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    Default RP Log @ Barellhead Bazaar Saturday 3/5/2016

    Part 1
    This part happens at Cc's build in Ft Stygian (a statue is erected in the circle of black dirt using Sheila to pull):

    [2016/03/05 09:40] tralala Loordes: "Hullo Old witch, Old Stick and the lovely Sheila"
    [2016/03/05 09:40] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me chuckles. "Oi there, Miz Loordes! How ye keepin'?"
    [2016/03/05 09:41] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me checks and double checks the bindings
    [2016/03/05 09:41] tralala Loordes: "Still kicking up the sands...wots the Witch up to?"
    [2016/03/05 09:41] Ccindy Pfeffer: "ohh look who be there. lazy stoopid with no bags" she mumbles under her mask
    [2016/03/05 09:42] tralala Loordes: "I sorta heard that...and just sos yah know I ain’t here for no more heavy lifting and kicking giant rocks around for yah."
    [2016/03/05 09:42] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me shifts his hat aside a bit and scratches his head. "Not.... entirely sure, i'fact. I know Sheila here has got to do some heavy liftin', but iono Thing One 'bout pulleys an' whatnot."
    [2016/03/05 09:43] Bartleby Ricantaur: "Me an' Sheila is just here for the grunt work!" He scuffs her with a boot. She grunts accordingly.
    [2016/03/05 09:43] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me points along the long rope "that be where yous pull. it need pull show but heavy. it be erect statue slow. not tip over yes?!"
    [2016/03/05 09:43] tralala Loordes: "Better you than me Sheila...wuts that contraption yah got there Witch?"
    [2016/03/05 09:44] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me climbs don carefully and gives the poles on the ground a hearty kick
    [2016/03/05 09:45] Ccindy Pfeffer: "go all to other side eldest. yous need tie rope to yous hippo."
    [2016/03/05 09:46] Bartleby Ricantaur: "Hopefully all these ropes an' whatnot do their magic, so's it's a mite easier than draggin' this thing across them logs..."
    [2016/03/05 09:47] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me clucks his tongue, and Sheila lurches over to the other side of the build site.
    [2016/03/05 09:47] tralala Loordes: "I'll just stay outta yer way..."
    [2016/03/05 09:47] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me drags the anchor from the sand. the rope gets slack but nothing is shifting on the other side
    [2016/03/05 09:48] Ccindy Pfeffer: "yous do binding. yous better know" she reaches the end of the rope to the old man
    [2016/03/05 09:50] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me grimaces a bit. "Well, I reckon I'll try... I ain't done all so much haulin' afore, but..." He turns around in the seat, clambers over, and secures the rope to one of the stout ropes that goes around the creature's midsection, holding on the cloth part of the saddle."
    [2016/03/05 09:51] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me slowly really slowly and with a lot of protest the pillar starts to move upwards on the other side
    [2016/03/05 09:52] tralala Loordes: "Yer gonna owe old Sheila there a whole bushel of yellow mold tonight fer this."
    [2016/03/05 09:52] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me the rope twists slowly under the building tension and the chains rub hard on the concrete, flaking of sharp shards
    [2016/03/05 09:52] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me frowns as Sheila lets out a displeased sound, somewhere between grunt and roar. "Aw now, girl, don' groar at us now..."
    [2016/03/05 09:54] Ccindy Pfeffer: "slow .. SLOW " her voice tumbling over itself now
    [2016/03/05 09:55] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me higher and higher the pillar rises, twisting a little on the rand, digging itself in
    [2016/03/05 09:55] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me clings tight to the reins, the rope twisting in his own hands. "Ease on, Sheila, ease on..." He begins to hum a low, deep hum to soothe her.
    [2016/03/05 09:57] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me finally the pillar stand upright "stop .. stop .. no more!" the witch digs her fingernails in her own palms
    [2016/03/05 09:57] tralala Loordes: *stares at the curious thing..."I ain’t never seen the like..."
    [2016/03/05 09:58] Bartleby Ricantaur: "Whooooooa," he cries to Sheila, digging in his boots with some urgency - but clearly trying to avoid startling her.
    [2016/03/05 09:58] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me hurls over and cuts the rope with a few twists of a small bone knife .. it snaps and falls slack to the ground
    [2016/03/05 10:00] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me grits his teeth as the beast flickers an annoyed ear and seems prepared to take another step - then slacks as much as the rope does when it's cut.
    [2016/03/05 10:01] tralala Loordes: "Ease up Sheila..looks like whatever it is is wherever it should be."
    [2016/03/05 10:01] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me breaths as heavy as if she done the lifting and just drops on her knees with closed eyes
    [2016/03/05 10:01] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me slumps in the seat a bit, then gives Sheila another affectionate scuff. "Good girl, Sheila! You done good! Yer gonna get more Wheat Sheaves than e'en you can stand, I promise ye..."
    [2016/03/05 10:02] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me the dull glow of the statues eyes watch over the cycle of ash and stones
    [2016/03/05 10:04] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me stands up with shaking hands and turn to the hippo "me no could do that alone. good job for smoothskin and flockless cow"
    [2016/03/05 10:04] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me slowly - as if still fearing wrath and ruin - turns Sheila around to trot closer to the circle again. "All good, then? Ain't nobody gonna be soup?"
    [2016/03/05 10:05] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she grins under her mask "maybe stoopid will if its not do its part too" eyes tra for a moment sharp
    [2016/03/05 10:05] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me beams, his blue eyes sparkling, and tips the brim of his hat. "I thank ye, Witch. Glad t'be able to meet my end o' the deal."
    [2016/03/05 10:06] tralala Loordes: "yer been dreamin' o'me in that soup kettle for many o'spans. Too late now I am all stringy and sour meat"
    [2016/03/05 10:06] Ccindy Pfeffer: "and me will tell yous what yous questions be. when the bazaar is"
    [2016/03/05 10:08] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me hisses at tra "me look as me be picky?" than leans forward "it not be me can not take bags meself up again. me safed me strength in last weeks. but remember yous want no never strike bargain with mes ever?"
    [2016/03/05 10:09] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me slowly steps closer to the hippo and touches its shoulder carefully
    [2016/03/05 10:09] tralala Loordes: "Sheesh...git hold of yerself...I'll bring yer yer bags. Mebee tonight..."
    [2016/03/05 10:09] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me whistles through his teeth. "You got more grit than I, lass..."
    [2016/03/05 10:10] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me whispers "yous do good hard work today. yous body strong as be yous spirit. long life yous will have" wile closer to the hippos head than she feels comfortable
    [2016/03/05 10:12] tralala Loordes: "That's the most sweet talk I ever heard you say all the time I ever know'd you Witch..."
    [2016/03/05 10:12] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me smiles as Sheila closes her eyes and leans her head toward the Witch, nuzzling her with all the gentle grace of a rolling boulder.
    [2016/03/05 10:12] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me steps away from the beast "if yous need feed her. it can eat all left south of here. but no go close to sandbags. ground make it sick there"
    [2016/03/05 10:13] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me looks down at the Witch and grins. "I think she'd right like that! She does love her some Wheat Sheaves, an' grasses that ain't quite all dry an' dead yet are gonna be a real fine treat! We thank ye!"
