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    Default Murderous Menagerie

    When things get downright morose, there's nothing left to do but throw a murderous, morbid, melancholy, mournful menagerie...

    Saturday, February 27th at my magnificent marsh: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlif...ough/163/77/60

    Beginning at 11am SLT I'll be spinning some blues rock in order to get you in the mood for..."Five Minutes to Live" beginning at roughly 12:45 or so.

    Join me once again in my magnificent muddy mire, moor, morass of a muskeg for some mindful metrical melodic merriment and a motion picture matinee...

    You may want to bring a musket and munitions...

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    Again make peace,
    Again give pardon,
    Forgive again and again . . .

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