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Thread: Salvage Auction

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    Default Salvage Auction

    April 9, 2016 - Cormac Tent - 1 PM SLT till 2ish PM SLT
    Remember...if you made something with yer own two hands (or whatever passes as hands) yer can bring it and slap it up on the table fer trade. Ain't nuthin' better 'n stuff made by Wastelanders. Be there and git yer hands..er whatever...on stuff.
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    Salvage Auction April 9th 2016

    tralala Loordes: "Oi to yahs. Wasters..and yah old stick Bartleby..good to see yer leathery old self again."
    U1QTJ Resident: /me flops down with a loud thud at Akiko's feet.
    Sheala Olivieri: "Oi, Tra" her voice crackles in reply
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me beams and touches the brim of his battered old hat. "And you, Miz Loordes!"
    tralala Loordes: "Yers all been here afore and knows the drill...yer got some goods...yah hollers out and I calls yah to belly up here and slap 'em on the table...then yer takes the deal yer likes..."
    tralala Loordes: "Ayup Sheala"
    Ccindy Pfeffer: "all know that .. yous yousself do not" she mumbles under her mask
    Sheala Olivieri: /me nods with a grin
    tralala Loordes: "You dunno what I know Old Witch..if yer did..youse not be grinnin' so much"
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me raises a not existing eyebrow "me no grinning now. do tell me all few things yous know. not take long me sure"
    tralala Loordes: "I know yer got somethin' to trade cause yers aint gonna just stand there and scare people are yah?"
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me chuckles.
    Sheala Olivieri: /me eyes the witch
    Ccindy Pfeffer: "me not sure yet what me like better"
    tralala Loordes: "Well take yer time...give yer noodle a good scratch..meanwhile maybe some other one has something to bring up"
    tralala Loordes: "I shoulda maybe brought my stick to wakes yers up..."
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me seems somewhat distracted, looking off toward the western horizon. "I got a couple things on offer today, i'fact... but I'm still stirrin' my own brains a mite."
    Sheala Olivieri: /me scratches her chin before licking her dry lips, "I got tools if anyone needs 'em?" she looks around "mechanics and electricians"
    tralala Loordes: "Oi to yah Minxx"
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me glances over and smiles at Minxx.
    creamysoda Resident: *glares at everyone*
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me waves " Oh haii to you all "
    tralala Loordes: "So we gots Sheala lookin' to trade fer tools...who wants 'em..mighty handy things"
    U1QTJ Resident: /me shifts slightly and gives a quiet 'woof' at Minxx as she squeezes past.
    tralala Loordes: "'Ello Somer..."
    creamysoda Resident: *half waves to tra*
    Sheala Olivieri: /me twitches her fingers "they're dusty but clean up good. they get the job done" her eyes half closed
    tralala Loordes: "Aint nobody gonna jump on them tools? Yer be crying yer eyes out as the masheen some night wishin' yer had..."
    Sheala Olivieri: /me shifts uneasy in her seat
    Bartleby Ricantaur: "What is it," he asks cautiously, "you'd be lookin' fer in trade?"
    Sheala Olivieri: /me moves her head fast to look at you, a desperation in her eyes, "I got's to have the purple mushies" she almost blurts out, "it's been two days"
    tralala Loordes: laughs...
    Sheala Olivieri:
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me blinks and raises her hand " I have the crazy shrooms "
    tralala Loordes: "Heyo Irk...good to see yahs"
    Ccindy Pfeffer: "me brother" she nods with a narrow smile at irk as he enters
    Sheala Olivieri: /me shakes "you wanna trade?" she eyes Minxx
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me enters quietly and nods at Tra, finds a seat and listens. He grins at his sister mutant, showing happy fangs.
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me starts rumminging through her big sack of crap for her mushrooms as she nods " What you tradin Miss.. I was late cause I had sand in my eye "
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me eyes him a wile inspects his bandages from afar
    Sheala Olivieri: /me frowns, disgusted "urgh too many mutants!"
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me frowns a bit, somewhere behind the beard. "Cain't help ye there, I'm afraid.."
    tralala Loordes: "Tradin' was her tools...mech or 'lectricians..."
    tralala Loordes: fer^
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me turns to sheela with a sharp hiss "me can make yous forget that problem of yous!"
