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    Exclamation Slade Meets Mr Callow

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    Exciting! I haven't had my blood racing this much in ages.

    Regarding the "shit talking" after killing someone, is this taking place in the Junkyard with everyone staying in chat range? TPing after dying can kinda mess with the RP flow so I like the way this unfolded.
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    After the first round, which was mostly close to Slade's base and the area under the overpass by the eastern Junkyard entrance, we all wound up at the Junkyard Healing Masheen. (It had looked like Spiderspite was behind the tent for a sec while I was chasing him, but I think he was just sorta wedged a moment. >_< )

    Then, man, the second round (starting [15:25]) went EVERYWHERE. Callow and Slade took it toe to toe out in Katbork's backyard, basically. But Spiderspite crept around Thor's front barrier. I kept eyes on him, but he rushed the fight, so we picked it up again.

    I think Callow and Slade kept duking it out where they were, but Spiderspite led me through the Heap, up onto Bleue's roof, down it again, and through the central area again to rejoin the fight with Slade. I think I dropped Callow, but Spiderspite and Slade took the fight up Lunesta's stairs and onto her roof a while. I made it up there, and Slade and I ping-pong'd him back and forth a while, until he went back down to the ground.

    Then he was clambering through Angh's ruined theater build, then up onto the Quick-Halt and other attached builds for a while. There was some careful fencewalking and a couple of catwalk jousting matches, during which time Callow healed back up and entered the fray again. Then it was back at ground level for a sec, and I tried to lay into both Callow and Spiderspite as possible.

    Spiderspite went up to Czechoslovokian's roof for a moment, then leapt back down, and I followed - and the fight went into Relic Excavation. Which was pretty treacherous, because we were falling through some phantom ground sometimes. But it's an interesting place to fight, with its narrow passageways and suspended catwalks and difficult visibility. I think we got Callow down again, but Spiderspite was holed up in the tower part, and when he finally came down, we fought around the Excavation a little more.

    Most of the trash-talk after the first fight was at the Junkyard Healing Masheen; he cut out a bunch of OOC post-game wrapup (all of which was friendly.)

    But I don't think I saw the latter stuff, maybe due to being out of chat range.

    My usual method is to either shout whatever I'm saying, and maybe call them out by name - in hopes of perking the ears of anyone else in range, or at least giving them an IC reason to know who was just fighting who, to follow up later. (Though I suppose using Ruin't chat for that could work really nicely, too. We can shout pretty loud when we need to, I'm sure...)