    [2016/03/05 10:14] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me clucks his tongue again. "G'wan 'round, Sheila!" The beast gives an eager little grunt and lopes toward the grasses.
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    Part 2
    [2016/03/05 10:14] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me "it be hard finding things not dry just when rebirth begin."
    [2016/03/05 10:15] tralala Loordes: * Doesn't feel right somehow stepping inside the circle...
    [2016/03/05 10:16] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me picks up the flask with the glowing paint and a used looking paintbrush and starts drawing a little symbol on the foot of the pillar
    [2016/03/05 10:17] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me sheiks in terror as the pole threatens to fall and drops her things running over to hold the rope somehow
    [2016/03/05 10:17] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me ducks from the spray of sand as the beast digs her tusks into the sand, flinging up grasses, their roots, and any stray underground creatures.
    [2016/03/05 10:17] tralala Loordes: "Ain’t yer gonna say what this is yer had us work so hard to make stand up?"
    [2016/03/05 10:18] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me hisses angry "yous clumbsy like ghould with no hands" wile angryly fixing the tension on the groundankor
    [2016/03/05 10:19] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me stomps back and continues drawing
    [2016/03/05 10:20] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me spits sand and sundered plantparts. "Damn it ten ways, Sheila!" He looks over his shoulder. "All good back there?" His voice quavers with a little more than old age.
    [2016/03/05 10:22] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me just sits very still - moving only to duck from more sand spray occasionally - and keeps a deathgrip on the reins.
    [2016/03/05 10:24] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me draws the symbol of the fire king in great ceremony without saying a word. than puts down the almost empty flask "now the hard part be all done
    [2016/03/05 10:25] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me turns to tra after a couple of minutes of not answering. "don’t yous see. that be fire king"
    [2016/03/05 10:26] tralala Loordes: Blinks. "Sure..sure..why I'd know it anywheres...yer done a beautiful job o'capturin' him..yes"
    [2016/03/05 10:27] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me raises an not existing eyebrow and looks at tra "ignorant"
    [2016/03/05 10:28] tralala Loordes: *rolls eyes and wishes to hell she'd made a long stop at Apo's still before trotting over here
    [2016/03/05 10:29] tralala Loordes: "I sure do miss Apo's still bein' just over the rise"
    [2016/03/05 10:30] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me cuts the ropes and drags away the lifting 'crane' frees the statue from all chains and ropes
    [2016/03/05 10:30] Ccindy Pfeffer: "me see yous do. wasting all yous time there. no work"
    [2016/03/05 10:31] tralala Loordes: "I was just thinkin' yah know a little celebratin' drink fer the end o'the work..maybe a drop or two on the stone thing..."
    [2016/03/05 10:32] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me strokes his beard. "Wonder if I could convince a certain someone to let us haul in a whole barrel o' hooch..."
    [2016/03/05 10:32] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me "end of the work? yous did not end yous work."
    [2016/03/05 10:33] tralala Loordes: "Yer like a dog with a bone Witch...I said yer going to git yer dirt.."
    [2016/03/05 10:34] Ccindy Pfeffer: "yous sayed .. but no claim yous work be over before that"
    [2016/03/05 10:34] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me clings to the reins, and looks relieved when Sheila genteelly nibbles on the weeds instead of tusking them - or any stones - out of the sand.
    [2016/03/05 10:36] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me a sudden crack is heard as one of the rebars seems to give weight. than the pillar settles itself in a slightly tilted position
    [2016/03/05 10:37] tralala Loordes: *steps back
    [2016/03/05 10:38] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me gulps.
    [2016/03/05 10:39] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me stops breathing .. but as nothing further happens remembers taking a breath short before fading

    AT Cormac:

    [2016/03/05 11:10] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me grins. "Bartleby said there was gonna be quite the reveal t'day! I come prepared!" She hoists both jugs in the air, then shuffles over the rocks to her usual seat on the bench.
    [2016/03/05 11:10] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me empties a box of splintered wood from her construction near the fire and kindles some of it with glowing embers from a tincan
    [2016/03/05 11:10] tralala Loordes: "Yer always knows just what's needed Apo"
    [2016/03/05 11:11] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me eases himself off of the Sand Hippo. "G'wan, Sheila! Ye clearly got plenny o' energy to burn off t'day...." He rubs his temple.
    [2016/03/05 11:11] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she yes the bottles "me see how yous try celebrate done work. but work not very yet. just hardest lifting be done"
    [2016/03/05 11:12] tralala Loordes: "I didn't think youse was done workin' us to the bone"
    [2016/03/05 11:12] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me looks to Apo. "Mind I have a seat on yer bench?"
    [2016/03/05 11:13] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Cain't see why not!" She pats it, then hisses a bit and pulls a splinter from her palm.
    [2016/03/05 11:14] Ccindy Pfeffer: "sure me moved more than yous did. and when me came ask help. when me even barter yous help .. yous still no do it" she eyed tra sharp "and me know yous complain again now. so .. no do it"
    [2016/03/05 11:16] tralala Loordes: "yer gittin crochety in yer old age...yer gonna git those sacks...can't see that they's in no immediate needfulness..yer got over a hunnerts already"
    [2016/03/05 11:16] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me shoves some more wood into the fireplace to light the fire brighter and warmer. smears her hands as she notices the glowing paint drops on them but does not get rid of them
    [2016/03/05 11:17] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Well, least the hardest work is done. Whass left, though? More to a point, whass all his work been FOR, anyhow?" She casts Bartleby a sidelong glance.
    [2016/03/05 11:18] Ccindy Pfeffer: "me will explain work left when the eldest had its questions .. me sure that be easier than"
    [2016/03/05 11:18] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me puts down the jugs and pushes them under the bench, well away from the fire.
    [2016/03/05 11:19] Ccindy Pfeffer: "so .. ask eldest" she eyes the old man
    [2016/03/05 11:19] Bartleby Ricantaur: "Got so many questions I scarce know where t' start!"
    [2016/03/05 11:20] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me absent mindet she takes a few coffee beans out of her pouch and smashes them between 2 rocks on her lap
    [2016/03/05 11:20] Bartleby Ricantaur: "Foremost, I reckon, is... well, what IS the blasted thing? Whassit FOR?" He gesticulates wildly, his moustache ruffled by the blast of curious questioning.
    [2016/03/05 11:21] tralala Loordes: Rifles her pocket and comes up with a hair and dirt encrusted junk of flatbread...gnaws. "Yar that's a good question."
    [2016/03/05 11:22] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she considers it a moment "it tell future .. and past. it let know when buzzard return and when hoarding be starting. it be tell when fear of botan and when fire king be char all sands"
    [2016/03/05 11:23] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me grinds the coffee slowly between the stones, picks up bigger chucks and places them between the stones again
    [2016/03/05 11:23] tralala Loordes: In an awed voice.."It does all that...why I can't scarce believe it"
    [2016/03/05 11:23] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me whistles through his teeth. "Thass a powerful work... Can see why ye'd call on help for a thing like that."
    [2016/03/05 11:24] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me raises an eyebrow to tra "of course yous not"
    [2016/03/05 11:24] tralala Loordes: "How'd yah know? Do it talk?"
    [2016/03/05 11:24] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me narrows her eyes a bit, and gets out her trusty notebook. She begins scribbling things down as the Witch and the old man speak.
