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    Default Salvage Auction

    A log of the January 2016 Salvage Auction in Cormac. We managed to fill the sim and continue Cc's RP storyline as well as redistribute quite a bit of WL salvage by way of shrewd hard fought tradin'. There will be more Salvage Auctions throughout the year. Enjoy the read. (in 7 Parts)


    tralala Loordes: Settle down yah slackers. Here's the way of it today. Yer pulls one bit of somethin' outta yer sack of possibles and makes yer pitch. Then yah goes to the back of the line..one at a time is what's what. Aint t'say yer can't give whoever's in front of yah a few lumps and maybe they see the way to givin' yer the place...heh
    Who's going first?

    Laurealia Resident: mhhh..* i look for rubbles

    tralala Loordes: Ok Laurelia...yer wants rubbles..what yer offerin' fer rubbles?
    Laurealia Resident: glu or bootle or gears ....

    tralala Loordes: Anybody see this as a fine deal?

    Dassina Andel: /me shakes her head.

    Hendly Devin: imm diggin in my bag but i dun think i got any rubble, shame...

    tralala Loordes: Oi Nick. Well looks like rubbles is the new coal...aint no takers today....Ok Who's next ...Dass yer looking anxious

    Minxx Blackthorne: oh man

    tralala Loordes: oi Minx & Irk & Nino.

    Hendly Devin: oh great, more peachy skinned strangers to keep my roof top nap time a bother.

    Dassina Andel: /me drops a box on the large bar. [box contains Vicious Clobberin' Sticks]

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me just stands fidgety next to Nino..not making eye contact with anyone

    Dassina Andel: Scrit.

    tralala Loordes: Oi yer tradin' the Cadillac of weapons...how many scrit yer askin?

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me sneaks in and sits quietly sniffing.

    Dassina Andel: /me shrugs. "Offer."

    Hendly Devin: /me only got a fiver

    Dassina Andel: /me drops 3 more boxes just like it.

    tralala Loordes: C'mon yers out there..who don't want a fine killin' weapon like this? Mmake an offer....

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: I have many teeth, and coal

    tralala Loordes: A hard bunch t'day. I offer yah 10 scrit.

    NickCitrus Resident: "How else ye be yappin' without teeth?"

    Dassina Andel: Make it 15. For one.

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: whispers: shark teeth.

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me covers her mouth with her gloved hand and tries not to make it obvious she laughed.

    tralala Loordes: Ok..I make that 15 and Irk I trade you the stick fer the coal and 1 teeth... If that be acceptable to yah?

    NickCitrus Resident: "Why ye got sharkteeth in ye yapper?"

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me grins and taps his fingertips together, "How many coal?"

    tralala Loordes: err how many.,,er 2?

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods and starts to fish things from his bag. /me finds the coal and teeth and lays them on the table. Takes the VCS and grins again, sitting and nodding.

    Dassina Andel: /me gathers up the rest of the boxes with a shrug.

    tralala Loordes: There yah goes Irk...a nice sharp hurter. A fine trade.

    tralala Loordes: Ok So who's next

    RockinAngel Resident: i have 4 old weapons version1

    tralala Loordes: Nick yer got somethin' to trade?

    NickCitrus Resident: /me shakes his head. "Just 'ere fer the lookin'."

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me walks in rubbing dust off of his goggles & from the sleeves of his jacket & takes a seat listening to the current trade taking place.

    tralala Loordes: Say what' yer have RA....thems V1 is fer collectors.

    RockinAngel Resident: yes, i was told this are version1 weapons

    tralala Loordes: Aint no good fer nothing but looking at. But anyone who's of a mind to have them?

    RockinAngel Resident: yes only collectable

    NickCitrus Resident: /me grins, "That knife be might' fine."

    tralala Loordes: Yer makin' an offer mister?

    NickCitrus Resident: "Perhaps. I ain't know what she'd be wantin' fer it."

    RockinAngel Resident: make me an offer

    NickCitrus Resident: "How bouts two bullets ammo?"

    RockinAngel Resident: for the knife?

    NickCitrus Resident: /me nods. "Two fer the knife."

    RockinAngel Resident: make three and we have a deal

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me looks around at all the various unfamiliar Wastelanders taking in their appearences; he stops dead at the manimal and see's the belt on her waist in his mind Burnee says to his self, "Damn..."* Knowing she wasn't one to fuck with.* Hearing the dialogue take place he adverts his gaze to the blonde woman holding the vicious clob at the front of the room, "Eh what's goin' on"* Realizing they were both still conversing he decides it'd be better to just watch and listen; so with a dismissive hand wave he cools it and takes in what is going down.

    NickCitrus Resident: /me chuckles, "Works fer me."

