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    Default Wastelands Reliquary: An Encounter with the Oracle

    Some say that there are secrets in the scrap - symbols that can be interpreted, if you can see beyond the material. They also tell of an Oracle who once lived in the land of the Reavers, and has the ability to see what most cannot. This tells of a chance meeting with that Oracle.

    [19:05] Lunesta Matova squints up above the railing...."You there, you've come back as you said you would."
    [19:06] Maenas Resident stares at the sand somewhere near your feet. "It was the way of things."
    [19:07] Lunesta Matova recognizes the figure on the stairs and stows her weapons respectfully.
    [19:08] Maenas Resident: "The sands move. And I move with them."
    [19:09] Lunesta Matova: "I have been searching these sands. I find things that I do not understand. May I show them to you?"
    [19:12] Maenas Resident continues staring at the sand. "I will look. I will see what there is to be seen. Understanding... may come. It may move, like the sands. Or it may not."
    [19:13] Lunesta Matova slings her pouch over her shoulder and approaches the stairs.
    [19:14] Lunesta Matova enters the hollowed out building and feels a vibration in the air.
    [19:15] Maenas Resident stands beside the table, idly passing her hand back and forth above the burning oil.
    [19:15] Lunesta Matova sets the object on the table and turns to the one they call the Oracle. "I found this object in the mirage...the lake where there is no lake...only sand."
    [19:15] Lunesta Matova hefts the heavy box onto the table and
    [19:16] Lunesta Matova: looks at the woman and waits.
    [19:16] Lunesta Matova: "This stone that is not a stone....what do you see?"
    [19:19] Maenas Resident peers at it through the smoke. "The Whetstone. It sharpens blades, creates fine points. It is... a thing of focus. Of seeking precision. You seek to understand the Whetstone? It IS seeking to understand. And also it is more than this..."
    [19:21] Lunesta Matova listens intently..."whetstone"...repeating the name.
    [19:23] Lunesta Matova: "I seek to understand what I do not know, and what I knew but have forgotten....so much forgetting"
    [19:23] Maenas Resident: "It is... powerful in its passivity. It is a thing acted upon. IT does not stab. But through it, blades stab more sharply.. It faces the blade often. And yet it endures. Though a blade it makes keen may cut meat... that blade does well to remember that it is only so keen because it was pared away by the implacable stone."
    [19:26] Lunesta Matova closes her eyes momentarily and breathes in the musty, yet charged air..."You are a wise one to be able to see beyond that which is material. I have one more item for you to see. I gathered it where the sands are endless and blowing."
    [19:27] Lunesta Matova reaches in her pouch and collects the lumps of hard, black material, placing them on the table.
    [19:28] Maenas Resident stares at it and hums quietly, in a strange key that echoes strangely in the hall.
    [19:28] Lunesta Matova: "Do you see anything in these? Anything beyond the charred blackness and form?"
    [19:31] Maenas Resident: "Coal. Much prized. But not merely for the mundane. A legend is told of coal..."
    [19:32] Lunesta Matova sits on the log and listens.
    [19:35] Maenas Resident: "It is said that great plants once grew on the world. Being plants, they were passive, unmoving. Great forces killed all the plants. But, rather than let them rot, the World embraced them tightly, deep within herself, and she squeezed them into dark and gleaming rocks"
    [19:37] Maenas Resident: "Like the fistful of rubble," she continues, "Coal is the bones of the land. But it is more: it bears secrets. It was wood once, plant once, and it remembers, and still burns. It is rare, and cherished. But there is a darkness to it - a reminder of life taken away."
    [19:38] Lunesta Matova's eyes linger on the coal with a certain sadness ..."Through their death, they were transformed...not unlike my kind."
    [19:40] Maenas Resident nods. "Coal also speaks of knowledge. Knowledge deep and hidden. Knowledge that comes through hardship, through suffering and carrying a world's weight. Wet decay will barely burn; it simply smolders. Earth and rock will not light. They go through the cycles, they face their pressures. But coal has seen things much more powerful, has suffered more greatly. And it is only through this that it has grown the means of power."
    [19:45] Lunesta Matova: "Knowledge. It is needed. The sands never stop blowing, never stop bringing with them change. This coal has seen many changes. It has changed, yet endured and become stronger."
