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    Thumbs up (2015-07-19) Covenant Update: Content Blacklist

    Starting August 1st 2015, the following changes will go into effect:
    Covenant Update: http://wiki.the-wastelands.org/index...tent_Blacklist
    Content Blacklist / Wastelands Endorsements: http://bit.ly/1LjITTr
    We had a short discussion about it at the last community meeting, feel free to civilly discuss it here. This policy is very unlikely to change between now and then, and I feel two weeks is more than enough time to prepare for the change.

    Because we had a very long discussion about it at community meeting, here's why Arcadia Asylum is on the list: I admired and respected her early contributions to Second Life, however she's now freely distributing (across multiple grids) content created by one of the developers of the estate AND she's refused to remove the content. So now none of her content is allowed in The Wastelands at all. The devs do great volunteer work for the estate, and if I didn't stand up against that sort of behavior it would be a disservice to them.

    As it stands now, everyone who owns land at the time of this forum post is exempt from these upcoming rules, but that does not mean I don't want to see change on the estate. I think awareness is just as important as being pro-active about it. I won't nag people to clean up content if they currently own land, but I would appreciate it if you did.

    If you have questions about any of these changes, please send me an email or discuss it here. I am very willing to go into thorough detail as to why this policy is here now.

    If these changes absolutely do not work for you and you want to leave, I understand -- now is the best time to sell your land, because there's so little available.
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    I shall offer thee a great big hug for this. It's nice to see estate owners standing up for original content.

    In the star wars world, there's entire sims built from mesh rips and it causes me no end of irritation

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