    RockinAngel Resident: okies

    NickCitrus Resident: /me fiddles with his new knife.

    tralala Loordes: There yah go Wasters...never say yer stuff is junk...cause some crazy ass just might want it... Who's next?

    NickCitrus Resident: /me is the crazy ass.

    Nino Bolissima: /me chuckles, tossing his sack on the ground and stretching out.

    tralala Loordes: Oi Nino...step up. What yer got?

    Nino Bolissima: "So I got sum v1 items myself, I'm just gonna list em off and we can start with the first one o' interest...

    tralala Loordes: Oi Apo...

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me envies Nino's ability to not be awkward like she will be when its her turn.

    tralala Loordes: Well I can see we're trading from the Way Back Masheen today...

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me nods as she passes everyone.* "Pardon that - held up by some bizness."

    Nino Bolissima: Chemical S, Chemical M, Gas Can, Matches, Cloth, Plastic Sheet, Crowbill, Monsterous Rattler Fangs, Propane Tank, Paint, Bottle of Polish, Bleach, Iron scrap, and a Giftmas '09 First HUD collectible.

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me eyes the tall red haired woman walking in to the post, and gives her a slight nod, then another to Minxx.

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me would like Chem S

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me drags herself in and looks for a place but finds none.

    tralala Loordes: Wellllll..yer ain’t traveling light are yah? oi Cc...

    Nino Bolissima: /me smacks and rubs his sandy hands together, grinning and shaking his head

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me raises a hand in a small hello to Burnee then looks back at Ninos stuff.

    tralala Loordes: Who's slaverin' fer some of those moldy oldies?

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: I have 4 scrit, and many feathers, teeth and fangs for the Chem S.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me just nods to her brother with a tiered smile and ignores the rest

    Minxx Blackthorne: Ill give you an old v1 nailgun for the paint * blurts out *

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me grins at The Witch

    NickCitrus Resident: "That bottle of polish 'n matches sound fine..."

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me shakes his head kicking up dust from his helmet, "I ain't no use fer em; sorry chum."

    Nino Bolissima: I do like the plastic sheet mahself.

    tralala Loordes: Polish & matches..yer can set yer shoes on fire.

    Nino Bolissima: Ha-hahaha-ha-ha!

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: hahaha

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me surveys the arrangement, an appreciative look on her face.* "Ain't a bad collection..." /me laughs.

    Nino Bolissima: Alright, Irk you'd like the Chem S yeh?

    NickCitrus Resident: "I gots me a plan 'n it ain't involve me lookin' like roasted buzzard."

    Hendly Devin: awww holy moly I remember that hud.

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shows the 4 scrit and nods, "I would"

    Laurealia Resident: wonders what are all* this stuffs …

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me kicks nino lightly in the shin " The paint.. I want that. I got a v1 nailgun and some old giftmas stuf "

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me elbows Nick and grins.* "Settin' yerself afire may be a better plan than quarrelin' w' the Witch!"

    tralala Loordes: Why some of this stuff ain't been seen in many spans.

    Nino Bolissima: /me scratches his chin, thinking it over, "4 scrit and 3 feathers do?"

    NickCitrus Resident: /me sighs, "Ye ain't unnerstand what I was going fer, Apo."

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods and begins to fish things from his bag again.

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me see's Minxx Kick Nino's shin & cringes internally, "YER VICIOUS WOMAN!"* He spurts out without realizing he was speaking out loud.

    tralala Loordes: That's a beeyootiful HUD thing.

    Nino Bolissima: Yeah it's been buried in my backyard a few years now...forgot about it till I tripped over the propane tank.

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me glances to Burnee and blinks .. " didnt do it that hard ya know "

    tralala Loordes: So yer got an offer fer the chem...is it pleasin' toyah?

    Ccindy Pfeffer: ((the hud is realy the worst looking collectable we ever had))

    Nino Bolissima: Thank ya Irk, what're ya offering for the matches and polish there nick?

    tralala Loordes: ((I like it shut up))

    Ccindy Pfeffer: ((ha ha))

    Nino Bolissima: ((nuuu Bloodmoss collectible))
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    PART 2

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me shifts his eyes around awkwardly behind his goggles looking to & fro, "Errr... Yeah..."

    NickCitrus Resident: "I be, yeah. Anythin' ye be lookin' fer it?"

    tralala Loordes: ((pffft Giftmas Bloodmoss - yah have to rent a plot to display it!))

    RockinAngel Resident: i offer 8 slugs for all

    Nino Bolissima: * HAHAHAHA *

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me hands the scrit and feathers to Nino and picks up the Chem S, gazing quizzically at it before stuffing it into his bag.

    RockinAngel Resident: 10 slugs

    tralala Loordes: What's yer pleasure fer the HUD Nino darlin?

    Nino Bolissima: Im looking for candy scrit, trader scrit, old world scrit...and ammo now I guess.