    Sheala Olivieri: "tools" she replies to Minxx, "mechanics and electricians. I got's other things but depends on what yer after"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me perks " I like tools.. you got a deal. You givin both or just one? " squints at her.. one of her eyes still watering.
    tralala Loordes: "Why xxar...aint you the sly one sneaked in afore I saw yer"
    Sheala Olivieri: /me hisses back at the witch, "yeah? try it" she shows some teeth but is too weak to fight
    Sheala Olivieri: "how many mushies you got?" she tries to ignore the witch and replies to Minxx
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me turns fully to her with an other hiss and showing lots of pointy teeth. leaning forwars agressive
    tralala Loordes: "HEY yer finishes the deal and then yers can take yer disputes to the cage..aint nobody 'preciates blood spatter on tradin' day"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me mumbles " I haaave 3 of these delishus purple things you need.. " pulls the little cloth bag out and dangles it
    tralala Loordes: quietly pulls out a stick...
    Sheala Olivieri: /me huffs "back off, yer wrinkly old bat!" she shuffles further up the seat away from the mutant. turning her attention back to the mushrooms she offers one of the tools for the three purples, "a tool kit for the three?"
    creamysoda Resident: *watches try pull out a stick and reaches in her back pack for...only she knows....keeps eyes on tra*
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods " deal " Tosses her the pouch of three purple Mushrooms.
    tralala Loordes: "Deal...a fine trade..."
    Ccindy Pfeffer: "Stinkin manimal!" she grings her teeth annoid and just stares on for a little wile
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me snorts
    tralala Loordes: Now who's next wants to take they chance at what's in somebody else's pouch?
    Sheala Olivieri: /me grabs the shrooms and stuffs them in her bag. she smiles, "finally!" she'll sleep well tonight. "which of the tools yer wanting?"
    Bartleby Ricantaur: "Think them two is about to try to see what's inside each other..."
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me " dosnt matter.. " mumbles rubbing her watery eye furiously.
    Bartleby Ricantaur: ((Now I just imagine you scrubbing it with a durian.))
    Minxx Blackthorne: ( lmao )
    tralala Loordes: "Well aint like I always wondered myself sometimes what's inside that Old Witch..."
    Sheala Olivieri: /me stands and passes Minxx the electrician's tools with a grateful nod, "deal. thanks"
    U1QTJ Resident: [Mmm durians. Like eating custard in a latrine.
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me looks at Sheala and takes the tools and nods then whispers " those things will kill ya "
    tralala Loordes: "Lots o'shit in the wastes will kill yah..." Eyes Sheala and the Witch
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me turns to tra in anger "yous try .. but first yous hold true to yous trade ... trader!" she rolls the last word long and ironic right into tras face
    Sheala Olivieri: /me sits back down, a little further away from the witch and chuckles nervously "heheh aye. I can think of worse ways to die"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me silently nods not saying anything because that crazy witch is here causing a ruckus again.
    tralala Loordes: Shrugs.."Trader aint the worst thing I been called...now who's next?"
    U1QTJ Resident: /me wiggles a little to get closer to the heat put off by Akiko's feet.
    Ccindy Pfeffer: ((dont you all love her deep deep in your heart?" ha ha))
    Sheala Olivieri: XD
    Minxx Blackthorne: (lol )
    tralala Loordes: ((what YOU...I wouldn't say love exactly))
    Sheala Olivieri: /me gives the witch another glance, "mutants are all about ruckus. never met one I liked"
    Shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me bristles
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me raises hand.. " if no one else is gonna go..and everyone else is gonna keep hatin on each other.. can I? I got some stufs "
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me glances from face to face.
    Sheala Olivieri: /me shrugs
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    Default Salvage Aucton Part 2

    tralala Loordes: "Come on up here Minxx..let's see what yer has.."
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods and carefully moves over Somer and moves to the table
    Sheala Olivieri: /me looks on curiously
    tralala Loordes: "Let them two just go on with the stink eyein'"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me rummages as she talks to herself " where is that " she then smiles and puts a flask on the counter and a fw other things.
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me just makes a sharp step in sheelas direction, putting up the foot hard with the step almost as if she was going to jump right into her face but just fakes it and does not even touchher
    tralala Loordes: "Well lookit here now...stuffs yah dont see hardly everyday"
    Sheala Olivieri: /me flinches, moving back sharply, claws ready. I guess she asked for it
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me looks at everyone " dont get caught without a cure for the rustmouth "
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me strokes his beard thoughtfully.
    Akiko Thursday: "Ohh, someone's well-prepared, ain't they?"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me scratches her head and lowers her puffy eyed gaze not responding but looking like she doesn’t want trouble .
    Bartleby Ricantaur: "That cure could buy me safe passage most an'where," he murmurs, half to himself.
    tralala Loordes: "A fine little Rotwagon some o'that plastic sheetin...no end of uses fer that"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods " Id be willin to make a good trade Mister Bartle "
    Ccindy Pfeffer: "as i thought. coward as all manimals" spits out and turns toward the counter seemingly bored. but can not hide shes boiling on the inside already
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: ?me speaks up, "What do you want for the Rotwagon?"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me murmurers " well m always lookin fer coal and little things to make bigger things. If you know what I mean " stops herself from babbling as shes experiencing slight social anxiety at the moment .
    tralala Loordes: whispers: "Coal...why yer aint startin' cheap is yah...?"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "I have Coal."
