My only problem with the teleporting is how the butts to explain it. I've just decided I'm being scooped up by a very fast but somewhat clumsy Roc.

I actually came up with a more convoluted RPish explanation that didn't post because I got logged out. The general gist was, Trade Boss Debslok decided it was bad for business to have corpses lying around in a time of plague, and conscripts any runners she doesn't like into a corpse-hauling squad. And if you wake up from a fight, hurting and hungry and wishing you'd had better equipment, right by a Trader eager to offer you something... well, that works out mighty well, doesn't it!

Or maybe we've been infiltrated by some kind of death cult that's hauling us away to certain locations for unknowable, profane purposes, and it's just a damn good thing we all wake up after a little while. Maybe the Reavers haven't wandered off again after all -- they just move so fast we can't see 'em.