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me chuckles and speaks up to Nino's words, "Ain't we all lookin for ammo?"

    tralala Loordes: yer take 7 candy scrits?

    Minxx Blackthorne: Ill give ya 2 slugs for that paint.

    Nino Bolissima: I dunno, I could probably fish a lot of bullets out of this lot from the talent show!

    tralala Loordes: haha...I still aint got the Drifter's blood outta my hair.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me cackles.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me rubs her hands on her cloths smearing black ash trails all over it wile watching the others.

    NickCitrus Resident: "I can trade seven candy scrit for them."

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me is about to get violent if he doesn’t answer her. " Nino.. 2 sets o slugs for the paint? "

    Nino Bolissima: For you Nick, 'sa deal.

    Nino Bolissima: And sure Minx, I'm feeling nice-ish.

    tralala Loordes: Slugs fer old dried up paint...best deal I heard.

    NickCitrus Resident: /me smirks, "Thanks, Nino."

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me mutters to herself while she digs in her stupid sack for the stupid slugs. She drops the boxes on the floor at his feet.

    tralala Loordes: Ok anything else..going once...?

    Nino Bolissima: Would you like the HUD collectible tra?

    tralala Loordes: Yar 7 candy scrits do the trick?

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me raises a hand, "I have items for trade"

    Minxx Blackthorne: Ill give you two more slugs for the gas can.

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me lowers hand & waits.

    Nino Bolissima: Sounds good!

    tralala Loordes: Ok..now who be next? Burn..show us yer stuffs.

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me stands up & walks to the counter displaying his wares.

    tralala Loordes: Ahh the Collectibles I see..always good.

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me nods as he rummages for more items.
    tralala Loordes: Gotta nice Whetstone...don't even look chipped... who has some offers?

    Dassina Andel: Want Street Beetle.

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me turns and faces the wastelanders & opens his arms, "There ya go folks, this is what I got for ya."

    tralala Loordes: What yer take fer the beetle? Yah has an offer.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me raises 2 right arms "me be interrest in the 'tato"

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me rubs his chin under his mask, "mmmmm For tha beetle, I'd take some duct tape or chemical A if ya got's any.

    Dassina Andel: Got Duct Tape

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: How much you willin ta offer fer it?

    Dassina Andel: /me holds up two fingers.

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me looks to tra, "Same, er can ya do a lil better?"

    tralala Loordes: 2 duct tapes for the beetle.....anyone got a better offer? And don't be afraid Dass will come after yah if yah do.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me grins at Tra, but shakes her head.

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me looks back and forth indecisively.... "Errr...."

    NickCitrus Resident: "Fer the beetle?" "A bullet ammo?"

    tralala Loordes: *snorts...well someeeebody's been hoarding ammo I see.

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me says not so loudly.. " 2 duct tapes and a chem A for the beetle? "

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me rubs his hands greedily, "I'd take the bullet for the beetle."

    Dassina Andel: /me spits to the side.

    tralala Loordes: Yer has an offer fer the tater plant too - what yer offerin' CC?

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me hears minxx's proposition and stops really thinking about what's more important in the long run.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "me do have round metal scrap traders like"

    tralala Loordes: Scrits - Cc* is offerin' scrits to yah Burn.

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me slaps his knee, "Miss I'll take your two tape & the chem; we have a deal."

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me shakes her head and says " take his offer..ya gonna need them bullets "

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me looks at you confused for a moment then shrugs it off, "I spose"

    NickCitrus Resident: "Take me offer, eh? I gots me many bullets... How many can sell ye?"

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: Alright Nick we have a deal.

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me only did that cause she didn’t want no trouble.

    tralala Loordes: Yer takin' CC's offer fer the tater?

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me now turns to the witch, "Scrits eh?" "How many you offerin'?"

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "if that how yous call metal scraps" she frowns "yous name number"

    tralala Loordes: Heh its a seller's market.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me holds up one scrit to prove she got them.

    tralala Loordes: So what's yer thinkin Burn? Aint got all day.

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me eyes the scrit carefully and considers his options., "Does ya have a couple O' 5 Scrits... Say two perhaps?"

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me looks puzzelt "What yous ask 2 or 5 scraps?"

    tralala Loordes: 10 scrits all total Cc...
    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me says it slower, "I'm askin fer 2; five scrit coins."

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me raises an eyebrow and puts her hands in her hips "me think that be much. 10 be to many"
    tralala Loordes: Eyes Cc tryin' out her stupid act...never works.

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me looks at the toy knowing it's of no real use to him, "What about... one; five scrit coin, would ya do that?"

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me scratches her face and smears black dirt everywear "me no know difference but yes 5 you can have"

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: "We have a deal then; anyone else for the other items?"

    tralala Loordes: Slaps the counter with the stick..DEAL....ok next...how about Minxx.

