Before I hand it over to the other devs (since I don't RP), I redid the RP landing page on the wiki: http://wiki.the-wastelands.org/index...gory:Role_Play

    NeoBokrug Elytis: It sort of spells it out, if you think I need to include something lemme know. Other devs: game / RP stuff?

    Sand Digger (sandusky.kayvon): Barrelhead Bazaar next Saturday. I know I didn't do one on a mid-month Wednesday in March. sorry about that, was just too busy. 11 AM SLT until 1 PM SLT ((this was cancelled due to work))

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: I've been busy as ass, but I'm still working on a new place that will serve as a sort of orientation center for new RPers (and just new visitors in general.)

    Sand Digger (sandusky.kayvon): there's still an ongoing resident run RP storyline that Apo and I for the sake of the Press have merely dubbed "The Key and the Courier" although there are many other characters involved. Hopefully we'll get some press articles out soon when I have time to finish writing mine and reviewing Apo's.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: Every time I write something, there's more happening to write about. So, sorry that's all like FOREVER BEHIND. >_<

    Sand Digger (sandusky.kayvon): haha yeah that RP story is moving rapidly but oh well, we'll write and publish stuff when we can

    Sand Digger (sandusky.kayvon): was there a question?

    Azkadellia Triellis: frank wanted to know about his interview

    Sand Digger (sandusky.kayvon): Apo's written it, I haven't reviewed it yet but you or someone take a good picture of Frank and send it to me so we can use it

    tralala Loordes: Is it possible by the time of the next Bazaar we can have a synopsis of current RP line

    Sand Digger: @ tralala - Until the Press publishes some stories, you're just going to have to rely on word of mouth.

    Sand Digger (sandusky.kayvon): Azkadellia has something in the works for the Cape

    Harvey Jillybean: Oh on an rp note: I told some of you that the zipline that goes down don't work ic, but has now been fixed....a little..side note there

    Azkadellia Triellis: A circus has come to the cape, it's looking for people wanting to expand or a change in their RP! Play yourself or something else! Talk to me for more info!!

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: Sweet! The circus should totally tour other sims -- traveling WL Sideshow.

    Insanity Lobotomy (myotis.draconia): the circus needs some sideshow freaks like a lobster man, any volunteers?

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: I have another thing I'm working on, but due to the aforementioned busy-as-assness, it's totally on hold for now. But it involves Mutant stuff and destroying things. And communication issues. So if any of those things sound awesome to you, yo.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: Okay, any final questions?

    NeoBokrug Elytis: shouts: Time for Warzone!
    How many times will the teeth bite the tongue,
    Looking for salvage in the damage that's done?
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    what i hear about new hud sounds amazing.
    i realy love the idea of skills and races affecting our play (and playstile for each individual)

    is there like a goal .. month .. when thers like maybe betatests planned again?
    like. i realy want to do something helpfull with it, at least feedback or whatever.
    cant wait.
    im thrilled.
    I eat your Face.

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    Yeah the news on the HUD really sounds fantastic!

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