    Sheala Olivieri: /me mutters, "yer bore me, witch" she glances side-ways at her, "there's more important stuffs happening"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me glances to Irk " you willin to give it ? "
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "I will trade a Coal for this toy. I like the look of it."
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me gives him a small smile and nods " deal mister irk "
    tralala Loordes: "Irk youse must know where the coal grows...I sees you tradin' it fer them toys every time..."
    Ccindy Pfeffer: "yous better stuff yous paws in yous own mouth or me make sure nothing go in there ever 'gain." she mumbles under her mask in a sharp tone
    tralala Loordes: "Deal we have fer wagon fer coal...what's next?"
    Bartleby Ricantaur: "Smallstuff is really about all I got," he says, rifling through his pack. "I'd be willin' to trade a heap o' smallness toward that Cure... dunno if I got what all ye'd need, though. Failin' that, though, I'd pen ye a tale?" he ventures.
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me fumbles in his bag for a moment and produces a black lump, hands it to Minxx and nods, accepting the toy.
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me reaches over grabs the wagon toy and hands it to him carefully. then turns and looks at Mister Bartle.
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me scracthes her head glancing at the cure. " Can you tell me more about Vincent? " looks a little crazy in the eye thats still open.
    tralala Loordes: "A tale...why'd that'd be told around a campfire...for alls to hear and knowin'.."
    Sheala Olivieri: /me grins, "paws? I ain't got paws. you blind?" she snarls. "get outta my face"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me glances to trala and snaps out of it and frowns.. " Oh.. yeah "
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me " Maybe a bit more than a tale Mister Bartle? "
    Ccindy Pfeffer: "not like that be hands. clumbsy stinkin paws that be"
    tralala Loordes: hahah..."A little harder deal for our material girl here..."
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me chortles softly. "I s'pected ye might have a mind on that. An' there is a tale o' his I been meanin' to spin someday. But, aye, thass sense. A tale an' some smallstuff. It'd be worth it, out there..." He looks out the open sides of the sand schooner and stares at the horizon again.
    Sheala Olivieri: /me flexes her fingers, "nothing clumsy here but maybe some claws" she sticks her middle finger up to you
    tralala Loordes: Makes a fork with her fingers and points fork at her eyes and back at the Witch...silently
    Bartleby Ricantaur: ((Hahaha!))
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me blurts out trying to talk over the nutty witch and the drug woman " A NEW TALE with VINCENT? "
    Minxx Blackthorne: ( LOL tra omg lol )
    Sheala Olivieri: /me gives Tra a knowing grin
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me totally ignores tra at that point. actually grabs for the stretched out finger of sheela, tries to catch it in her fist
    tralala Loordes: "Why that Vincent makes yer bloodsack swoll up just thinkin' o him...be a right amazin' thing to have all to yerself"
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me grins. "Aye! Is 'bout him an' this magical fi...." He closes his lips tight. "Mmm, can't speak too much now..." He winks.
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me holds the Rot Wagon in his lap. He can not help but drive it around on his knees and make a soft motoring sound with his lips.
    tralala Loordes: ((ahha))
    U1QTJ Resident: [So cute
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me has a crush on a dead guy .. she twitches and almost falls over waiting for him to finish " Its a DEAL MIster Bartle! You can have the cure for more stories about him "
    Akiko Thursday: ((ahhah! <3 ))
    Minxx Blackthorne: (lool)
    tralala Loordes: "Oi...deal is made...Cure fer a tale....a Vincent tale..."
    Bartleby Ricantaur: ((Hahaha, I love how we've got near-fucking-murder in the one corner, and the most endearing stuff ever goin' on in the other. XD ))
    Sheala Olivieri: /me snatches her hand away, "piss off!" she spits pushing the witch back, almost coming off her seat
    Minxx Blackthorne: ( ha ha )
    Akiko Thursday: ((Murder Mutant in one corner; Cute Mutant in the other))
    tralala Loordes: "Okay youse...we still got plastik and coins....any takers for them?"
    Sheala Olivieri: ((heheh awww ^^ ))
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me grabs the flask and moves to the man and hands it to him.. she whispers " You can find me in North Yard .. for my story! "
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me grins. "Sounds a deal! I'll get a-scribblin' soon, an' get them words to ye by... well, by well afore a halfmoon, thass fer damned sure," he mutters.
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods happily and looks again to her table then to Tra
    tralala Loordes: "Minxx..yer could gets some salvages off'n people just to hear that tale once yer has it..just sayin'.."