    [2016/03/05 11:25] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me grins at tra with amusement "me not tell yous"
    [2016/03/05 11:25] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me approaches the camp, sack heavy on his back. He sniffs the air all around, gives a respectful nod to the Witch first, then to the rest of the gathered Wastelanders.
    [2016/03/05 11:26] tralala Loordes: "Oi Irk...yer a sight fer sore eyes..."
    [2016/03/05 11:26] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me gives Irk a nod in return.
    [2016/03/05 11:26] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me looks over her shoulder as she hears steps. makes some space on her bench "ohh me brother. please sit"
    [2016/03/05 11:26] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me glances up from her scrawling and gives a charcoal-smudged wave. "Oi, Irk!"
    [2016/03/05 11:27] shannonwilsonbell Resident: "Oi Tra, why are your eyes sore?" he asks as he takes a seat.
    [2016/03/05 11:27] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me glances back and forth between Tralala and the Witch. "...A'ight, then I'll ask. How DO ya know? How does it do its tellin'?"
    [2016/03/05 11:28] tralala Loordes: whispers: "Squintin' at the witch and all her mighty works earlier I think"
    [2016/03/05 11:28] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods at Tra in agreement to the word "mighty"
    [2016/03/05 11:30] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me grins at the eldest as he understands the little game she is playing "it tells by counting seasons, moondances and sundances. all things happen at serten time in the cycle. if yous know where yous be in cycle. and yous know when things happen. yous know count of days"
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    Part 3
    [2016/03/05 11:32] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me's eyes widen. "Well, I'll be...I know there's some who can look at the skyfire or stars an' ken, if roughly, the day of a season... but t' have a thing perm'nant like that..."
    [2016/03/05 11:33] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she nods "it even work when sandstorm hide all little fires of sky"
    [2016/03/05 11:34] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me whistles low. He pauses a moment, narrowing his eyes a little. "But will it need witchery to be read? Or could any ol' person come up and see the day?"
    [2016/03/05 11:35] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me is done grinding her coffee and carefully puts it in her empty cup, collects all the powder from her lap. fills in some water with the cup and puts it on the fire
    [2016/03/05 11:35] tralala Loordes: Wiggles her fingers in the air..."How you count more'n this many o'anything...damn makes yer noodle hurt yer tries"
    [2016/03/05 11:36] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me just grins at tra "me knew yous do not know. that’s why yous be the stoopid"
    [2016/03/05 11:37] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me snorts
    [2016/03/05 11:37] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me strokes his beard. "Well, the Witch does have more fingers for to count upon..."
    [2016/03/05 11:37] tralala Loordes: "Ain't jist the stoopid knows yer caint make no chunk o'rock count no days"
    [2016/03/05 11:38] Bartleby Ricantaur: "But, aye. You start talkin' 'bout too many hands o' anythin', an' I come up all addlepated."
    [2016/03/05 11:39] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me wiggles his 6 toes in the sand.
    [2016/03/05 11:40] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she eyes them and tries to use easy words "me be watching fires in the skies for more cycles. me be counting days on leather. me be marking special days. this is how eldest of me mothers tribe did. this is how me remembered. this is how me do"
    [2016/03/05 11:41] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me nods. "Was about to ask where ye got the idea. So... 'stead o' makin' marks on leather... this thing'll let ye make marks on stone? ...Wouldn't it be all a mess o' marks after a span, though?"
    [2016/03/05 11:42] Ccindy Pfeffer: "there be no easy way of do. but yous can tell when sky fires wander in night. these return to there first place after full cycle again. than you know how many day gone"
    [2016/03/05 11:43] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she shakes her head "no .. that be why it must be big"
    [2016/03/05 11:45] Ccindy Pfeffer: "that what me bring to job to be make. me need stone. best be white stone, that big" she holds both big hands together to form the largest possible space wile still touching each other" one stone need for one day in cycle. it be many stone"
    [2016/03/05 11:45] tralala Loordes: "Why's that so important t'know? Fire lights the sky yer hunts fer food...the dark comes yer hide away from thems that think yer food..."
    [2016/03/05 11:46] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me takes her coffee from the fireplace and hold all her hands to it to warm them
    [2016/03/05 11:46] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me looks to the sky. "Y'know, I'd noticed that, in my travels. Moon an' stars was in differn't spots when I come for the Founder's Day than when I come for the Rondyvoo. There's patterns to it all? Same patterns, span on span? ...Well, I be damned...." He shakes his head in wonderment.
    [2016/03/05 11:46] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me looks surprised "why yous thought it be called a cycle?"
    [2016/03/05 11:48] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me shrugs. "I more often hear it called a span. Just sounds..." He stretches his arms wide, avoiding Apo. "Long, an' wide. Like one stretch o' a bigger, yet-stretchier thing."
    [2016/03/05 11:48] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me deliberately did not answer to tra once more it seems. she just grins to herself
    [2016/03/05 11:48] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "The sky tells many things, the King of Fire rests in many houses and returns to them as a river flows over one stone to the next."
    [2016/03/05 11:48] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me nods to her brother
    [2016/03/05 11:49] shannonwilsonbell Resident: "This the wisest of my birth tribe would teach."
    [2016/03/05 11:49] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me looks a little bewildered, but keeps scrawling notes.
    [2016/03/05 11:50] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me takes a piece of bark from her scrapwood and cleans it a little "me like have one of yous chars a moment" reaches to to apo
    [2016/03/05 11:51] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me looks from the sky down to the Witch again. "So... ye say the Eldest of yer old tribe marked the day passage on leather. What gives ye the idea for a thing in stone like this? Were there legends o' such? Are there more o' these... these round day-things out in other tribes?"
    [2016/03/05 11:52] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she nods "me not be first to build one. me just first build one here. where no tribes are and no one understand old ways" she gleams at tra
    [2016/03/05 11:52] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me looks up from the page and notices the outstretched hand. "Oi, hangon, wha? What ye want, Witch?"
    [2016/03/05 11:52] tralala Loordes: "Yer got that right...ain’t nobody in on the unnerstandin' of yer ways..."
    [2016/03/05 11:53] tralala Loordes: "Cept'n Irk here maybe"
    [2016/03/05 11:53] Ccindy Pfeffer: "one of yous chars" points at apos writing utensil
    [2016/03/05 11:54] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Oh, a'ight, just a mo'..." She digs into a pouchpocket and pulls out a particularly sturdy stub of charcoal, then extends it to the Witch.
    [2016/03/05 11:54] Akiko Thursday: "I seen summat like 'at sounds it does. T'were made much different, towers of rusty boxy things, some bigger'n others. All diff'rent sizes. Said the Fire King moved ways through it and the sparkly bits in the sky. Dunno 'bout it other'n that. Sounds alike wot the Witch's mothers done."
    [2016/03/05 11:55] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me smiles a toothy smile at Tra, "So much of my sister's wisdom is unknown to me, but I watch with the eyes of a learner."
    [2016/03/05 11:55] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me leans over the fireplace. takes the coalstick and starts to scribble on the light side of the bark
    [2016/03/05 11:56] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me takes some Mek Mek from his belt and nibbles at it.
    [2016/03/05 11:56] tralala Loordes: "Guess I been tradin' too long on the sands...I don't never believe much o'what I gets told.."