    NickCitrus Resident: "Now, how bouts them two toys? Ammo fer them too?"

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: "Yes sir ammo for em works"

    tralala Loordes: Hollers MINXXX.

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me tugs on the reins of his Sand Hippo.* "Steady on, Sheila," he murmurs, looking in at the crowd.* The creature calms and begins to tusk through the sand; he releases a rein and waves.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me counts out 5 scrit and puts them on the counter befor she takes the tato and stuffs it away carefully in a wrap of cloth.

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me looks up " oh okay.. Yea " she drops her huge sack on the floor and begins rummaging thru it pulling out random stuff and puting it on the table.. " IM HERE!" holds up her hand like shes in class.

    tralala Loordes: Oi Bartleby yah ancient old stick! Good to see yahs

    Minxx Blackthorne: that’s a v1 nailgun * mumbles *

    tralala Loordes: *practically falls off her stool...What yer wantin' fer that flamin' vegetable? [WL: 2010 Halloween Pumpkin]

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me grins and touches the brim of his hat.* "Good t'see ya, Miz Loordes!* Still lettin' folk sign up to auction things, I hope?"

    Minxx Blackthorne: Im lookin for coal and scrit and rally anything right now.

    tralala Loordes: I am..yers welcome to flaunt yer goods.

    Minxx Blackthorne: " I also got the entire 2015 giftmas collection in my sack "

    tralala Loordes: Uhmm...10 scrit fer the totally useless thing...?

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods " which one? the punkin?" says it wrong

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me hoots.* "Ain't nobody wanted to watch me flaunt my goods in thirty span!"

    tralala Loordes: Yar the pumpkin almost burnt to a cinder.

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me eases himself off the hippo, then slaps her flank.* "G'wan now, Sheila!"

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods " deal miss "

    tralala Loordes: Counts out 10 shiny scrits.

    tralala Loordes: Lets out a breath...Ok any other takers?

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: "Coal you say?"

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods fidgeting

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: "I can offer one chemical X and two chemical A fer it or Two chem X maybe, I got's a whetstone too..."

    tralala Loordes: what yer offerin for exactly?

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me scratches her cheek " for wot thing? "

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: "The coal"

    tralala Loordes: hehe no SHE be wantin' the coal fer her goods.

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me shakes her head " no im looking fer coal "

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: "ohhh rite apologies"

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me rubs her temple.

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me feels rather dumb now.

    tralala Loordes: yah are dumb..follow along now this ain’t no place to be half asleep.

    tralala Loordes: OK Minxx gots a Saul fish collectible, a wagon and an old V1 nail gun..any takers?

    Minxx Blackthorne: " i got the whole collection for 2015 too " as she starts to take her crap back into the sack.
    wastelanddrifter Resident: /me raises a hand.

    NickCitrus Resident: /me raises a hand too. "Hippo toy?"
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    Ccindy Pfeffer: "me like see these things yous hide in yous sack"

    tralala Loordes: What's with the hands in the air?

    wastelanddrifter Resident: "Any takers?"

    tralala Loordes: What yer want specifically from Minxx?

    NickCitrus Resident: "Me? I be wantin' the hippo toy."

    tralala Loordes: Minxx says she be wantin' scrits or coal fer her goods today.

    NickCitrus Resident: "Will a fiver work fer the hippo?"

    wastelanddrifter Resident: /me pulls out scrit.

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me puts them all out.

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods ill take the 5.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "me like other tato too. What be count on it?"

    wastelanddrifter Resident: /me can give ten.

    NickCitrus Resident: "Ye want the hippo, Drifter?"

    Minxx Blackthorne: I'll take the ten then * nods *

    tralala Loordes: Yer all agreed on yer offers?

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me tosses Drifter the hippo.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "What you ask for tato?"

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me looks at Nick "Sorry cause 10 is more than 5 "

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me glances to the witch " Some scrit or maybe a coal? "

    tralala Loordes: Nick can yah pony up 10?

    NickCitrus Resident: /me grumbles, "Too much."

    wastelanddrifter Resident: /me can sell it to Nick now for fifteen.

    tralala Loordes: hahaa... the way of the Wastes.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "me do has coal "one fist full yous say?"

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me snorts

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me looks around and fidgets with his hands listening to the various conversations & catching random whispers from traders & onlookers when people displays their items on the shelves/table. So far by his assessment this wasn't too tough of a crowd.* Unless you we're Burnee and struggled to follow some of the most basic dialog as his mind toils like a washing machine with a cinder block inside of it.

    tralala Loordes: Coal fer a tater....

    NickCitrus Resident: "Guy gonna deny 'nother his toys..."

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods "I'll take that deal "

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me nods and puts some coal on the counter

    tralala Loordes: Sold! Irk step up here and give us yer goods.

