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    Default Apos trip into the spirit world

    i quote a chatlog here.
    i took out the log ins and logs out i guess but will not realy clean it up .. thers a lots of typos in it on my part but perhaps one can enjoy it anyways.
    part 1 of 4
    [11:37] The Witch sneaks up on the N turning her head to make out noises if there are any
    [11:38] Apo looks around at the building, drumming her fingers against a post as she thinks.
    [11:39] The Witch snifs the air and walks towards the door not realy realizing someone is there yet at widens here eyes when she spots apo to her suprise
    [11:39] Apo looks down and blinks, finding there's suddenly a Mutant there. "Huh! Oi there, Witch."
    [11:39] The Witch: "yous there. me look yous last days over and over" she mumbles
    [11:41] Apo mutters, "Aye, been wanderin' a bit. Finally home, though!"
    [11:41] The Witch hesitates for a moment "yous made brew me ask for wile wander?"
    [11:42] Apo chuckles, but nods. "Aye, aye, got yer brew..." She clomps toward the bar.
    [11:42] The Witch hesitates a second time than follows slowly
    [11:44] The Witch lets her eyes wander a little wile waiting and digging her fingers into the seat in front of her making little scratchy sounds
    [11:44] Apo fumblinbly pulls the clay jug from the bar shelf and sets it on the table. "Welp, there it is. A full damn jug of Bog Shot, made as good as I can get it.."
    [11:45] Apo pushes it to the end of the bar, ceramic squealing against rough metal.
    [11:45] The Witch reaches out and takes the bottle to inspect it "good yous can make be good or be half good?"
    [11:46] Apo: "Good as I know how. There's things what can always go wrong in a brew, but it don't smell off, an' the color's good. ...Knew better'n to try a sample, though, 'cause that wouldn't be no full damn jug."
    [11:46] The Witch she carefully screws out the cork, smells the content and takes a little sip to let it wander arround in her mouth
    [11:47] Apo narrows her eyes. "Just what you want w' all that, anyhow? Din't think ye were much fer drink."
    [11:48] The Witch after a moment she spits out in discus and pops the cork back in place, letting the bottle rest in her left arm "it be good"
    [11:48] The Witch she gives a superior grins and shows her teeth for a moment "witchcraft, what else be?"
    [11:49] Apo furrows her brow. "I ain't gonna be 'sponsible for you cursin' half the Wastes or sommin', am I?"
    [11:51] The Witch: "trade be done, yous need think that sooner next time." she digs in her pouch and takes out a brownish fatty ball of whatever with tiny chunks in it "that be me part of trade. yous better know if yous want or not"
    [11:52] The Witch reaches out with her arm and hands apo the ball
    [11:53] Apo: "Oh, I was already thinkin' it. Then I figgered you ain't likely to cause nothin' worse'n we cause ourselves." She eyes the fatty ball suspiciously, and takes it, rolling it around her palm.
    [11:53] The Witch: ((of course i didnt make an object caus thers always a part i forget to do))
    [11:53] Apo: ((Same -- I was gonna put a little glyph on the jug, but spaced on it.))
    [11:54] Apo: ((Could always whip one up real fast! I actually have to dash to the bathroom. >_< ))
    [11:55] The Witch its soft and a little sticky of the fat, got a sharp smell to it "that be what makes yous see spirits beyond dream. yous still sure yous want to?"
    [11:55] The Witch: ((its fine. the bottle will do the job just fine))
    [11:56] Apo: ((Back! And all right.))
    [11:56] The Witch: ((wb))
    [11:56] Apo: ((Thankye!))
    [11:59] Apo peers closely at the ball. "Well... is like this. This is one o' them sorts o' things ye just cain't know about unless ye done it."
    [12:00] Apo: "Is easy to go 'round sayin' that is all nonsense. An' mebbe it'll work, mebbe it won't, mebbe it'll just gimme some good weird dreams an' let me see parts o' my thoughts I don' often think 'bout. All's t'be done is t' try it."