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me beams and tips his hat to Minxx. "Shall do, lass! And thank ye!"
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me stumbles back one step and lets out a angry sharp hiss as she steps forward again and does not stop this time as she grabs for sheelas hair with a nasty yank of the bench
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods and knows she couldn’t tell a story to save her life " Story gonna be all mine " Says all selfishly.
    tralala Loordes: "Back to tradin'...any takers fer Minxx's other goods afore we move on?"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me blinks " cant you two kill each other after my trade? ?”
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me glances over at the squabbling pair. "Criminintly..."
    U1QTJ Resident: /me huffs, herself, at all the squabbling! Simply cannot nap with all that noise.
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    Salvage Auction Part 3

    tralala Loordes: Looks over at the squabblers..."Now now youse two..people will say yer in love..."
    creamysoda Resident: *snickers*
    Akiko Thursday: /me snortles
    Sheala Olivieri: /me see's you coming back and holds out her hands to try and stop you, giving out a cat-like yowl as you pull at her tangled hair. she hisses and slashes out, catching the mutant on the chest
    Sheala Olivieri: (( XD ))
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me turns the Wagon over and seriously inspects the wheels, giving each a measured flick to test its rotation.
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me grabs her stuff .. putting it back in her sack and quietly sits again with a mutter and a loud Huff. "
    creamysoda Resident: *digs in my bag for things to trade*
    tralala Loordes: "Ok who's next what has stuffs and don't mind those hair pullers..."
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me sands and moves away from the drug woman and the witch so she doesn’t get hit.
    creamysoda Resident: *takes 5 packs of twonkies out of her bag placing them on the table. then points at tra's stick*....trade....
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me smiles at Mister Bartle all close and fan stalky .
    tralala Loordes: "Well if that aint a beautiful sight...5 Twonkies is up..."
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me whistles low, ruffling his mustache.
    U1QTJ Resident: /me smells food, suddenly sitting upright!
    Akiko Thursday: "Oh, hell, that's a load, innit?"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me eyes the twonkies and perks up.
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me gasps at the sight of so many Twonkies!
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me immediately takes a step back but not without claiming a few strains of hair. breaths heavy and rubs her chest .. with angry cursing in a foreign tongue she throws the hair to the ground and stomped on it "yous should die of shitting to death..!" she hisses after that in the same cursing tone
    tralala Loordes: "Many a span since I laid eyes on that many....what yer wantin' Soma?"
    Bartleby Ricantaur: ((Hahaha, that is an awesome curse, Ccindy!))
    tralala Loordes: (hahha))
    Sheala Olivieri: ((got me laughing here. what the hell?))
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me raises hand " what you want for two twonkies .. " was going to say more but gasped at the curse spewed forth "
    creamysoda Resident: *points at tra's VCS*...stick....
    Minxx Blackthorne: ( lmao! )
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me pouts and slouches back.
    Vaarda Donogal: (( Oh, the Drama ! Queens of comedy, please say more. . ))
    tralala Loordes: Raises her hairy eyebrows..."She's askin' a Vicious fer 2 Twonkies...that's the offer"
    Ccindy Pfeffer: ((i figured diarrhea is a word the witch would not really know in .. whatever language is spoken in the wastes))
    creamysoda Resident: [5 packs of twonkies. :P
    tralala Loordes: "Oi Oi Vaarda...aint seen you in a age"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me shakes her head " Nu uh she wants your stick for five of em " says all defeatedly.
    Sheala Olivieri: /me huffs while rubbing her head. she's already shedding enough as it is without this. she shuffles back in her seat, "you ain't worth it" she licks nervously at her cracked lips
    tralala Loordes: "I think she wants A STICK fer 5 Twonkies..if anyone has a stick to trade"
    creamysoda Resident: *metal foot of her left leg grates across the metal floor*
    Sheala Olivieri: ((it worked as an insult. Shea's got constipation so she might die shitting one day))
    Vaarda Donogal: (( barely seeing me now-on Lumiya. ))
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me leans back against the bench, looking all around.
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me raises hand to Miss Somer " Mines been used a lot and you may need to wrap it again with some metals.. but Id be willin to give it for those twonkies"
    U1QTJ Resident: /me gives a little, friendly chuff at Bartleby when they inevitably make eye contact, before scratching at her hair a bit.
    tralala Loordes: "Aint nobody got a spare stick?" "Think of all that goo inside that Twonkie...layin' under the moon some night stuffin' yer gob..."