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me stands and places a bottle of Grit Scrub on the table.

    tralala Loordes: Oohh lovely....takes the crust right off of stuff.

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me slides the tater thingy to her and grabs the coal and all her junk "

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: I will take the best offer.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me wraps the other plant careful into some cloth as well.

    creamysoda Resident: *growls*

    tralala Loordes: Someday yer bow is going to cry out fer grit skrub...git it now.

    tralala Loordes: oi oi Creamy

    Nino Bolissima: Also tastes good on sandworm.

    tralala Loordes: Gives it that crunch factor.

    Hendly Devin: *nibbles*

    NickCitrus Resident: "Ye like to use a nail-gun, right?"

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods to Nick.

    NickCitrus Resident: "Five nails ammo?"

    Dassina Andel: /me snorts.

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shrugs, "Anybody else?"
    Dassina Andel: Have more stuff after this.

    creamysoda Resident: Cat-fish hendly?

    NickCitrus Resident: "Fine. Six nails ammo?"

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me gives the Grit Scrub to Nick with a nod.

    Hendly Devin: Ooooh now I'm hungry you mentionin' cats... and fish...

    tralala Loordes: Deal! And a good one. Bartleby ....what yer have in yer pockets?

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me stands and grins.* "Things most rare, i'fact..."

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me glances to the story man and hopes he has Vincent in his pockets.

    tralala Loordes: well plenty o'assbitches here lookin' fer rare things.

    Bartleby Ricantaur: "Bit o' sommin' I picked up on me travels, may help t' make some o' yer eats tastes a mite better..."* He places a packet on the bar.

    NickCitrus Resident: "Who ye callin' an o'assbitches?"

    tralala Loordes: You!

    NickCitrus Resident: /me mutters, "It be true..."

    tralala Loordes: Whazzat Bartleby?

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me holds up a small sack in his hand.* "These, friends, is called stoneseeds!"

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me takes interest,

    tralala Loordes: Seeds yah say....

    NickCitrus Resident: "Ye 'spect me to eat rocks?"

    Bartleby Ricantaur: "If'n somebody wants a taste, I'll pass ye 'round a sample, free o' charge. But if ye place these here on yer food, well, might just give things a li'l kick o' flavor."

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me looks curious, "Do they grow boulders?"

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me eyes nick for a moment a little tired "Me no be surprised"

    NickCitrus Resident: "I like kickin'."

    tralala Loordes: These have somethin' to do with Cc's shit collectin'?

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: I have Fangs and Teeth for these seeds.

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me laughs heartily at Tra.* "I should sure hope not."

    tralala Loordes: Well what yer askin fer these never before seen seeds what take the funny taste off some gone off meats...?

    NickCitrus Resident: "I'd like some o'them rocks. Maybe I can trick Panpot into eatin' them."

    Dassina Andel: /me narrows her eyes. "Want to see, first."

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me strokes his beard.* "Maybe sommin' round the cost of an Uncommon?" /me shakes some seeds into his hand and walks over to hand one to Dassina.* "Aye, try one!* Anyone else?"

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me stands, "I will offer 2 sets of fangs"

    NickCitrus Resident: "I'll try."
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    PART 4

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Ooh, me!"

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "Or teeth, you pick."

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me eyes the old man suspicious

    Dassina Andel: /me sniffs at the strange seeds.

    wastelanddrifter Resident: /me also sniffs.

    NickCitrus Resident: "Am I 'sposed to shove it me yapper?"

    tralala Loordes: Yah could do us all a favor and do that Nick! Maybe I can use these in the diner on Mystery Meat Monday...here now old bean yer take 2 medkits....?

    Dassina Andel: I give dark beans for packet....

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me dangles 2 sets of shark teeth.

    NeoBokrug Elytis: ((This event is really cool.* I'd like to see some custom Wastelander made things in trade too, maybe one-off gifts, it doesn't always have to be a WL: Item))

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me nods slowly.* "Like the sound of dark beans, fer sure... seeds fer seeds..."

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me blurts out "Will you take some twonkies for a packet of seeds mister Bartle? "

    Dassina Andel: /me drops a handful of "dark beans" on the table

    Nino Bolissima: /me looks at the twonkies and considers mugging her.

    Bartleby Ricantaur: "A'ight, packet o' five Stoneseeds fer beans sounds fair, Cat!"

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "me has offer for trades too stoopid"

    tralala Loordes: Ok yer next then Witch...jeez so demanding...

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me puts the Twonkies on the table in case he's interested.

    Dassina Andel: /me picks up the dark beans, one hand outstretched in waiting.

    NickCitrus Resident: "We only tradin' food fer rocks?"

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me eyes the Twonkies.* "...I do got more seeds, mind.* So them as wants to trade more, mebbe see me later."* He winks, then takes up the packet and hands it carefully to Dassina.* "Enjoy 'em!* But mind ye don' break a fang."

    tralala Loordes: I offered yahs 2 medkits...dunno is they's somthin' yer wants?