    [12:01] The Witch she considers it a oment that starts to explain "yous want boil it in cup water, than let it cool so be good to drink. yous better know what yous want to know from spirits befor yous drink it all"
    [12:01] The Witch: moment
    [12:01] Apo: "Oof. An' I take it that 'everything' ain't specific enough?"
    [12:03] The Witch: "these might tell ous everything. but yous can never tell these apart. all the things be hard thing to explain between own race. how yous think yous understand spirit?"
    [12:03] An only slightly rusty ladle whispers: You ladle some relatively clear-looking water into the small metal can nearby.
    [12:04] The Witch she turns to go "most loud not be most true..." takes the jug with both mayor arms and walks to the door
    [12:05] Apo carefully ladles out some water into a cup, and drops in the fatty ball, watching it bob up and down slightly, the oil shimmering iridescent on the water's surface.
    [12:06] Apo: "There any other... ritual whatnot I gotta do first? Sittin' half-nekkid in front of a fire or sommin'?"
    [12:06] The Witch she grins "if yous like to do. just be sure yous feel good with that"
    [12:07] Apo sets the cup on the grilltop and chuckles. "Aw, is one o' them things, innit. Ye half gotta know what feels like the right thing t'do, afore ye e'en ask whass the right thing t'do..."
    [12:08] Apo waits for the water to boil, and watches the fatty blob of whatever-it-is begin to soften. She wrinkles her nose at the smell.
    [12:09] The Witch tha ball slowly starts to fall apart in the heating water with a big surface layer of oily colors, some bits floting on top and a few falling to the bottom
    [12:10] The Witch the sence of sharp herbs and rotting meat mix with the sweet odor of flowers
    [12:11] Apo's eyes water a little. "Phew..."
    [12:12] The Witch when the water starts boiling the little parts on the bottom have completely disolved and turned the liquid into a dark almost blueish color, the fatty part folms little bubbles that foam and colapse almost sureal slow
    [12:13] The Witch: forms
    [12:13] The Witch: ((yay .. typeing) ))
    [12:14] Apo: "...Huh."
    [12:15] Apo: "...Shite, where I oughta do this. Prolly oughta not be right out in th' open..."
    [12:16] The Witch the cup comes to a full boil and spits overe here and there, the foam baking onto the grill smells amost worse than the liquit itself
    [12:16] Apo: "Could sit in the cellar, but them spirits don' like things what hide unnerground an' there I go talkin' like I believes all this already," she mutters to herself.
    [12:17] Apo: "Augh!" She grabs the bar rag from her pocket and wraps it around her fingers, then lifts the teacup from the flames. "Shite, shite, shite..."
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    part 2. filler here caus messege needs text but quote
    [12:19] The Witch the oily film on top quickly clams and is like a yellowish layer on top of the dark water under it
    [12:19] Apo glances all around. "Welp, like hell I'm climbin' a ladder w' a hot cup o' whatthefuck in my hands. So, down it is." She kicks the sheet metal aside and lowers herself through the hole.
    [12:20] Apo reaches up and carefully closes herself into the chilly cellar.
    [12:21] The Witch a little ray of light creeps in between the concrete and the metal cover, imuminating just enought to make navigation possible
    [12:21] The Witch: illuminating
    [12:21] Apo watches the foul-smelling steam coil in the little slats of light.
    [12:22] The Witch quickly the whole room is filled with the odd smell of that brew .. is that realy a good idea?
    [12:23] Apo rubs her temple. "Whoa now. Mebbe there's sommin' to this... not-bein'-unnerground thing..."
    [12:25] The Witch the fatty layer blocks vapor way befor the cup is save to drink
    [12:25] The Witch just slowly, very slowly it cools down
    [12:27] Apo drums her fingers on her thighs, thinking. "Mebbe oughta be outside. Somewhere still a bit aways from folk, but a li'l less..." She looks around at the concrete, and waves a hand vaguely.
    [12:28] Apo rises, careful not to slosh the cup. "Ain't coolin' fast anyhow. So. Le's just go on a wander, eh? Mebbe them spirits got an idea of where I oughta end up fer this." She chortles.
    [12:29] The Witch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jLtAAEyMDo
    [12:29] The Witch: ((let that be ur soundtrack))
    [12:29] Apo snifffs at the air and heads south, away from town.