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me just hisses "yous will see" points one of the tiny hands at her and wiggles the fingers as if she was weaving on a spell. wile that her hand still rubs her chest and she inspects if something was damaged
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me's stomach growls loudly ..
    creamysoda Resident: *looks to minx after picking up the twonkies handing them to her*
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods and gathers them.. handing her the stick at the ame time
    tralala Loordes: "Deal...5 Twonkies fer a Stick..."
    Bartleby Ricantaur: "I may be an ol' stick, but I ain't got none to trade nor wield." He winks.
    tralala Loordes: Who else is wantin' to trade...? Youse don't need no extra stick Bartleby..."
    Sheala Olivieri: /me was raised (unfortunately) by mutants and believes in curses. she looks nervously away as if not looking at the witches hand will help her
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me grins and rises. "Well, I do have some things for the tradin'. Er. Two things, if ye don' mind, Miz Loordes?"
    creamysoda Resident: *grins showing razor sharp teeth taking a seat*
    tralala Loordes: "Belly up and flash what yer got"
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me can not read minds or ppls life history. but belives in curses too. so that’s what she did
    tralala Loordes: Spits thru forked fingers to ward off any curses floating in the air
    Ccindy Pfeffer: ((or .. can she?))
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me heads toward the table. "Now, ere I put this down, lemme say a quick thing - an' thass that I'm gonna be headin' back out to the wider wastes ere the end o' the moon. It's been mighty nice hangin' 'round here for a time, an' gettin' in on these here auctions. I thank ye for 'em, Miz Loordes, an' I think all o' ye who's traded w'me."
    Vaarda Donogal: Teresa watches the trading and clutches the sack holding the toy beetle.
    Masaka Miliandrovic: Allo
    Sheala Olivieri: /me keeps quiet and pretends like she's watching the trades. now all she wants is to mash up a mushroom paste and spread it over some flatbreads
    Bartleby Ricantaur: "So. Stock up while ye can, eh?" He places two bulging sacks down on the tabletop.
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me puts the car down at last and watches the old man.
    tralala Loordes: "Why I is going to miss yer hairiness old stick...but I know yahs will bring back new tales...and tell 'em under the moon for us some day"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me begins obsessing over Mister Bartle leaving without her Vincent Story and fidgets. " don’t forget about me before ya go "
    tralala Loordes: "What yer got up here now? And what yer wantin'...?"
    Sheala Olivieri: /me sniffs at the stuffs placed on the table
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me grins. "For them as ain't seen these afore... they's spices, basic'ly. Ain't gonna fill yer belly, no matter how many ye eat. But they'll fill yer mouth with a bit o' a fine taste, for a time."
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me points to the smaller sack. "In this one: Stoneseeds! Small an' hard, but earthy an' spicy. Puts a heat on yer tongue an' a hair on yer chest!"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me stands and sniffs at the spices.
    tralala Loordes: whispers: "Spices...they's fine to make yer slops taste like fresh meat...who's a wantin'..?"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me lifts his hand. "What do you want for both of them?"
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me points to the larger one. "In here: Fatroot! Fills yer mouth w' a rich, sorta-salty taste, like them squishiest bits o' fatback. ...For a mo', an'way. Then it tastes well bland an' ye gotta spit it out."
    U1QTJ Resident: "What's the point in putting stuff in your mouth if you gotta spit it back out?"
    tralala Loordes: "A little like ghoul eyeball..."
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me eyes the auction with some interest for the first time now .. completely ignores sheela for now it seems
    Bartleby Ricantaur: "Both sacks got twenty helpings!" he exclaims. "Name yer offer! Ain't got much need for smallstuff scrap, but I'll hear all offers."
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me touches the brim of his hat and smiles at Masaka.
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "I will give two machetes for the fatroot bag."
    tralala Loordes: "A fine offer...fine"
    Ccindy Pfeffer: "did it go though fire or will it be growing? eldest." she asks .. calmer .. but still with some fire in her voice
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me's bright eyes widen. "Two machetes, ye say..."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "For both bags."
    Akiko Thursday: I'll put up a crowbill for 'em
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me shakes his head. "So far as I know, these ain't got life in 'em no more. I doubt e'en the greenest thumb could bring up a sprout."
    tralala Loordes: scratches at her many flea bites...."A crowbill has been added ..."
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me crosses her arms and shakes her head than. lost interest it seems
    U1QTJ Resident: /me has a sympathy scratch at her own sand fleas, watching Tra.
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me strokes his beard. "Both fine, fine offers indeed..."
    tralala Loordes: smears the blood on her arm ..."I offer 2 bullet ammos fer 2 sacks..."
    Sheala Olivieri: /me looks at the fatroot sticking out the top of the sack, "how about a kidney burster for the root?"