    [19:47] Maenas Resident: "I see these two things. And I see that you seek understanding. You seek meaning. But in the coal, I see that rare wisdom is already available to you. You are open to the secrets. Your mind is both the blade and the whetstone: the sharp tool that sinks to the heart of things, and the patient stone that sharpens it. Your mind is the coal: the life that was, the death that is, the rare relic that comes only from great pressure. It has seen changes more drastic than any other stone, perhaps. And it has taken more time. But not only has it weathered them, it has become capable of things unlike any other rock."
    [19:50] Maenas Resident's large eyes suddenly fix you in an intense gaze. "You have power. And also the means to focus and refine that power. With these, you may do great things. These stones are ever patient, but remember: a whetstone does no sharpening until it faces the blade. Coal does no burning until it faces fire."
    [19:53] Lunesta Matova: "It is true. I have endured many spans, and witnessed the changes brought about by the shifting sands. Yet, I sense more changes to come. The coal reminds me that transformation is not always the end. It is a continuation."
    [19:56] Maenas Resident nods. "All things change. All things continue. All will ultimately end, of course," she says, her eyes lifting from you and looking up at the dome. "All is ever falling away from itself. And yet..."
    [19:57] Maenas Resident: "There are things that can be done. That they will someday be undone... this changes nothing. There can still be power in what one has been." She nods toward the coal once more.
    [20:00] Lunesta Matova: "You are truly wise and generous in your knowledge. Your spans have been many and your travels far. Your presence will benefit others who seek to interpret the symbols. You will come again to this place?"
    [20:02] Maenas Resident nods. "I will come. When... I may not know. And I would interpret for others.... but there may come a price."
    [20:03] Lunesta Matova places her bag on the table and carefully places the whetstone and the coal inside while looking at the woman. "A price, you say?"
    [20:05] Maenas Resident: "For you," she says, "no. But for others. The sands move, and they are moved upon. All things move in their cycles. But to see what is ahead, to push the sight forward... so, too, must cycles of life be hurried along. There may," she states simply, "be blood."
    [20:08] Maenas Resident: "Whose blood, and when, or how..." She waves a hand loosely, her eyes staring somewhere through the wall. "Who can say. I see as I see, and so I move as I am moved."
    [20:10] Lunesta Matova narrows her eyes shrewdly, her reverie broken..."My price has been paid...with my life as it was. For the others..it is not for me to know. Many are desperate, they will seek to know that which is not revealed by their eyes. They must decide for themselves."
    [20:17] Maenas Resident nods slowly, thoughtfully. "That they must. But nothing can be given save that something is taken. And so... perhaps they will see a scratch, or perhaps they will almost see the end of all seeing. Perhaps they shall leave unscathed, only to be sundered in frenzy, come two moons." She shrugs, but there's a strange sparkling in her eyes.
    [20:22] Lunesta Matova grins, rubbing her chin and looking at the woman. 'Aye...there may be blood, indeed. The blade always cuts both ways, good and bad. That's the choice they'll have to make. "
    [20:24] Lunesta Matova hefts her bag over her shoulder and presses a few rusted cans toward the Oracle. "For your trouble."
    [20:29] Maenas Resident nods, then turns her head and lowers it, her chin touching her shoulder. "I thank you. And I ask of you one thing: speak to others of this place. If there are those who need things seen, let them know that there is a seer. I do not come when called - not without a price truly terrible - but I will return. Let them await."
    [20:35] Lunesta Matova nods..."I will let others know that you have returned from the sands and may yet return again. As for the possible risk of seeking such knowledge...they will just have to weigh that for themselves. A little bloodshed...a lot of bloodshed...is of no consequence to me."
    [20:37] Maenas Resident grins. "It is of no consequence to anything, in the end! Some may lay blame on you for creating this place and inviting in the spirits and their wrath. But we both know this place, and the spirits, were created here long before us."
    [20:39] Lunesta Matova looks around at the weathered, crumbling walls and still feeling the vibration in the air, turns toward the door.
    [20:40] Maenas Resident hums a disjointed tune to herself, looking at the fire, and returns to passing her hand back and forth above the flame.
    [20:42] Lunesta Matova nods solemnly to the seer and heads for the opening to pick up her stowed weapon. "I must return to my shelter in the trash. Until our paths cross again....."
    [20:43] Lunesta Matova sings in a raspy voice as she heads out, "There may be bloooood...haha...there may be blooood....."
    [20:44] Maenas Resident grins. Her laugh is quiet - but it is enough to flicker the flames and set the shadows whirling.

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