    Dassina Andel: /me stuffs the small packet quickly into a pouch.

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me dangles the fangs and teeth again at Bartleby.

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me nods.* "I'd take that offer as well," he says, pulling another packet from his pocket.

    tralala Loordes: haha...Irk yer has the corner on teeth today....

    Minxx Blackthorne: " these here Twonkies are from before the world died and they still sweet to eat " doesn’t really know if they are sweet to eat..shes just repeating what someone told her.

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me slips a packet to Tralala and grins at her.

    NickCitrus Resident: "How'd ye get so many teeth? Did ya steal them from that place in the Fort?"

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me "am a good scavenger."

    tralala Loordes: ties 2 medkits togther with twine and hands them over to the old tale teller.

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me bows and touches his hat.* "Thank ya, lass!"

    tralala Loordes: Ok Cc yer up...show us yer goods.

    NickCitrus Resident: "Ye look like a man who be likin' his candy. How bout candy scrits? Five o' thems for some of the rocks."

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me frowns taking her Twonkies back and shoves them at Nino " here "

    Nino Bolissima: /me eyes goggle over the charcoal [bag of WL: Charcoal offered]

    tralala Loordes: Charcoal...yer don't need that Witch. I seen yahs just push folk right into the pot without browning them first....

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me settles back into his seat, then raises his weathered hands.* "Easy on, folks; let somebody else have a go!* I'll be 'round after..."

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "that be me offer. but me want work in return"

    NickCitrus Resident: /me sighs.

    tralala Loordes: Work? Whadya mean?

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me glances to the witch.

    Nino Bolissima: I'm interested in that there stone.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "me want have black crater dirt .. lots of it carried to me home. how many bag yous offer?"

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me stares, wide-eyed, at the strange stone.* "How many you need?"

    tralala Loordes: hmmm....Yah put yer backs into diggin' folks and yer gets a bit o' salvage I guess.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "These stone be special. if yous own it yous bring it back to me. ask favor for it .. any favor"

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me doesn’t understand.
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    PART 5

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "I see no one want do easy errant for me yes?"

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "I'm innerested.* Already gave ye one sack, after all."

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods to the Witch signifying he will help.

    tralala Loordes: Well hell..yer take 3 bukkits of crater dirt fer that glass bottle what ainít got nuthin in it?

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "That stone be worth more than one sack .. at least 15"

    tralala Loordes: Nino yer willin' to do 15?

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me hesitates disappointed .. 5 buckit and yous can have it"

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me whistles low, ruffling his moustache.* "A real boonstone..." He gives the Witch an almost awed look.

    tralala Loordes: Ok..I promise yah 5 bukkits of that dirt then...* wonders who she can get to dig for her.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Ten....?" she ventures, hearing the old man's words.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she nods. yous take it than.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me sights .. "just 10 .. than it be 10"

    Nino Bolissima: /me isn't sure what sacks she's wanting for the stone, "Ehh?"

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me clears his throat.* "If I might... I heard o' these boonstones, folks.* This is a real rare honor bein' given here."

    tralala Loordes: I see yer has those hard to ever find small animal bones....

    wastelanddrifter Resident: /me takes interest in the bones.

    tralala Loordes: Whazzat "boonstone"

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me eyes the small bones.

    tralala Loordes: Pokes the tiny bones...might be one of yer relatives....

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me glances to the witch not making eye contact for the most part " ma'am what do ya want for that charcoal "

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "That stone be worth favor .. any favor. Any time."

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me raises her hand " I can do favors at any time "

    NickCitrus Resident: /me raises his hand, "What she said."

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she scratches her head leaving black marks "me want 5 sack each for char or bones. Yes?"

    tralala Loordes: I go for the favor...if yer ainít meaning asking me to jump in yer stewpot as a favor....

    Bartleby Ricantaur: "Mutant tribes do each other favors often," he explains.* "Folk lookin' out for each other.* But sometimes there's a need thass real great, far beyond the usual call fer aid.* An' they use a boonstone.* You hold a Mutant's boonstone, you can call that Mutant for anythin' you need.* ANYthing."

    wastelanddrifter Resident: /me will do an awful lot if the price is right.

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods listening "And whats a sack? "
    NickCitrus Resident: "Apo'll tell ya how I be useful, Witch."

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "me no want favor done .. me offer favor .. me want work done"

    BuRnVicTIm Resident: /me feelings like he's seen all he had to gets up and silently walks out towards home.

    wastelanddrifter Resident: "What you want for it?"

    Minxx Blackthorne: " what is in the sacks that you want? "

    NickCitrus Resident: /me whispers, "Oh, I be needin' to think on that..."