    Actually, I might as well append my fight with Callow on Monday. EVERYONE VS CALLOW MEGATHREAD! :V
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    [2015/11/09 11:51] Aposiopesis Fullstop sniffs at the air, nose wrinkling. Clambering up toward the walkway, she peers out into the sands. "Oi. Someone out there?"
    [2015/11/09 11:51] Mr. Callow (clibancallow) drinks from his water bottle and chuckles to himself.
    [2015/11/09 11:53] The Wastelands: RockinAngel wanders away.
    [2015/11/09 11:54] Aposiopesis Fullstop frowns. Keeping her eyes on the distant, half-concealed figure, she takes up her Crowbill. "This place is open t' all folk. There ain't no *good* reason to skulk 'round," she calls out in a low, stern voice.
    [2015/11/09 11:55] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "So. Whatever yer up to, howsabout ye show yerself."
    [2015/11/09 11:56] Mr. Callow (clibancallow) tucks his water bottle in his deep pocket and emerges from behind the dish, head hung low and sheepish, "I'm sorry, I'm so thirsty and afraid."
    [2015/11/09 11:58] The Wastelands: You spot Dexter on the horizon.
    [2015/11/09 11:59] Aposiopesis Fullstop peers over the top of her glasses, leaning over slightly, plainly trying to get a sight unobscured by chickenwire, and to get a better look at a face. "Hm, izzat so..."
    [2015/11/09 12:00] The Wastelands: Dexter walks into the distance.
    [2015/11/09 12:00] Mr. Callow (clibancallow) nods sadly, "My people have been killed by a cult of demon worshipers and I am alone in the sands now. I heard about this place but I did not know what to do..."
    [2015/11/09 12:03] The Wastelands: You hear distant footsteps in the sand. You quickly search around, only to find that it's Dexter.
    [2015/11/09 12:04] Aposiopesis Fullstop arches her eyebrows - and continues to sniff the air. "Well, that sounds like a right shame..."
    [2015/11/09 12:05] The Wastelands: Dexter has vanished into the wastes.
    [2015/11/09 12:06] Mr. Callow (clibancallow) lifts his eyes, "Is this place your own? It seems safe, something I've not seen often." He looks the N over roof to foundation...
    [2015/11/09 12:07] Aposiopesis Fullstop shrugs. "I put the bits of it t'gether, but all these bits been scavved up by other Wasters. An', aye, is meant t'be a safe place all right - for them as need it."
    [2015/11/09 12:08] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Since ye seem too afeared t' come on over, why, I s'pose I'll come out an' chat w' you. Would hate t' make ye... uncomfortable," she says, nostrils flaring.
    [2015/11/09 12:09] Mr. Callow (clibancallow) nods slowly. "Are you the only one in that whole place now? It seems so big. I imagine many people have taken good shelter there and passed the night peacefully." He grips his Flayer as the woman approaches.
    [2015/11/09 12:11] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Folk come an' go as they like," she says dispassionately. She keeps a guarded distance, but scowls a bit, still plainly trying to get a better look. Gripping her own weapon, she tromps forward a few more paces.
    [2015/11/09 12:13] Mr. Callow (clibancallow) holds up both hands as if to show he's no danger, ignoring the Flayer altogether. "I can see you're very protective of this place and I assure you that I'd be the same way.. but I'm no threat to you, I only thirst and have no place to go..."
    [2015/11/09 12:14] Aposiopesis Fullstop rubs her eyes and steps forward once more - and lets out a swear as the yellow skin and dark scars finally become less of a blur.
    [2015/11/09 12:14] Aposiopesis Fullstop: shouts: "CALLOW. Get yer rotted hide away from my N!"
    [2015/11/09 12:14] The Wastelands: You smell the familiar odor of Dexter on the winds.
    [2015/11/09 12:14] Mr. Callow (clibancallow): (broken weapon!
    [2015/11/09 12:15] Aposiopesis Fullstop: ((Aw, butts! Come at me when yer ready.))
    [2015/11/09 12:15] Mr. Callow (clibancallow): ((sorry! ok now))
    [2015/11/09 12:16] The Wastelands: Dexter walks into the distance.

    ((Running around and whacking each other with Flayer and Crowbill ensues))

    [2015/11/09 12:18] Aposiopesis Fullstop spits on the cooling corpse as it's dragged away by unclear figures.
    [2015/11/09 12:19] The Wastelands: Dexter has wandered closer to you.
    [2015/11/09 12:20] The Wastelands: You lost track of Dexter.
    [2015/11/09 12:20] Mr. Callow (clibancallow) sees he's beat and slinks away quickly, shouting over his shoulder, "You'll see me again Apo... you'll see me very soon..."
    [2015/11/09 12:20] Aposiopesis Fullstop shouts: "An' you'll see the sharp end o' me Crowbill again, soon, ye ragged-ass skag! 'Less ye go an' STAY GONE!"

    ((And, later)

    [2015/11/09 15:32] Mr. Callow (clibancallow) runs up swinging, "Good morning DEAD WOMAN!"
    [2015/11/09 15:32] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Din't get enough holes in ye earlier, eh?"
    [2015/11/09 15:35] The Wastelands: clibancallow has collapsed from their injuries.
    [2015/11/09 15:36] Aposiopesis Fullstop shouts: "AIN'T DEAD YET, FUCKO! NOW STAY 'WAY FROM MY N!"
    [2015/11/09 15:37] Mr. Callow (clibancallow) shouts: "We'll see..."
    Whatever shit Wastelanders do, however dirty or bloody or batshit random it is, it comes right from our gritty, fucked up little hearts, and that's beautiful.

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