    [12:29] Apo: ((Oooh, kickass!))
    [12:31] Apo peers around. She smells the distant salt smell of the coast, but frowns a bit at the ruins between. After another glance at the cup, she heads toward the Mesa.
    [12:31] The Witch the sands are quiet today, wind makes the louds sound, barely fresh footprints on the sand
    [12:33] Apo stares at the great stone tower before her... and the little stone towers to her left. "As fine a place fer spirits as any," she murmurs, and walks on.
    [12:33] The Witch the mesa throws long shadows and catches the wind, a fresh trak of some manimal crosses the salt flat
    [12:36] The Witch a quick look up the mesa .. be a high place realy a smart idea in that state?
    [12:36] Apo looks at the stairs, and frowns at them. She turns away, toward the back of the Mesa.
    [12:38] The Witch by now the cup should be drinkable carefully, but its still no fun
    [12:38] Apo frowns, a little uncertainly, listening to the wind roaring through the narrow canyon.
    [12:39] The Witch at least its shady and not likely many scavengers will pass through here
    [12:39] Apo sits under the overhang, and holds her palm over the top of the cup to try to keep out the sand.
    [12:40] The Witch a fine layer of dust already floats on top of the fatty layerand wanders to the edges
    [12:41] Apo glances out at the swirling sands of the Nothing. She raises the cup to her lips, pauses a moment, and takes a slow sip.
    [12:41] a teacup: Hello, Avatar!
    [12:42] The Witch apo thought the smell was nasty but its nothing compared to the taste, it feels a little like the liquid fat creeps in every hole beteen her teeth and pushes out all kinds of tastes she ever encountered befor
    [12:44] Apo: "Gleeagggh! Thass... thass just.... GLEAAGH."
    [12:44] The Witch the water part is not much better, its just like the mother of all bitter. coffee is nothing to it
    [12:45] Apo frowns. And frowns again. "WHY DOES THIS TASTE LIKE FROWN."
    [12:46] Apo stubbornly sips again.
    [12:47] The Witch to many tastes you can get used to, but its sure this will not be good untill the very end, slowly the fatty part begins to flocculate on the edges of the cup
    [12:47] Apo: ((Ohgod my legs, what has it done. haha))
    [12:48] The Witch: ((besides from floating 1m above ground u look normal to me))
    [12:48] The Witch: ((does ur viewer support windlight settings?))
    [12:49] Apo: ((Not custom ones, I don't think -- just the stock ones.))
    [12:49] The Witch: ((look for "surreal - summer (Paulina)"))
    [12:50] Apo: ((Drat, don't have that one. I'd been on 'Funky Funky Funky." Maybe "Sheer Surreality?"
    [12:50] The Witch the sand starts to ripple in the wind, throws little shadows
    [12:50] The Witch: ((just make it colourfull than))
    [12:51] Apo: ((It's pretty lively!))
    [12:52] The Witch: ((very good))
    [12:53] The Witch thers little patterns in the sand, nothing apo can put a finger on but something .. not sand like
    [12:55] Apo gazes at the swirling sand, and absentmindedly rubs her temple with her free hand.
    [12:56] The Witch also she has slightly trouble staying upright, the wind seems to shove her arround slowly back and forth back and forth
    [12:56] Apo sways, and settles herself back onto the strange sands.
    [12:58] The Witch ts a thing she observed since early childhood, the slow shift of sand from one side of a pepple to the other but its in a new and facinating way today .. just .. different
    [12:58] Apo murmurs, "Thisssss... is differn't."
    [12:58] Apo: ((HAH!))
    [12:58] The Witch its like distant wispers coming with the wind, someone is talking .. talking about apo
    [12:59] Apo: "...Wha..."
    [13:00] Apo stares at the cup and sips again, it being perfectly logical right now that this will make her more able to hear them.
    [13:01] The Witch shes not sure how long its been she took the last sip but this one is all grizzly from sand and dust
    [13:02] The Witch the pattens in the sand slowly begin to form .. to wander .. she recognizes them but she has no idea where she seen them
    [13:02] Apo narrows her eyes and slowly cocks her head to the side.
