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Thread: Heya.

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    Default Heya.

    I'm a roleplayer who's just started exploring the Wastelands - figured I should join the forums, too. Haven't quite gotten a handle on who my character is yet, but I'll figure that out as I go.

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    welcome to the show.
    if thers questions or stuff, always remember, thers a bunch of nice ppl out in the wastes. well, as long as they dont kill each other that is.
    I eat your Face.

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    Hey there! Welcome to the Wastes!

    Figuring out your character can take time! But don't worry - the journey to The Wastelands is long and strenuous, and it's generally accepted that everyone who shows up is a little confused at first, and may say things about themselves that end up being totally wrong!

    And besides, whoever your character used to be, wherever else you've been, none of it will matter as much as who you are now, and what you do from here on out. You'll learn a lot about your character by the very act of roleplaying - seeing how you interact with other characters, and how they respond to you!

    If you ever want to bounce some ideas off of me, in-character or out, toss me an IM any time!

    Good luck out there!
    Whatever shit Wastelanders do, however dirty or bloody or batshit random it is, it comes right from our gritty, fucked up little hearts, and that's beautiful.

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