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    Exclamation An encounter.. with a bandit??

    [15:09] Slade Nova sees someone he would recognize as one of the traders around these parts, he approaches as he draws his weapon
    [15:09] tralala Loordes: "Hullo mister...."
    [15:10] Slade Nova nods slightly "greetings trader,"
    [15:10] tralala Loordes: "The sands bein' good to yah tonight? Mebee yer in the way of some tradin'?"
    [15:11] Slade Nova (furiku14) shrugs before speaking "i might be, what ya got?"
    [15:11] Slade Nova shrugs before speaking "i might be, what ya got?"
    [15:12] tralala Loordes: "Ain't so much what I got...cause ain't nothin' I don't got...but what yer be needin'. I ain't seen yah hereabouts before. My name's tra...I owns the Diner over to Stygian way."
    [15:13] Slade Nova looks her over "names slade," he said simply as he thought it over
    [15:14] tralala Loordes: "Slade it is then. So what's yer game?"
    [15:16] Slade Nova looks around with a slight smirk before looking at her "my game? well, you just happen to be a part of, im the leader of the crimson bandits" he holds his VCS in a threatening manner "and you're bein mugged"
    [15:19] tralala Loordes: Laughs..."Well yer ain't one fer beatin' around the bush are yah? Banditry being a fine and respectable profession like. And just what yer thinkin' to take off me in the way of banditry this fine day?"
    [15:21] Slade Nova steps closer before speaking "i want yer scrits, and any food ya got on ya" he had the look in his eye of someone that has seen his fair share of bloodshed and he would hesitate to see more
    [15:23] tralala Loordes: Taps the top of her boot with her stick..."And what would I be gettin' out of this bit of tradin' of my scrits and ..lemme see." Digs in her pocket and brings out a linty buzzard leg...chips off some green parts with her broken filthy fingernail..."for this choice bit of birdmeat?"
    [15:24] Slade Nova scowls "ill let you walk away from this in one piece" he gripped his VCS tightly
    [15:29] tralala Loordes: "Don't seem hardly like the way to start a beautiful relationship here. Ain't good business to rough up a trader what's friendly to all...my motto is nobody to scummy that I can't make a trade with..." Nods. "Yer sure and determined yer going fer a beatdown?" "Yer has options yah know...now now I can see yer fierce and have yer fine stick at hand...but as yah can see I'm pretty scrawny and can't put up much of a fight."
    [15:31] Slade Nova without any hesitation he grabs the deadly part of his VCS and swings the handle at her head "i aint here to make a friendship," he mumbles
    [15:33] tralala Loordes: Ducks..."Yah should be ashamed of yerself...." "It's not that I ain't willin' to toss yah a few scrits and this fine bit of buzz ...we all gotta live somehow...but yer has to give me yer word it ain't about to be a regular thing here...I cain't see that happenin'...."
    [15:35] Slade Nova shakes his head "i aint got nothing you want, less you want a broken scav pistol"
    [15:38] tralala Loordes: "I ain't in the way of takin' yer goods...but I give yah some scrits fer say like....let's say safe passage through the Wastes..yah know yer let's me go about my business and I let yah wet yer beak from time to time..yer welcome to eat at the Diner anytime. Yer think that's a fair deal for the way of things twixt you and me?"
    [15:39] Slade Nova considers it for a moment then nods "sounds fair enough, you pay me for safe passage through the wastes from me and my boys, and i can eat at the diner? we got a deal" he puts his stick away and holds out a hand to shake
    [15:42] tralala Loordes: Spits in her hand and snatches at his hand...shakes..."Deal Slade..yer boys can fill up anytime...usually sorta fresh meats served up regular. Just tell them boys when they see me runnin the sands I ain't due for some lumps to the head." Holds out the buzz leg and a 5 scrit piece... "Alls I got on me tonight but I guess it's better'n gettin' my noodle stove in to hold on to it."
    [15:44] Slade Nova shakes and nods "itll do, and my boy'sll listen, and if they dont, they wont be walking the wastes anymore"
    [15:46] tralala Loordes: Laughs..."Yer has to be firm with those rough lads. They's no use at all unless they pays attention. Well it's been a pleasure doin' business with yah Slade. I'll be passing' yah regular like I guess. If yer ever needs anything special yah comes find me."
    [15:47] Slade Nova nods "and you come get me if anyone causes you any trouble in the wastes," he says before walking off
    [15:48] tralala Loordes: Tips her stick to Slade..."Fair winds to yah then..." Runs off

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    I'll give ye 5 scrit fer yer kaput scav pistol.

    Don't ask me wat fer...
    Again make peace,
    Again give pardon,
    Forgive again and again . . .

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