    [13:03] The Witch its letters, its like the whole sand is filled with letters, just not any letters she can read. its not that they make no sence, its the wrong set of symbols all the way
    [13:04] The Witch a whispering voice is emitted from the cliff over her, its like someone talks to her, just not in a language
    [13:04] Apo squints, and looks almost desperately from one patch of sandto the next, hoping to find some symbol, somewhere, that does make sense.
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    part 3 .. more filler text

    [13:07] The Witch slowly the letters wander up and down wind, as if they were chuncks of wood in some float of water, merging into each other, breaking appart
    [13:08] The Witch arround one big rock the letters begin to rotate, merging into each other, slowly .. always forming and reforming but staying in the wirl
    [13:09] The Witch: whirl
    [13:11] Apo stares at them intensely. Not breaking her gaze, she reaches down with her free hand, and traces an A into the soft sand.
    [13:12] The Witch for a moment the A feels odd there, crippling multiple letters but than just gets reabsorbed and appears here and there again from that moment on
    [13:13] Apo: emote gapes at it, and rubs the back of her neck -- wondering if she's added a new letter to the roiling mass, or somehow taken something away.
    [13:15] The Witch mess of letters rotating arround the rock gets cut off from the layer of sand from a sharp blow of wind and cuntinues to dance in a cycle midair
    [13:16] The Witch the wispers get louder, more intense, almost painfully loud, but not.
    [13:17] Apo stares. Her fingers trace a B, a C, and so on into the sand, a little frantically, as if hoping to impose some sort of sense on the letters.
    [13:17] Apo watches, hoping for some word to congeal by something more than coincidence.
    [13:18] The Witch suddenly silence .. as if the wind stopped .. no letters movement B and C stay where they are
    [13:19] Apo blinks. Slowly, still watching, she smooths her own letters away.
    [13:19] The Witch the whirl f letters midair resists to fall out of the air somehow .. the letters merging into one .. a glyphe .. the sandworm biting its own tail
    [13:20] Apo stares at it.
    [13:21] The Witch it slowly continues to spin wile wind and wisper return .. thers a C right in front of apos left knee in the sand
    [13:22] Apo smiles at the C, as if seeing an old friend in an unfamiliar place.
    [13:23] The Witch a thick layer of sand has formed arround her on the ground, shes not sure how long shes been sitting here .. the flow of letters continues to flow through the canion
    [13:26] Apo watches them, smiling vaguely, and idly traces more letters into the sand -- feeling less like forcing things into sense, but more like she's just giving the sands more symbols to play with.
    [13:28] The Witch: Here and there her symbols appear, but they got no order, are intermixed with other symbols or merged with them into entirely new ones. the wispering gets loud and almost disapears again with the play of the wind, there all talking about apo .. but she cant understand
    [13:30] Apo draws a glyph into the sand: <<<
    [13:31] Apo scrawls the glyph for 'question,' and watches the wind tease it away.
    [13:31] The Witch it gets sucked up. it almost is now as if there were multible wisperers all arround here, the loud wisper of the wind, a toneles wisper of the sand, hissing wispers of the torch over her and droning wispers deep within the rock
    [13:32] Apo whispers back. "...Oi?"
    [13:34] The Witch its as if the wispering was interrupted by her voice, her voice .. almost not human of sound just so wrong .. than the wispers return more eager, mixing with each other and echoing the "Oi?" in different languages
    [13:34] Apo: "Whoa..."
    [13:36] Apo opens her mouth to speak, but stops short. The wind blows sand onto her tongue.
    [13:37] The Witch she hears herself as if she was talking through a long pvc tube filled with strings and metal things .. but the wispers answer .. the spinning sandworm echos "Whoa"
    [13:38] Apo murmurs, "All right, so... I'm kind of hearing myself. Which... well... of course."
    [13:39] The Witch: "myself .. course .. all .. so .. which ... oi?" echos through the wind
    [13:39] Apo stares, entranced, at the wordworm.
    [13:40] The Witch: ((thers a sound in that ambient thing that is just like the drop of a crate .. it freaks me out))
    [13:40] Apo: ((Hah!))