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me nods.* "You get this Boonstone, an' she'll owe you.* Owe you anythin' you ask.* You want her scrit, her scrap, her land, her life?* Is owed."

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "me want best offer 15 bags of black ash from crate to me home. 15 or more. best offer it be"

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me rubs the back of her neck, clearly somewhat abashed of her earlier offer.* "Aye, fifteen, then..."

    wastelanddrifter Resident: ((Black ash is something you can find here?))
    tralala Loordes: ((I think this is RP sacks of dirt she wants))
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    PART 6

    Ccindy Pfeffer: ((yes .. just pretend filling bags down there and bring them up to the roundish structure next to my place))

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: ((I think I spent like 15 minutes 'digging' earlier for one sack, and surprisingly the Witch didn't say the sack wasn't full.* ))

    NickCitrus Resident: "Eh, sixteen."

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "I will bring 17 bags for you.”

    tralala Loordes: I give 20....20 I say.

    NickCitrus Resident: "Twenty two."

    Nino Bolissima: /me feels confident enough with his strength, "Twenty-five."

    tralala Loordes: 22!! Yer be diggin' a whole new crater!

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me starts to smile finally getting the message through.

    wastelanddrifter Resident: /me holds up ten fingers, closes his fists, holds up ten more, closes his fists, then holds up six.

    tralala Loordes: oi...26 is bid!

    Nino Bolissima: /me looks over the manimal and chuckles.

    NickCitrus Resident: "Twenty five, ya say, Nino? How bout I team up with someone 'ere? We split it fifty."

    Nino Bolissima: σί! Now!

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me doesn’t want charcoal that bad.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me gives Nick a wary look.

    tralala Loordes: That means yer have to agree on the favor yer asking too boys!

    Nino Bolissima: That stone'll become precious in no time...

    NickCitrus Resident: "What I gots to agree to?"

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me mumbles to Nino " sounds like ya gotta sell yer soul first tho "

    NickCitrus Resident: "I just be wantin' that damn stone."

    Nino Bolissima: /me smirks and shakes his head

    tralala Loordes: Minxx what'd yah offer fer the charcoal?

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Whass the high now?* Twen'six?* I'll bid twen'seven."

    Nino Bolissima: * HAHAHAHA *

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me shakes her head " I cant beat 25 sacks..I think one sack weighs more than me " small defeated smile.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me smiles even more

    tralala Loordes: 27 is bid! Dig deep youse....

    Nino Bolissima: Think you can carry 27 bags there?

    NickCitrus Resident: "Raise it. Twen-eight."

    Nino Bolissima: /me just about falls over

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me leans back on the bench and smiles, somewhere under the mass of beard.
    tralala Loordes: ai yi yi....28 is bid!!

    Nino Bolissima: Thirty! /me attempts to flex

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me gasps

    Nino Bolissima: /me has a coughing fit but thumbs up

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me frowns.* "You was tryna cause trouble for her earlier, Nick!* Tryna steal her sacks!"

    tralala Loordes: 30..why it's the 12th labor of Hercules....

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me looks at Nino and laughs "Stop bein' crazy."

    NickCitrus Resident: "Thirt-one!"

    wastelanddrifter Resident: /me wonders what they would ask for. Hopefully not for the witch to curse him with mange.

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me thumps her fist on her thigh.* "FIFTY SACKS.* I don' care how long it takes."

    NickCitrus Resident: shouts: "FIFTY?!"

    tralala Loordes: omergawd..!

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "FIFTY."

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shakes his head.

    Nino Bolissima: /me holds his hands up shaking his head, chuckling, "Oi, forget the sacks. I offer ya three days labor." /me crosses his arms and hmphs

    NickCitrus Resident: "Fift-one!"

    tralala Loordes: Fitty one is bid!

    NickCitrus Resident: "Apo, we're both mercs. How bout ye 'n I split the stone, eh?"

    Nino Bolissima: Who wants to team up with me for the stone? I'm sure we'd be stronger than this other team goin'... Maybe we should just settle it in the knuckleheads cage!

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me elbows him " Ill help you "

    wastelanddrifter Resident: /me isn't sure what he'd be signing up for.

    NickCitrus Resident: "Ey, now. Apo ain't team'n up with me yet."

    tralala Loordes: is bid now!

    NickCitrus Resident: "Witch, fift-one sacks o' shit?"

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me frowns a bit.* "An' that'd mean ain't nobody else could hire you to try an' mess w' me, Nick?* All deals off?"

    Nino Bolissima: Three days labor!

    NickCitrus Resident: "Why'd I try to mess with ye, Apo? I ain't be doin' that."

    Nino Bolissima: That's at least 75 sacks, on a cool day least.
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    PART 7

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "How many sacks yous move in 3 day?"

    NickCitrus Resident: "We got a truce as mercs."

    tralala Loordes: sacks o'crap or 3 days labor from Nino???