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    Default Salvage Auction Part 4

    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me hums. "A kidney burster for the sack o' roots alone? Thass well tempting, that is. Could still take one o' them other offers for the sack o' stoneseeds..."
    tralala Loordes: "Irk givin' 2 machetes, Akiko a crowbill, Me 2 bullets. and Sheala a kidney burster..."
    Sheala Olivieri: /me wonders if the witches little arms would grow mutant trees if she cut them off and stuck them in the ground
    Minxx Blackthorne: (lol)
    tralala Loordes: ((haha shrubs))
    Akiko Thursday: (( irl lol ))
    Ccindy Pfeffer: ((its called mitosis))
    Vaarda Donogal: Teresa says timidly: A toy beetle for the stoneseeds ?
    U1QTJ Resident: [t's called nightmare fuel if you ask me XD
    Ccindy Pfeffer: ((one day after a lot of canned frut the witch will split in two))
    Sheala Olivieri: ((heheh))
    tralala Loordes: whispers: "and a toy beetle is added fer yah Bartleby..yer makin' out like a bandit yer are"
    Akiko Thursday: (( Have y'all seen Little Otik? 'Cause now I can't stop thinking about that and what a Ccindy baby would be like . . .))
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me raises his eyebrows. "A beetle for the stoneseeds alone? Aye, that is... hmm. Aye, you've got my attention. An', just to be fair clear - Sheala, ye'd pay a Kidney Burster for the sack o' Fatroot?"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "I will add a Manimal Eyeball Lolly to my offer!"
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me grimaces, still looking at Sheala. "I'd about fear to take that deal this day!" He chuckles.
    tralala Loordes: "Long time lickin' pleasure on them lolipops"
    Sheala Olivieri: /me gives a nod, "they smell good" she gives a sly wink, "perhaps if yer got any purple mushies too..." she's always out for them
    Bartleby Ricantaur: "Also, should mention - ye can share these twenty servings around if ye like. So, whoever does get the deal, ye rest can badger them after." He winks.
    tralala Loordes: "Well that makes an even better deal..."
    Ccindy Pfeffer: ((in that case you be busy all day distributing))
    Sheala Olivieri: /me plans her course of escape if all goes to plan
    Bartleby Ricantaur: "So. That change any offer? Right now, I'm hearin' Stoneseeds for a toy beetle an' Fatroot for a Kidney Burster, unless I hear it wrongly."
    tralala Loordes: "Sounds like the offers...."
    Vaarda Donogal: Teresa drums her fingers and sniffs the addictive odor of stoneseeds. She says: I really need a fix - to fix - some food with stoneseed seasoning.
    Sheala Olivieri: /me unclips the kidney burster from her belt
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me nods. "Then it sounds like a deal! I hope you both enjoy yer spices - an' mebbe enjoy some o' yer own dealin'." He winks, then hands the sacks to Vaarda and Sheala.
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me watches sheela from the corner of her eyes. but does not move .. yet
    tralala Loordes: Pokes the fatroot with her filthy fingers..
    tralala Loordes: "A deal....a fine and fair trade it were too."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me sits back down and plays with the car some more.
    tralala Loordes: "Yer got anything else?"
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me glances at Tra. "Well... there is a thing."
    tralala Loordes: "I know'd it..."
    Sheala Olivieri: /me bundles up the sack of root into her bag "cheers" she looks up for a second before shoving a purple mushroom into her mouth
    Sheala Olivieri: /me then passes the kidney burster over
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me glances to the west. "A Thing indeed. But.. part o' why I be headin' out is so's I can try an' learn more about certain oddities goin' on lately. So. This ain't so much an auction thing, I s'pose, but... if there's anythin' you wanna know from out there - a sort o' tale ye seek, a story about a sommin', a somebody yer lookin' for, or whathaveye... well, lemme know."
    Bartleby Ricantaur: "I'm gonna be headin' out afore moon's end - hopefully not meetin' up w' them crazy shroom-hopped Ghouls on th' way," he says, muttering something to himself in a foreign tongue.
    tralala Loordes: whispers: "So yers askin if somebody wants you to be like they eyes out there..and yer tellin' em for seein' if that it?"
    Vaarda Donogal: Teresa hands over the sack with the beetle and grabs the stoneseeds.
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me shrugs. "Moreless, aye. The Wastes is wide, an' it seems only fit that I try an' bring back some o' the stories folk want, 'stead o' just them as I found. Or try, an'how."
    Sheala Olivieri: /me flicks her hairless tail in the witches direction and mutters under her breath, "keep yer eyes off me" she could feel her staring
    Bartleby Ricantaur: "But there's some time yet. Find me later - or ask Miz Fullstop if ye cain't find me; she'll get word along to me. I'll scoot o'er an' let the next trade go down. ...But aye, keep eyes out here yerself, in a halfmoon..." He shivers.