    [2016/03/05 11:57] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me with practiced hand she draws the simple shapes of scavenger glypes. 6 of them. each standing for the seasons. they roughly form a cycle. when shes done she holds it in the old mans direction "what follows to the season of fire king?"
    [2016/03/05 11:59] Bartleby Ricantaur: "What ye gotta realize, lass," he says to Tra, "Is that ain't nobody tells real truth. You'n I could both see the same plain thing - sommin' as real as a brick - an' end up sayin' differen't 'bout it. More or less red, more or less cracked, more or less angled, more or less sand on. Now, that ain't no call to go disbelievin' in bricks, or callin' none a liar. Ye just take in aaaalll the stories ye can - an' try an' find whass same among 'em all. That, mebbe, is a true thing."
    [2016/03/05 12:01] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me looks around the camp, "Did anyone see the fire in the Fissure? Someone burned the house of a smoothskin named Nick. Char and ash is his home now."
    [2016/03/05 12:01] tralala Loordes: Screws up her face thinking..."Always know'd you was a wise one under all that hairedness..Thass a good way to think about things what yer can't reach out and touch"
    [2016/03/05 12:02] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me shifts the broken glasses down his nose and peers at the Witch's glyphs. "After Fire King, thass Hoardin', innit?"
    [2016/03/05 12:02] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she nods and connects the seasons symbols with a short line "what be after that?"
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    Part 3 A
    [2016/03/05 12:03] Bartleby Ricantaur: "Thass Witherin', 'course. Least thass the name I know it by..."
    [2016/03/05 12:03] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me draws an other line between them "what be next?"
    [2016/03/05 12:04] Bartleby Ricantaur: "Shelter! What w' Founder's Day in it an' all!" He grins.
    [2016/03/05 12:04] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she draws an other line between them, half the symbols are connected in a wide arc already "what be next?"
    [2016/03/05 12:05] Bartleby Ricantaur: "Next is Revival, like has just come 'round recent."
    [2016/03/05 12:06] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she nods and draws the next line "followed by violent winds" connects the last symbol. "but what follows than?"
    [2016/03/05 12:07] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me frowns. "Well, aye, so thass Fire King again. But it ain't the SAME one! We been there already. Is a new one. ...Right?"
    [2016/03/05 12:07] Ccindy Pfeffer: "is it? it sure look same to me"
    [2016/03/05 12:08] Bartleby Ricantaur: "Well, is gotta be! Like, take the last Founders' Day. There was things happenin' then an' there what din't happen for the one afore it, nor the one afore that. People who was there for one, but not another. So is gotta be different."
    [2016/03/05 12:08] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she draws the last line and just draws it through all the symbols as one big line, a cycle, many cycles on top of each other until no symbol is readable anymore "where does it end?"
    [2016/03/05 12:09] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she grins "yes .. different things happen .. but day be just in same lace"
    [2016/03/05 12:10] Akiko Thursday: "So's it's us what's not constant, Witch?"
    [2016/03/05 12:10] Ccindy Pfeffer: place
    [2016/03/05 12:11] tralala Loordes: whispers: mutters... "O fer the love of the Fire King....who unnerstans this stuff?"
    [2016/03/05 12:11] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me huffs, ruffling his moustache and beard. Blinking, he looks down, and holds up a long spiral of beard. "Is less like a big big circle, an' more like one o' these curl things. So things go round an' round, aye - but they're still movin' down a line. So what happens here -" He pinches the top of a loop. "Ain't what happens HERE." He pinches the top of another loop a little ways down the strand.
    [2016/03/05 12:11] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me looks up to the sudden voice "where.. yes we are dancing in the cycles. one day we come. many turns we take. one day we leave again. what happen in between, many things"
    [2016/03/05 12:12] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me whispers out of the corner of her mouth. "Think yer makin' it worse, feller..."
    [2016/03/05 12:12] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me watches the old man play with his hair and looks confused.
    [2016/03/05 12:13] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me she smiles superior "so tell me .. how yous count curls of seasons than?"
    [2016/03/05 12:17] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me murmurs. "Well... aye, so we do call the same season by the same name each span. 'Cause they're sim'lar. But not the SAME. Ever' span cain't be the same. Else it'd be all atangle." He musses up that strand of curl. "Ye'd eat yer breffas, then turn around to find it's last Witherin', then wait half a day an' find yerself in the Old World."
    [2016/03/05 12:17] tralala Loordes: Laughs...
    [2016/03/05 12:18] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shakes his head and rolls his eyes at the Witch with a grin.
    [2016/03/05 12:19] Ccindy Pfeffer: "if yous walk around yous camp. and yous reach the same point. does it change each time?"
    [2016/03/05 12:20] Bartleby Ricantaur: "Well, a bit. Sand grains mighta moved. Is got feetprints in, from where I stepped afore."
    [2016/03/05 12:21] Ccindy Pfeffer: "see it be different. but it still be same place" she grins "same with days. same day but with difference, there be footprints yous see"
    [2016/03/05 12:21] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me looks up from her notes, her brow wrinkled in concentration. "Oi there, Nick."
    [2016/03/05 12:21] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me hears someone approach and turns to see Nick. "This one, his house was burned. Did you anger the King of Fire?"
    [2016/03/05 12:21] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me blinks. "Wait, what? Some fucko burnt down yer house?!"
    [2016/03/05 12:21] NickCitrus Resident: /me nods his head.
    [2016/03/05 12:21] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me turns her head for a second but does not say a thing, just stands up and reaches the char stick back to apo
    [2016/03/05 12:22] tralala Loordes: "Weren't much of a house..."
    [2016/03/05 12:22] Akiko Thursday: "Meant to burnt it? Not a mistake burnin'?"
    [2016/03/05 12:22] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me scowls. "What manner o' rustfucker would do a thing like that! Is Curry all right?"
    [2016/03/05 12:22] NickCitrus Resident: "Some bastard with rat-like hair 'n a stoopid, punch-worthy kisser."
    [2016/03/05 12:22] Ccindy Pfeffer: "maybe sleep at cockfire"
    [2016/03/05 12:23] NickCitrus Resident: "All three o' thems critters ran off to hell know's where, well, I ain't find no bodies, so."
    [2016/03/05 12:23] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me drops her bark to the firewood and sips her forgotten and now almost cold coffee
    [2016/03/05 12:23] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "You saw 'im do it? Did he say nothin'?"
    [2016/03/05 12:23] Akiko Thursday: "There's rheum 'n bored at the hostel, Nick. Hard to burnt it with all the green goo 'round us there."
    [2016/03/05 12:25] tralala Loordes: Waves a hand at the Witch..."That stone sticking up in the sands tell yah anything 'bout Nick's pile burnin' down?"
    [2016/03/05 12:25] NickCitrus Resident: "Thank ye, Aki, but I found 'em right when 'e lit it all a blaze. I heard Kaya screamin' like a hippo in heat 'n I rushed o'er as quick as I could."
    [2016/03/05 12:25] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me turns to nick again "when did fire be. tonight?"
    [2016/03/05 12:25] Akiko Thursday: "Sounds like the rock could tell us what bit o' span it burnt on. We make a holiday offt and burnt something else every time it comes 'round now."