    [13:42] Apo draws the glyph for Bacon in front of the spinning sandworm's mouth, and smiles a little loopily.
    [13:44] The Witch it gets wild, chasing the bacon in its dance and finaly chewing it
    [13:45] Apo laughs and cheers!
    [13:45] Apo: "I wonder if you've got a name!"
    [13:46] The Witch: "name .. wonder .. got"
    [13:47] Apo: "...Yer MADE o' name, though. All the words what ever was, seems like!"
    [13:48] The Witch: "words ... was" it stares at apo with no eyes .. the torch hisses and laughts on her
    [13:49] Apo: "Was, aye. Now sommin' more'n just words. Words become real. Well, real enough, least...." She watches its comma-like tail as it spins.
    [13:51] The Witch: "real ... aye .. now .. just" ripples of symbols and letters crawls over the sand which is now high enough to even wash them over apos legs
    [13:52] Apo smiles beatifically, watching the letters and sand as they rise.
    [13:54] Apo: "What do you know that I don't know," she wonders aloud, watching it spin closer and closer.
    [13:54] The Witch: "know ... what .. don't"
    [13:55] Apo: "Know what? Don't!" she echoes. "Mebbe you don't know nothin' I don't know."
    [13:58] The Witch: "nothing .. what .. you" the droneing wispers from deep below the rock gets loud and just fades off again, a little pice of rock jumps down the cliff wall on the oposite side .. but like in slow motion. seems to take hours to get down to the ground and just crashing into an A
    [13:59] Apo: "...whoooooa. Okaaaay.... maybe... you know plenty I don't."
    [14:00] The Witch: "maybe ..whoooooa .. know" the sandworms continues to spin, spitting out glyphs that rain to the ground and get absorbed
    [14:01] Apo: "I wanna LEARN, though," she murmurs.
    [14:02] The Witch: "though .. LEARN" it echos back
    [14:03] The Witch a small sand beetle runs cross a couple of letters, disturbs them with a straigt line of many tiny footsteps
    [14:03] Apo shivers a little each time the worm glides through her body, the same sort of shiver she gets at the high point of a song.
    [14:04] Apo says "But how can I learn anything if all the unfamiliar things make no sense, an' all the familiar things is just echoes?"
    [14:06] The Witch: "things .. sense .. anything .. how .. just" the hissing wisper of the torch interferes with the echo but it stays recognizeable enought
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    4th and final part..

    [14:06] Apo stares into the teacup.
    [14:07] Apo: "This torch. It bothers."
    [14:07] The Witch its hall filled with dust and even some rocks in there, how long has she been sitting here?
    [14:08] The Witch: "torch .. it"
    [14:08] The Witch: ((half))
    [14:08] Apo rises, with difficulty, a cascade of sand and rocks falling from her legs. She sways slightly.
    [14:09] Apo weaves her way up the stone and out to the precipice.
    [14:09] The Witch her legs are heavy like eldens bag of things and she has a rought feeling how his back feels
    [14:10] Apo stares into the flames.
    [14:10] The Witch the torch wispers in allure .. there is a face in the flames that talks the wisprered words with unfitting facial expressions
    [14:11] Apo stares at the burning face. "So what you say ain't what you feel, fire-spirit."
    [14:13] The Witch: "you .. so .. what .. ain't .. spirit" echos back, the little flames at the bottom growing into apos general direction
    [14:14] Apo watches the flames rise and seem to merge with the orange of the fast-scudding clouds, and watches the lying flames lick out toward her. "Ain't I?"
    [14:16] The Witch: "I" small flakes of ash fall to the ground, mix with the sand. no letters up here"
    [14:18] Apo stares at the cup -- and upturns it over the torch, showering it with dust and foul-smelling mud, grinding it around until the torch is snuffed out. "Thass how you torch a torch."
    [14:18] Apo weaves her way back to the sand, the worm, and the letters, to listen uninterrupted.
