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    Default WL Hud Unconscious/Death Loop, bug?

    I got "rendered unconscious" from a fall in Kronbelt (trying to leap the bridge as you once could). So I am dead, TP to the Cormac cave of Dr. Aeg. But the HUD tells me "Hud disabled.. Flying" (I did not get the exact wording but that is the jist). So I wait for 30 minutes or more, nothing changes. I tried switching to SL Viewer from Firestorm, no difference. Disabled Fly on TP, no difference. Finally I logged in again to a non Wastelands location and had to wait the 15 minutes but then the Hud worked. Are there AO issues for example Swim AO's that might trick the Sim Lord into thinking you are flying?

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    Perhaps. AOs can cause buoyancy effects on an avatar, and other AOs have triggered mega-jumps which tend to kill avatars if the HUD doesn't dampen it. Try playing the game without an AO on, or use a different AO. I suggest Zhao II, it's free.
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