    [2016/03/05 12:26] tralala Loordes: "startin' with yer place..."
    [2016/03/05 12:26] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me grits her teeth. "She all right too? Ye said ye din't find NO bodies, yeah?"
    [2016/03/05 12:26] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me turns to tra and rolls her eyes "that’s not how it work. that be like footsteps around yous camp"
    [2016/03/05 12:26] NickCitrus Resident: /me shakes his head, "Nah, 'bout prolly a bit by now? I've slept fives times."
    [2016/03/05 12:27] Akiko Thursday: "hmm, could do, but the goo don't catch so easy, tra"
    [2016/03/05 12:27] NickCitrus Resident: /me nervously laughs, "Yeah, yeah. Kaya be dandy..."
    [2016/03/05 12:27] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me sighs. "Well damn. Sorry t' hear that, Nick. There's a place - an' some drinks - for ye at The N, if ye need."
    [2016/03/05 12:28] Akiko Thursday: "Yeh get that fucker wot burnt yer shack?"
    [2016/03/05 12:28] NickCitrus Resident: "She ain't be seemin' right in the skull but 'er body ain't burnt 'n that's all that be matterin'."
    [2016/03/05 12:28] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me frowns. "That ain't no good. I wonder wh... ohhh."
    [2016/03/05 12:28] NickCitrus Resident: "Why ye e'en gotta ask a queshion like that? Of freakin' course I right 'n maimed his ass!"
    [2016/03/05 12:28] tralala Loordes: "all yer possibles burn up too..yer left without no food nor goods?"
    [2016/03/05 12:29] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me considers it a moment "there be scrapwood at me place. if yous need .."
    [2016/03/05 12:29] Akiko Thursday: /me gets a gleam in her eyes, "We could burnt that feller did it, yeah?"
    [2016/03/05 12:30] NickCitrus Resident: /me grins, "Nah, not all me shit been burnt up real good. Seems the fucker ain't know where I keep me good loot. Burnt me bed area down and some empty shack I had built a few days a'fore."
    [2016/03/05 12:30] Akiko Thursday: "Witch says human meat's good. Dunno, though. Seems worth a try.""
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    Part 4
    [2016/03/05 12:30] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me grins. "Ye got 'im? Well, hot damn! Ye said it was a real punchable face - so I'm glad ye gave it some punches! He real dead, or just knocked out an' run off?"
    [2016/03/05 12:31] tralala Loordes: Nods. "Smart t'keep a secret place full o'needfuls"
    [2016/03/05 12:31] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me leans to her brother and wispers "thats why these be hidden in allmothers skin when fire king burned all things. these fear just little things. big things these ruin these lifes"
    [2016/03/05 12:31] NickCitrus Resident: "Though, it still be a bunch of blacken'd wood 'n junk all o'er me place. I could use some help putting it into piles 'n turning it into something useful."
    [2016/03/05 12:32] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods to the Witch and takes another nibble of Mek Mek
    [2016/03/05 12:32] NickCitrus Resident: " 'E seemed real good 'n kilt when I last saw 'em but it be seemin' the wastes ain't actually know what death be..."
    [2016/03/05 12:32] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me gives a mournful nod. "Sheila'n I would be glad t' help do whate'er sort o' haulin' ye may need. Was a fine place ye had; enjoyed buildin' the sledge there, fer certain."
    [2016/03/05 12:33] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me looks to Nick, "I will help you."
    [2016/03/05 12:33] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Well, Ghouls have a fierce hate o' fire, so least he prolly ain't gonna start no more of 'em if'n he comes back."
    [2016/03/05 12:34] NickCitrus Resident: /me smirks, " 'N ain't none of ye think I be leavin' me place, I ain't givin' 'er up affer all this. That fucker ain't winnin' any day o' this span or the next."
    [2016/03/05 12:34] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me grins. "Aye, thass how is done! Build back bigger'n better!"
    [2016/03/05 12:35] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "I wonder, though. Did this skag-ass boltsucker say his name, by chance? We've had someone else go burnin' things down 'round the Fissure, after all. Were some spans back, but... well, things do come 'round again..."
    [2016/03/05 12:35] Ccindy Pfeffer: "or use metal and rock .. these burn bad" she shrugs and sips her cold coffee
    [2016/03/05 12:35] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me asks, "What did the fire starter look like, so that I may watch for him and bring him to you if I can?"
    [2016/03/05 12:35] tralala Loordes: "I cain't give yer no hands..I gotta git Witch here her sacks first. She's been givin' me the stinkeye lately and glancing a little too often at her soup pot"
    [2016/03/05 12:36] NickCitrus Resident: "See, I ain't got there in the right lick o' time, but Kaya said his hands be glowin' like a thing in the night sky."
    [2016/03/05 12:36] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me cocks his head at glowing hands...?
    [2016/03/05 12:37] tralala Loordes: Glances over at the glowy paint on the Witch’s hands
    [2016/03/05 12:37] NickCitrus Resident: /me chuckles, "I be knowin' that feel, Tra... Ye better get 'er done quick, the Witch is a nasty bugger."
    [2016/03/05 12:37] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me narrows here eyes "what color be glow?"
    [2016/03/05 12:38] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me cocks her head to the side. "...That... is a strange thing."
    [2016/03/05 12:38] NickCitrus Resident: "I ain't know. I didn't think it'd be 'portant. Prolly red?"
    [2016/03/05 12:39] Ccindy Pfeffer: "me see" she considers it a moment
    [2016/03/05 12:39] shannonwilsonbell Resident: whispers: "Hands of fire..."
    [2016/03/05 12:39] NickCitrus Resident: "Flames be the color of Witch's dress, prolly his hands be being the same color."
    [2016/03/05 12:39] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Ain't make no sense," she mutters, but scrawls a note in her book regardless.
    [2016/03/05 12:40] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me wonders aloud, "Maybe the glow of his hands is the source of the fire? Some dark magic..."
    [2016/03/05 12:40] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me pauses. "Wait! Or'nge, mebbe? Like... like them glow crystals o'er here in the Mesa? Sandusky made necklaces once w' them on!"
    [2016/03/05 12:40] NickCitrus Resident: "I'd rather it be his balls than his hands, Irk..."
    [2016/03/05 12:40] tralala Loordes: laughs
    [2016/03/05 12:40] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me grins a fanged grin.
    [2016/03/05 12:41] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me shakes her head "these stone not be hot as fire. me hold these many time"
    [2016/03/05 12:41] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me scowls. "Or mebbe glowin' like some other or'nge crystal we seen..."
    [2016/03/05 12:42] NickCitrus Resident: "Wait, ye know about a or'nge glow crystal that makes flames?!"
    [2016/03/05 12:42] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me looks up at Nick. "Weird question, but REAL important. Either o' you hear any weird noises before or after the fire?"
    [2016/03/05 12:42] Ccindy Pfeffer: "or maybe white and glowing in fires lights .." she rolls her eyes
    [2016/03/05 12:43] Ccindy Pfeffer: "or maybe smoothskins did what smoothskins do best .. drink spirits of rotting things"
    [2016/03/05 12:43] NickCitrus Resident: /me shakes his head, "I ain't know fer sure, possibly? What kinna odd noise we blabbin' 'bout 'ere?"