    Masaka Miliandrovic: /me looks at the storyteller, "How about the tale of the purple shroom head who was killed while stealing shrooms in the swamp?"
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me turns her head and stares more open "or what?"
    tralala Loordes: "I is always wonderin' what's out there wher youse goes"
    U1QTJ Resident: /me yips! "Ohh, bring back something meaty and exotic? Or maybe just a big bone for me to gnaw on?" She wiggles~
    Akiko Thursday: "Oi, old man, you ever heard tell o' somethin' like wot the Witch's been making? Wot tells the sky and time? I'd like t'hear more o' that."
    tralala Loordes: Nods at Akiko...
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me steps forward and places a little brown feather on the counter right in front of tra. turns around and waits for a few seconds "there be black stone for one that do place little feather where it be from"
    tralala Loordes: Looks up from her incessant scratching with wide eyes at the feather
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me appears flummoxed.
    Sheala Olivieri: /me begins to hallucinate on the mushroom she ate. she stands shakily and stumbles toward the mutant "I rip yer face off" she chuckles, seeing pretty colours
    Masaka Miliandrovic: /me gives the witch a puzzled glance...
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me unfurls a scroll from his quiver. "Tales o' purple shroomhunters... true tales o' general whass-out-there... stories o' timetellers," he murmurs as his birdfeather pen scribbles away.
    U1QTJ Resident: /me whines. "Don't forget something to gnaw on!"
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me turns back to tra and stares her right in the eye for a moment
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me never understands what the witch is saying ..she looks around to see if anyone else knows.
    tralala Loordes: "Blackstone..." fails at speech
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me grins. "Ah, 'course! I'll see if I can find sommin' partic'larly innerestin' for ye." He winks.
    Akiko Thursday: /me shrugs and mumbles, "just looks like old buzzer' bits t'me."
    U1QTJ Resident: /me cheers up at hearing that, settling back down.
    tralala Loordes: "Why a feather aint nuthin' usual..."
    Sheala Olivieri: /me slurs "you can fly with that, witch?" she eyes the feather suspiciously
    Ccindy Pfeffer: "no .. but many feathers where no bird die .. but me things be stolen be unusual" she gets angry again but tries to ignore the manimal "the one who finds where feather belong. know where me things go. the one know where me things go .. get black stones"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me thinks hard.
    tralala Loordes: Coughs into the feathers on her shoulders...
    Masaka Miliandrovic: /me looks up at the mention of the stones...
    Sheala Olivieri: /me shakes her head and falls back down in her seat
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me just leaves the feather where it is. turns around and goes
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me decides to do a little investigating
    Bartleby Ricantaur: "Some feathery whatsit stole yer shite? Ain't wise of it. An' yer sure it ain't no buzzard nor other bird ye know?"
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me walks off and leaves everyone else with the puzzle
    Masaka Miliandrovic: /me looks at the feather...
    tralala Loordes: breathes out slowly realizing nobody here got two skull brain bits to rub together...
    Akiko Thursday: "Feather head looks a mite relieved."
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me laughs
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me grins.
    tralala Loordes: "Well that's the witch fer yah..cant make heads ner tails o what she's biltherin' about...ok so who's next with bits to trade?"
    Sheala Olivieri: /me laughs loud and falls further back looking up at the underside of the roof, still chuckling to herself
    tralala Loordes: "Well in case yer aint figger'd it out feathers is outta fashion fer a bit .."
    Akiko Thursday: /me grumbles, "reg'lar shitshow in here today, innit?"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me sniffs in the direction of the high manimal and grimaces.
    Akiko Thursday: /me sighs, "not like it's differnt from any other day, though, I s'pose"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me whispers " wear a hat next time "
    tralala Loordes: "That's the truth of it Akiko..."
    Akiko Thursday: /me nods at Minxx and tra in turn
    Sheala Olivieri: /me feels at her teeth confused about how they got there
    Akiko Thursday: "I got a few bits I could part with, if no one else wants up"
    tralala Loordes: "So aint nobody got anything else to fling fer trade?"
    tralala Loordes: "Ayup Akiko...yers up"
    U1QTJ Resident: /me yeeps at being pushed out of the way. No more foot-heat for her.
    Akiko Thursday: /me tries to step carefully over Koreki and only partly succeeds
    tralala Loordes: quietly puts her stick back under the table
    Akiko Thursday: "Sorry, Critter, snacks later, eh?"
    U1QTJ Resident: /me nods happily with a pant!
    Akiko Thursday: /me mutters and turns out her pack
    Akiko Thursday: "I got these two knick knackeries"
    Akiko Thursday: "and a bit o' coin"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me eyes the Aeg one " whatcha want fer that there toy "
    tralala Loordes: "Oi right fine salvages...whatyer wantin' fer them?"