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me sighs and thinks about how shes going to regret this " Me and Nino will do sixty sacks for the charcoal..but you gotta feed us while we work "

    Nino Bolissima: /me laughs, "You moving dirt for charcoal or stone Minx?"

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Mercs is mercs; we come up at odds afore, when we got hired different ways," she says.* But, brow furrowed, she turns toward Nino.

    tralala Loordes: Just sayin'...the witch puts frut in everything....

    Nino Bolissima: /me looks at Apo waiting for it

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me looks at him " oh whatever.. I'm gonna hate myself either way "

    NickCitrus Resident: "I ain't turn on ya if'n we do the deal as partners.Ē

    Nino Bolissima: Well then sounds like we got the running offer there.

    NickCitrus Resident: /me spits in his hand, "Truce?"

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods "We do. "

    tralala Loordes: Cc what's yer thinkin'...?

    Nino Bolissima: When would ya be needing these bags, Cc?

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me nods, lowers her scarf, spits, and shakes.* "Truce, Nick. What would ye say we could do each, eh?"* She grins.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me looks confused "What be last offer now? me need these soon. me will not hand over stone before work be done, so if not finished no stone."

    tralala Loordes: sacks or 3 days labor is bid.

    Nino Bolissima: /me looks at Minx, "How many sacks do ya think?"

    NickCitrus Resident: "Each? I ain't that good at countin'. Together? If they goin' at sixty how bouts we say six-five?"

    tralala Loordes: 65 is bid...er talk amongst yerselves....

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me nods to Nick.* "Think they're just sayin' three days' work, ain't promisin' a number o' sacks.* Makin' things confusin', to me."

    tralala Loordes: Plus food....

    NickCitrus Resident: "Then we make it more confusin'."

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "me want know sack number. me no know how lazy. 3 day work be 3 sack or thousand. no telling."

    NickCitrus Resident: "Witch already knows we're good fer our weight."

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me whispers quickly to Nick

    Nino Bolissima: /me pokes Minx

    Nino Bolissima: How many sacks we saying?

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me glances to Nick " fine.. " She yells out agitatedly "Me and Nino will do 70 sacks.. but you seriously need to feed us while we work ."

    NickCitrus Resident: /me whispers to Apo.

    Nino Bolissima: /me doesn't mind not eating. Lean works for him.

    tralala Loordes: 70 sacks!!!...yer be diggin down to the Linden sea.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she thinks a moment. "There be food yes"

    Nino Bolissima: Yeah, hope this stone's worth it.

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods* "We will get it done for you"

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me whispers more to Nick, and nods.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me looks over to Apo and nick if more is coming?

    tralala Loordes: 'member tho a sack ainít a sack full till Cc says its full....

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me clears her throat.* "One hunnerd sacks."

    Nino Bolissima: Bull!

    NickCitrus Resident: "Nuh uh."

    wastelanddrifter Resident: /me sighs and shakes his head.

    Nino Bolissima: In a day?

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "I was prepared t'do fifty me own damn self, ye recall."

    Ccindy Pfeffer: ((and the winner of this years trade meeting is ... me ha ha))

    tralala Loordes: Apo Apo it ainít in the realm of possibility...

    NickCitrus Resident: "We never mentioned a day."

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me looks at Nino.. "Can we be done now.? " slight smile

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "She said soon, not one day."

    Nino Bolissima: I'm asking. We can do 70 in two!

    tralala Loordes: Slaps the counter top with the Clobberin' stick...time to fight over t'the Tater Farm now!!!...Yers can figger this out around the campfires later... I thank yahs fer coming and spendin' yer goods.

    Nino Bolissima: Was there anyone else trying to go?

    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me stands to go, nods at Tra.

    Nino Bolissima: Drifter?

    NickCitrus Resident: "I wanna hear what Witch thinks."

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me nods.

    Ccindy Pfeffer: "me hear 100 .. me want see 100 yes than stone be passed"

    tralala Loordes: A stone will be passed I bet!

    Nino Bolissima: * HAHAHAHA *

    Minxx Blackthorne: /me laughs

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me grins.

    Nino Bolissima: Well if it's a 100 ya want I think we can top that, but until then...

    NickCitrus Resident: /me rubs his hands together and smirks."

    Nino Bolissima: We should take care o this in the arena

    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "We got this, Nick!"* She claps him on the shoulder.

    ((It was later decided Apo & Nick won the contract as Minxx & Nino logged off after the fights...life is harsh in the Wastes...never forget that))
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    (( I had to choose between home made lasagne and digging dirt for 600 years lol.. lasagne won!!! Great rp guys..it was a lot of fun <3 ))

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    ((so unfair decicions. well you can dig for 600 years anyways if it makes you happy ))
    I eat your Face.

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