    [2016/03/05 12:43] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Nah. But an or'nge glow crystal that were REAL damn wanted by a REAL damn asshole. One who'd had no trouble sabotagin' all the gorram Salvage Masheens - an' would likely not blink once at the burnin' of a house, if'n it met his ends."
    [2016/03/05 12:44] Akiko Thursday: "Sounds like a nasty figure. Let's burn 'im."
    [2016/03/05 12:44] NickCitrus Resident: "What that asshole look like? It be possible that 'e be the same bastard. Have rat-like hair?"
    [2016/03/05 12:44] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me rubs her chin. "Hard to describe it. Not a sound you'd hear by any livin' creature. Sorta... machinelike. A low, pulsin' whirr."
    [2016/03/05 12:45] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Naah. That asshole was the Old Man I told ye 'bout." She shoots Bartleby a quick look. "Not this one! Shorter. Hunchbacked. Bald. Grumpy. Dude by name o' Gill."
    [2016/03/05 12:45] Akiko Thursday: "I mean, he'd hafta be a critter wot could burn, right?"
    [2016/03/05 12:45] NickCitrus Resident: /me tilts his head and bobs it back and forth.
    [2016/03/05 12:46] NickCitrus Resident: "Eh, 'e was 'round my age I reckon. Mebbe Gill had kin? Would someone e'en want to do that with 'em?"
    [2016/03/05 12:46] tralala Loordes: "Ain’t clapped eyes on no one like that"
    [2016/03/05 12:47] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me shakes her head. "Prolly some other skag. Iono; Gill was all badly wantin' that glowin' or'ge crystal - the Fire Crystal, some was callin' it. It din't have no fire-causing powers or nothin', was just... mem'ries, kinda." She shrugs. "I just tryna think of all the things I can what could give a firelike glow to hands..."
    [2016/03/05 12:48] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me offers simply, "Fire?"
    [2016/03/05 12:48] tralala Loordes: "Mebee holding some flamin' fatback.."
    [2016/03/05 12:49] NickCitrus Resident: /me shrugs.
    [2016/03/05 12:50] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me shakes her head. "Hm. Well... mebbe he's another feller I'm thinkin' on..."
    [2016/03/05 12:50] tralala Loordes: "The Witch gotta way to make glowy paint...ask her"
    [2016/03/05 12:51] NickCitrus Resident: "Witch? What glowy paint is Tra goin' on 'bout? Somethin' o' use or are ye just like shinny things?"
    [2016/03/05 12:51] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "He have hair all kinda frizz'd up - not so much as Tra's, nor e'en mine, not like spikes, but sorta... poofed? Almost like a birdtail or sommin? An' did he mebbe wear some goggles?"
    [2016/03/05 12:52] Ccindy Pfeffer: "me made glowing blue paint" reaches out her hand with little blue specks of a dull glow
    [2016/03/05 12:52] NickCitrus Resident: /me nods. "The hair be sound'n right. Looked like he had a scared rat fer hair, tail 'n all. I think 'e e'en had some goggles on the rat..."
    [2016/03/05 12:53] Ccindy Pfeffer: "red not be easy. me no know how that be done" she ads hesitant
    [2016/03/05 12:53] tralala Loordes: "Sounds like he's hideous and yer'd be stoppin in yer tracks in the sands to stare at 'im"
    [2016/03/05 12:53] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me winces. "Y'know, could make this real easier... think I got a poster."
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    Part 5
    [2016/03/05 12:53] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me rummages into her pack and unrolls a weathered piece of paper with a somewhat crude charcoal drawing on it.
    [2016/03/05 12:54] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me remarks flatly, "He is ugly."
    [2016/03/05 12:55] tralala Loordes: suppresses a scream....
    [2016/03/05 12:55] NickCitrus Resident: /me looks at the poster sprawled out on the bench next to him and his eyes get wide.
    [2016/03/05 12:55] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me holds it up. "This the fucko?"
    [2016/03/05 12:55] NickCitrus Resident: /me grits his teeth,clenches the grip on his Flayer, and shouts, "That fucko be 'em all right!"
    [2016/03/05 12:56] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me studies the poster carefully.
    [2016/03/05 12:56] Akiko Thursday: "Huh, says "burnin' houses' right there onnit."
    [2016/03/05 12:56] tralala Loordes: "He don't look 100% smoothskin..."
    [2016/03/05 12:56] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me eyes the poster "these all look so similar" looks to the poster, than nick, than the old man, shakes her head and back to the poster
    [2016/03/05 12:57] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me spits. "Sonofa bloodshitting cock."
    [2016/03/05 12:57] NickCitrus Resident: /me yells, "Hey! Me face ain't that punch-worthy!"
    [2016/03/05 12:58] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me rubs her temple. "A'ight. So this is bad news. Ain't Gill-level bad, but... ain't great."
    [2016/03/05 12:59] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "So... ain't nobody really knows his deal. But this guy's name is Dan. Dan Seawwconds. BIG talker - but, in a pinch, he backs it up by burnin' things down."
    [2016/03/05 13:00] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me snorts, "Smoothskins have strange names."
    [2016/03/05 13:00] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Come round some spans back tryna lay claim to... what was it. Fissure, for sure, but mebbe also Cormac an' Stygian? Tryna tell everybody to obey him an' do as he said? Scrawled his graffiti all o'er allwheres, too. E'en on my gorramn N."
    [2016/03/05 13:01] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me nods in agreement
    [2016/03/05 13:01] NickCitrus Resident: "Why ain't 'e try to talk it out with me? Ain't 'e know that I be havin' a way with words?!"
    [2016/03/05 13:02] tralala Loordes: "Sounds right tetched"
    [2016/03/05 13:02] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me shakes her head. "I don' think this guy got his braincase screw'd on right. He gets REAL mad, faster'n ye can drop a hot coal."
    [2016/03/05 13:02] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me scratches her head "yous have way of sneak into house that not be yous"
    [2016/03/05 13:03] NickCitrus Resident: /me scoffs, "I ain't sneak into no house that I ain't be mine unless I be 'llowed in!"
    [2016/03/05 13:03] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Sam, sadly, would know more 'bout it all than me. He burnt down her place, too." She shakes her head. "'Course, Sam's gone, herself, now...."
    [2016/03/05 13:03] tralala Loordes: "Where'd Sam go?"
    [2016/03/05 13:03] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me grins mean "me remember that next time"
    [2016/03/05 13:03] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me rolls up the poster and stuffs it back into her pack.
    [2016/03/05 13:04] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me 's large ears perk up. "Sam? I met a girl with this name a few days ago out in the dune sea. I traded her tobacco for some fatroots."
    [2016/03/05 13:04] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Oh, she went off mebbe a span ago. Lookin' for her Grammy. Think Marko went after. Ain't heard thing one from the neither of 'em."
    [2016/03/05 13:04] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me gives Bartleby a questioning look. "You din't hear o' them, right?"
    [2016/03/05 13:05] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me shakes his head. "No, lass. I know yer list o' names, an' I keep watch for 'em. But I ain't seen her, nor him, nor Pietro, nor Kezz, nor nobody. I'd tell ye."
    [2016/03/05 13:06] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me looks grim and shakes her head at Irk. "Iono. Smokeleaf? That don' sound like Sam. She have braids?"
