Since it's inception in the early days of The Wastelands, Burnt Oak has been a staple of the estate. Giuseppe and three other individuals helped to obtain our first four homesteads (back then you could only get them in packs of four); and for as long as we could remember he's been hosting various events and activities for us. I like to think that he's directly and indirectly responsible for a lot of us being here.

Because he's done a ton for us, when he told me he was going to be heading off for RL reasons, I pitched an idea to him. The idea was to try to keep Burnt Oak as it was, and lease out little plots for people to live on, much like the Cape of Ruin. This way, we could keep the whole place relatively intact and preserved. The builds may be super old, but that's part of it's charm.

Giu and I have been working together on and off for the past few months to make this happen. A lot of the work was permissions transfers, and reducing the existing structures land impact. What started out as a region with over 3500 prims in use, is now under 1000 total. After the land transfer everything wasn't 100% ready, and I didn't expect it to be. I'd say 98% of everything that was visible transferred over just fine. That 2% left needed minor changes to become habitable places, or simply got lost and returned in the transfer/permissions exchange.

I've cherry picked (and waffled) over what plots should be what, but as of last night I set in stone exactly what's where. It is with great pleasure that I now make available the 8 (currently 7) plots in Burnt Oak for people to live on.

Each plot is 256sqm, supports 140 prims, and is on some classic Burnt Oak structures. 256sqm is not a lot of space that is why I encourage people who move in to "anchor" their builds off their land (use common sense). And while 140 prims doesn't sound like a lot, keep in mind that you only need to worry about decoration. Your home structure is already built for you.

Tier for each plot is about L$1040 a week. While that may seem a bit spendy to some folks for 140 prims -- your tier goes toward keeping Burnt Oak as you remember it. Hosting homesteads on our estate is expensive, and if I could make tier free I would --but someone has got to pay LL in the end.

Everything I've mentioned up until this point is what I refer to as phase one. Phase two is to bring back movie night, which will hosted by our very own Aposiopesis Fullstop. Phase three is to try to implement some of the ideas that Giuseppe never had time to finish, and then tie them into the game.

If you're happy with the land you have in SL now, or you're not interested in Burnt Oak as a home that's fine. Just do me a favor and help me find some warm bodies to put on some sand, and to spread the word.