    [14:19] The Witch: "how ... torch" almost muffled and mumbling than loude hissing and screaming as the flame dies away
    [14:20] The Witch she recognizes all her fotsteps she left on her way up as glyphes and letters she scratched in earlier
    [14:20] Apo settles back onto the sand and gazes at the whirling worm. "You... were saying?" She smiles, and sand coats her lips.
    [14:22] The Witch: "saying .. you" Echos it and wiggles arround her arms without a sence of real touch besides the grinding of sand in the wind
    [14:22] Apo: "I know yer sayin' me. Sayin' lots of things of me. But I cain't understand. Is that just 'cause I ain't understandin' meself?"
    [14:25] The Witch: "things .. know .. but .. just .. ain't .. understand" the worm slowly creeps deeper allong her arms, right through them and back
    [14:26] Apo: "I know things, but I don' understand 'em. ...Aye, thass right enough. That is." She says softly.
    [14:27] The Witch: "understand .. aye .. enough .. know .. but"
    [14:27] Apo: "But then, how'm I t'know if I'm doin' the right thing? How'm I t'know I ain't fuckin' things up, thinkin' I done good?"
    [14:29] The Witch the worm slowly falls appart into glypes again wile sinking onto apos legs "thinking .. good .. know .. right .. ain't .. then .. fucking"
    [14:31] Apo: "Thinkin' is good. Knowin' I'm right ain't. THEN'S when I'm fuckin' it up."
    [14:31] The Witch the wispers die out
    [14:32] trashmen Hax is online.
    [14:32] Apo: "...Huh."
    [14:32] The Witch an unknown time later awakes apo with a head that feels like sandhippo dancing .. shes half covert in sand, thirsty like hell, her mouth tastes like vomit and thers glyphs and letters on the sand all arround her in arms reach
    [14:33] Apo blinks. "....Welp."
    [14:34] The Witch on the most outer part of the glyphes is a big cycle drawn with a small gab and teeth between it .. the sandworm biting its tail
    [14:34] Apo slips the notebook from her pouch and scrawls down the letters and glyphs, taking especial care on the sandworm glyph.
    [14:35] Apo: "Not like I won't remember," she says to herself. "But sometimes is just nice t'have a thing ye can look upon outside yer own heid."
    [14:35] The Witch its a little like a dream, the longer the thinks about what she encounters the more it fades away, not entirely but it starts to blur
    [14:37] The Witch it apears someone found her and looked trough her stuff .. bits and pices lay everywear arround .. nothing special missing, and someone bandaged her burned hands
    [14:39] Apo mutters, "How th' hell long was I out? ....Guess no harm done...."
    [14:39] Apo gathers up all of her stuff and stows it back in her pouches, then rises, wincing, to her feet.
    [14:40] The Witch it feels like she didnt use her feet in a lifetime, and her face is itchy from sunburn as she walks back home .. in need of consuming a gallon of water
    [14:40] Apo: "Oog." She stumbles off slowly -- but thoughtfully -- toward home.
    [14:43] An only slightly rusty ladle whispers: You ladle some relatively clear-looking water into the small metal can nearby.
    [14:43] Apo picks up the rest of the bucket and drinks straight from it.
    [14:44] The Witch slowly rehydrating she can take care of her other bodily needs and after a kinda hard to eat meal resume a rather normal day

    wow .. longer than expected.
    did u know a singele post can just have 10k symbols?
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    Thanks you two. I enjoyed this as a spectator!
    The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world. The sun shining behind him represents the divine nature of the Fool's wisdom and exuberance. On his back are all the possessions he might need. In his hand there is a flower, showing his appreciation of beauty. He is frequently accompanied by a dog, sometimes seen as his animal desires, sometimes as the call of the "real world", nipping at his heels and distracting him. He is seemingly unconcerned that he is standing on a precipice, apparently about to step off.

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    Whatever shit Wastelanders do, however dirty or bloody or batshit random it is, it comes right from our gritty, fucked up little hearts, and that's beautiful.

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    ohh thee pics are great
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    Whatever shit Wastelanders do, however dirty or bloody or batshit random it is, it comes right from our gritty, fucked up little hearts, and that's beautiful.

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    Nice one! makes me wanna travell into magic mushroomland...; p

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    Again make peace,
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