    [2016/03/05 13:07] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shakes his head, "No braids. She had a dark mark across her face." He makes a motion with his fingers across his eyes and down his nose. "She said she lived in the Fissure and had been gone for many moons."
    [2016/03/05 13:08] tralala Loordes: "That do sound like the look of her.."
    [2016/03/05 13:09] NickCitrus Resident: /me shakes his head, "Nah. Sam be gone fer good, I tell ye. She be a part o' them sands now..."
    [2016/03/05 13:10] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me blinks. "...Well, aye, Sam did live in the Fissure. An' she for sure got that cross, though I wish she din't. There ain't many of The Herd come 'round here. But.." She shakes her head. "Really now? Smokeleaf? Next ye'll be sayin' she cussed ye out then took a swig o' hooch."
    [2016/03/05 13:10] tralala Loordes: Sits up straight..."Maybe yer seen a haint...a revenant...a ghost!"
    [2016/03/05 13:11] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me considers for a moment "if that smoothskin girl be gone. and yous house be burned .. maybe yous better find its home and take it before other does"
    [2016/03/05 13:11] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me takes out the tobacco he traded and rolls a smoke with a piece of old newspaper, lights it with a stick from the fire. "Good smoke, worth the fatroot."
    [2016/03/05 13:12] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me shrugs. "Smokeleaf's good for trade. Worth a fair lot for its weight."
    [2016/03/05 13:13] NickCitrus Resident: "Who say I ain't be goin' in 'er place now? She got a nice, nice place fer restin' ye head 'n fillin' ye tum... E'en got some loot better than me..."
    [2016/03/05 13:13] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me turns her nose into the smoke and smells it. nods slowly
    [2016/03/05 13:14] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me takes a long drag, "The girl said she was on her way home but did not seem in a hurry to get there." He silently offers the Witch his tobacco pouch.
    [2016/03/05 13:14] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me looks to Bartleby. "Yeah, yer right! It don' sound like Sam to be smokin' it, but she's prolly a clever enough lass to have taken some on fer trade! Mebbe... mebbe could be her after all, safe an' well..."
    [2016/03/05 13:16] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me takes the pouch and drives her finger through it, takes just a little, not even enough for a single cigarette and carefully wrapes it in a piece of fabric to stuff it in her pouch
    [2016/03/05 13:17] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Iono. Imma try an' not get my hopes up, but..."
    [2016/03/05 13:18] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me hands back irks pouch to him
    [2016/03/05 13:18] tralala Loordes: whispers: "Didn't know she was gone..but if she's back then I ainít gotta miss her none..."
    [2016/03/05 13:18] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me takes the pouch silently and nods, tucking it back into his belt.
    [2016/03/05 13:18] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me looks to Irk again. "She were alone, though? Weren't, say, no real tall feller with 'er?"
    [2016/03/05 13:19] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shakes his head, "The girl was alone."
    [2016/03/05 13:19] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me reflects for a moment, taking a long drag, "Talked funny. Even for a smoothskin."
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    Part 6
    [2016/03/05 13:20] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me looks at tra for a moment and grins "yous mean like stoopid?"
    [2016/03/05 13:20] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me snorts again.
    [2016/03/05 13:20] tralala Loordes: Rolls eyes.."No he don't mean me....you must have a stone in yer hoof or somethin' today..yer aint yer usual sweet self."
    [2016/03/05 13:21] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me crushes the last half of his smoke out on his heel without flinching, then tucks the butt into the pouch, spitting into the fire."
    [2016/03/05 13:22] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "But mebbe... mebbe talkin' a little disjointed-like? Like if ye tear up a picture an' move the pieces around, but ye can still mostly tell what is a picture of?"
    [2016/03/05 13:22] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods.
    [2016/03/05 13:23] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me thinks, "Her talk was... upside down."
    [2016/03/05 13:24] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me lets out a disbelieving laugh. "Thass her. Gotta be. The cross face, the Fissure house, the puzzlespeak. It's gotta be our real an' actual Sam! Dune sea, ye say? When was this? She look all right elsewise?" She stems the barrage of questions, but barely.
    [2016/03/05 13:26] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods again, "Four days walk into the dunes, at a small ruin. She was not harmed, but... weary."
    [2016/03/05 13:27] NickCitrus Resident: /me mutters, "It cain't be Sam since she be dead..."
    [2016/03/05 13:27] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shrugs, "This Sam was not dead."
    [2016/03/05 13:28] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Nah, is gotta be! Like I was always told - 'Call no man dead until ye see the corpse!' She's out there. An' I bet Marko ain't so far behind... or so I hope."
    [2016/03/05 13:30] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Oughta whip up a batch o' soup, mebbe a sammich, an' try an' go out an' find 'er! 'Specially if she's all weary. Hate for her to die so close to home. It'd be like Rolf all o'er again," she says with a mournful frown.
    [2016/03/05 13:30] shannonwilsonbell Resident: "Rolf?"
    [2016/03/05 13:32] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "When Bloodmoss Swamp went bad, all them spans back... we found a bog mummy just inside the Malady border. An, mostly preserved, there was a book. Had all writin' in, about his home, an' his journey. He was comin' to The Wastelands, gonna start new. An'... well, it was just that the time was wrong, an' he din't come 'round the other way, an'..." She shrugs.
    [2016/03/05 13:33] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods at the strange tale.
    [2016/03/05 13:33] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Got here, technically. Just... died, soon as he did. Nothin' but a mossgrown corpse stickin' up out the bog, his notebook beside. Makes ye think 'bout all them folk we ne'er meet, 'cause they ne'er get here..."
    [2016/03/05 13:35] NickCitrus Resident: "Ain't we meet them in some way or 'nother? In our brainmeats we see them."
    [2016/03/05 13:35] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Ain't enough! Not when we could see 'em for good an' real! We oughta go get 'er!"
    [2016/03/05 13:35] NickCitrus Resident: "Rolf was a 'er?"
    [2016/03/05 13:36] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Nooo. Sam! We oughta go get Sam! So's she don't snuff it just barely outta the Nothing!"
    [2016/03/05 13:37] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shrugs, "I can draw the path to the ruins where I met her but I do not know if she stayed there."
    [2016/03/05 13:37] NickCitrus Resident: "I ain't be think'n she wants us to get 'er. She left without us a span ago, what's the say she wants any o' us?"
    [2016/03/05 13:38] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Well..." She scuffs a boot against the stone, making a terrible squeal. "Aye, reckon that may be true. But... she's comin' home slow, but she IS comin'. What if she thinks is us who don' want her? That we gone on w'out her an' don' care a whit?"
    [2016/03/05 13:38] tralala Loordes: "I'm thinkin' since yer moved into her house and uses her loot and food yer aint likely too happy to see her back Nick anyways?"
    [2016/03/05 13:39] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me snorts
    [2016/03/05 13:39] NickCitrus Resident: "She ain't e'en say bye to any o' us, Apo. That's a sign fer me that she ain't care no more."
    [2016/03/05 13:39] NickCitrus Resident: /me scoffs, "How dare ye!"
    [2016/03/05 13:40] tralala Loordes: "Was you what said yerself you was usin' Sam's worths"
    [2016/03/05 13:40] NickCitrus Resident: "I ain't say none o' thee sorts! I be tendin' to 'er place by usin' stuff that'll go to waste."