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    Salvage Auction Part 5

    Akiko Thursday: I'm mostly lookin' fer wot all else is, the usual, eh? Coal, or blackstones or wotever the Witch was callin' it"
    Akiko Thursday: "Always looking for them slobberin' sticks, too"
    Akiko Thursday: "Or wotever else interestin' you might happened to hae dug up"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods " ill give ya a coal for that Toy with the punchin doll ? "
    tralala Loordes: whispers: "Anybody got those fer trade?"
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me peers at the coin. "...Thass a full twen'five, innit?"
    tralala Loordes: "sure is Bartleby...surely is"
    Akiko Thursday: /me nods at the grey man
    Ccindy Pfeffer: ((someone take a bite at it to see if its real ha ha))
    Bartleby Ricantaur: "What'd ye like fer it?"
    U1QTJ Resident: [Slather it in bacon grease and I'll outright swallow it.
    Bartleby Ricantaur: ((Haha!))
    Masaka Miliandrovic: /me will give 25 candy scrit for the coin...
    Akiko Thursday: ((I ain't puttin' my mouth on anything in here . . .))
    tralala Loordes: ((then you really need shitting curse))
    Sheala Olivieri: ((the rust is good))
    Akiko Thursday: "A'ight, so Minxx, that was a coal for the dummy, and Masaka, a whole mess o' candy scrit for the coin?"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me nods
    tralala Loordes: "Akiko yer offered 25 candies scrits fer the coin..yer got a sweet tooth? Or any teeth?"
    RockinAngel Resident: hi
    Akiko Thursday: "Got a few left knockin' about, tra. Couldn't say how many."
    Akiko Thursday: Aye, I'll take those offers, ifn' nobody else got somethin' to say for 'em"
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me gives Masaka an admiring, if somewhat envious look. "Cain't match that, no!"
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me rummages and makes the trade
    tralala Loordes: "Deal...and a fine trades all..."
    Masaka Miliandrovic: "Deal?"
    Akiko Thursday: /me nods
    tralala Loordes: whispers: "Any thing else..cause aint much time till brain bashing begins at Tater Farm.."
    U1QTJ Resident: /me wonders how many a 'twenty five' is, but either way, daydreams of many candies potentially being thrown at her for tricks.
    Akiko Thursday: Anybody want that candy kitsch, or . . .?
    Ccindy Pfeffer: ((its like counting sheep .. just on suger rush))
    U1QTJ Resident: [I just can't count past three, so four and over is 'many'
    Akiko Thursday: /me tries to keep her sheeit together thinking about that candy feast
    tralala Loordes: "Ahhh anyone fer the eyeball thingie here?"
    Ccindy Pfeffer: ( one, two, three, many, one many, two many three many, many many, one many many ....))
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: ((haha))
    Akiko Thursday: "Guess that last trade used up all the sweet teeth in the room."
    Minxx Blackthorne: /me stands silently..nods to all and slips out early so she doesn’t get mugged.
    tralala Loordes: "Yar that candy be good at first ...but yah eat too much yer find yerself down at bottom of Fissure sobbing around midnight span....fer no reason yer can think of"
    Sheala Olivieri: ((heheheh))
    Akiko Thursday: "Might just have accidentally caught the Witch's curse, I think"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me stands and tucks his Rot Wagon under one arm. "Good sands to you all, I must go."
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me grins.
    tralala Loordes: "Ok folks..thanks yer comin' and the tradin...sees yah all next time..."
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me nods to the Exile. "Be well!"
    U1QTJ Resident: /me lets out a yawn and stretches out a bit, followed by a mild shake, looking all woken up.
    Masaka Miliandrovic: /me stands and walks away silently...
    Ccindy Pfeffer: /me the lonely feather sleeps on the counter
    Akiko Thursday: "C'mon, Koreki, let's get that snack, eh?"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods all around, grins at his sister mutant, and splits.
    Sheala Olivieri: /me drools as she opens her mouth to mutter, "good trading"
    tralala Loordes: 'See yah Bartle and fair winds to yah in yer travels"
    U1QTJ Resident: /me yips happily and nods repeatedly to Akiko!
    Ccindy Pfeffer: ((only her spirit remains with all of you .. and her curse))
    Bartleby Ricantaur: /me rises. "I'll be restin' up at The N for a while, for them as wants to catch me. I'll take 'quests fer tales, mebbe e'en some outland trinkets, though I cain't make many promises there. Just be wary... them Ghouls are acomin' again..."
    creamysoda Resident: *stands with a wave then wanders off*
    Sheala Olivieri: /me rolls onto her knees and tries to stand up
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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