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Thread: Symptoms

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    Default Symptoms

    Let start a collection:

    [08:40] Psycho: Your lips are chapped and have cracked, causing them to bleed a little.
    [14:05] Psycho: A cold chill run through your body.
    [01:56] Psycho: Your eyes are very dry.
    [14:39] Psycho: You have a headache.
    [03:11] Psycho: Your eyes are watery.
    [02:35] Psycho: You feel dizzy.
    [02:41] Psycho: You feel really weak.
    [03:39] Psycho: Your head feels like a sand-hippo stomped on it.
    [03:52] Psycho: Your chest is congested.
    [04:17] Psycho: You are having difficulty focusing on what you are doing.
    [16:03] Psycho: Your mouth is sore and dry.
    [16:24] Psycho: You're freezing yet sweating profusely.
    [08:20] Psycho: Your hands are clammy.
    [08:02] Psycho: You're desperately thirsty.
    [02:49] Psycho: Your spit tastes metallic.

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    "your lungs feel like sacks full of knives"

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