    [2016/03/05 13:41] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me shakes her head. "Nah. Ain't nobody stays gone fer long. Sometimes, folk just... leave a while. One span... two spans... more e'en. They got sommin' else weighin' heavy on the mind, or business elsewhere, or there's some trouble in the home settlement, or who knows. But, nah, they don't say goodbye because it ain't for good."
    [2016/03/05 13:41] tralala Loordes: "I be sure and tell Sam when she gits back how right neighborly you was to her"
    [2016/03/05 13:42] NickCitrus Resident: "Well, I think'n she be might' fine 'earin' that since ol' tree trunks asked me to."
    [2016/03/05 13:43] tralala Loordes: "Yer right Apo...aint hardly nobody goes away into the sands forever like..." Looks up at the two stone cairn on the far hill
    [2016/03/05 13:44] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me looks confused, "A tree talked to you?"
    [2016/03/05 13:45] NickCitrus Resident: "Ye ain't e'er meet the man as big as a tree? Big 'n burly? Likes trees way too much fer a normal man."
    [2016/03/05 13:45] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shrugs
    [2016/03/05 13:46] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me looks to Nick, a soft expression on her face. "I know what yer sayin', Nick. An' I don't think yer sayin' it outta self-interest or greed. I know damn well how it burns to hope against hope an' be wrong, be denied, day upon day, span upon span. But... it's gotta be her. An' she's not stayin' there. She's comin' home. Maybe... a'ight, maybe it's just to say a proper g'bye an' leave again. But... wouldn't ye rather know?"
    [2016/03/05 13:46] NickCitrus Resident: /me continues to stare at the fire.
    [2016/03/05 13:47] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me offers quietly, "The hen always returns to the roost."
    [2016/03/05 13:47] NickCitrus Resident: "So she can right leave Kaya again? Or Marko? Or Jack? Or e'en me? Nah. I ain't be wantin' to see the faces o' the ones she hurt 'nother time, Apo."
    [2016/03/05 13:48] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Well, mebbe that's why she feels bad. Mebbe that's why she stayed gone so long. She realized she run off an' done a damnfool thing, an' din't wanna face it."
    [2016/03/05 13:49] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Mebbe that's why she's takin' her sweet time in comin' home, 'cause she thinks you an' Kaya an' Marko an' all is gonna be mad at 'er."
    [2016/03/05 13:49] NickCitrus Resident: "Mebbe. We will be seein' what happens with this mess. I cain't help it either way if'n she comes back or not. I gotta do me own thing while we wait 'n see."
    [2016/03/05 13:51] tralala Loordes: "Yer knows if yer see her comin' over the rise yers will all start to blubberin' and clutching at her and somebody will throw some bacon and cheese on the grill with flatberead and drinkin'...."
    [2016/03/05 13:51] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me speaks very quietly, but with a clear edge. "I unnerstand. You gotta get yer own home in order, an' yer under real threat. But. Just think on this: If Sam has hardened her heart because she thinks you hate her and she deserves it... do you really want to prove her right?"
    [2016/03/05 13:53] NickCitrus Resident: /me looks at Apo with an intense look on his face. "I ain't NEVER said I hate 'er. Dun ye be puttin' words in me mouth."
    [2016/03/05 13:55] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "You ain't said that, no. But she might think it. It might chew 'er up at nights. Her thinks is her own deal, o'course, an' they ain't your fault or nobody's. But... don't ye keep on sayin' she's gotta be dead. Don't ye keep on sayin' she don' want us."
    [2016/03/05 13:58] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me listens as he eats a few mushrooms.
    [2016/03/05 13:59] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "We don't know what she wants, or what she's seen. We don't know nothin' about nothin'. But, no matter WHAT'S gone on, she's still Sam. And she's got a place here. An' she's got folk who care about her." She runs her hands through her hair. "An', a'ight, mebbe goin' out an' findin' her could be too much, could be a lotta awkward all 'round. But... when she come back, which she WILL do... she's gonna want to know we ain't hatin' her. That, e'en if we're mad - an' it ain't w'out call t'be mad - it's a mad can be forgiven."
    [2016/03/05 14:00] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me tries to eat some mushrooms of her own, but clutches her stomach and looks green.
    [2016/03/05 14:01] NickCitrus Resident: "All this sappy shit is makin' me thirsty fer some hooch. Did ye bring any?"
    [2016/03/05 14:01] tralala Loordes: "Someday this could be a tale Bartleby here tells around a campfire"
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    Part 7
    [2016/03/05 14:02] NickCitrus Resident: "Make sure to write down how purdy 'n burly I be, Bartleby."
    [2016/03/05 14:03] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me grunts. "I about forgot," she says, pulling the jars out from under the bench. She gets stone cups from her pack and begins to pour. "Job Well Done celebratin' drinks fer Bartleby. Fuck Dan empathy drinks fer Nick. An' Maybe Hope celebratin' drinks fer me. An' Because Reasons whatever drinks fer anybody else!" She begins to pass the cups around.
    [2016/03/05 14:03] Second Life: Aposiopesis Fullstop gave you A stone cup of Bog Shot.
    [2016/03/05 14:03] tralala Loordes: "I thank ye Apo..yer a ray of sunshine yer are"
    [2016/03/05 14:03] A stone cup of Bog Shot: You swallow the shot as quickly as possible. It's eye-wateringly harsh, but with an herbal - in fact, downright mossy - aftertaste.
    [2016/03/05 14:03] A stone cup of Bog Shot: You throw the emptied stone shot glass to the ground.
    [2016/03/05 14:03] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me holds up a hand to say no, "A warrior must remain clear in his head."
    [2016/03/05 14:04] NickCitrus Resident: /me chugs the shot as fast as he can.
    [2016/03/05 14:04] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me necks the shot and grimaces. "Ghaaaak... Oh, I'm sommin' all right..."
    [2016/03/05 14:04] NickCitrus Resident: "Warrior shmorriar! Hooch make ye see things ye ain't be seein' without!"
    [2016/03/05 14:05] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "That's what I mean."
    [2016/03/05 14:05] NickCitrus Resident: "Ye can see a foe behind ye with hooch. Gives ye the second sight."
    [2016/03/05 14:05] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me tips the brim of his hat and swills the drink, only some of which gets intercepted by his moustache.
    [2016/03/05 14:05] tralala Loordes: "Yar and yer don't care shit for what yah do see anyways...why yer like as nod to the rat haired man friendly like yah have enough of this stuff"
    [2016/03/05 14:06] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me looks around, holding the cup that Irk rebuffed. "Welp. Anyone fer seconds, then?"
    [2016/03/05 14:07] NickCitrus Resident: /me slams his fist on the grill, "Here!"
    [2016/03/05 14:07] tralala Loordes: "Yer never has to ask that Apo..."
    [2016/03/05 14:07] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me seeing things is for smoothskins. The purple mushrooms send the mind on a quest but this is for the spirit, bog juice is for... something else."
    [2016/03/05 14:07] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me blinks at Nick. "O....kay. Imma give it to ye not just 'cause yer first, but 'cause ye might needta clean off a wound there."
    [2016/03/05 14:08] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "But, fuckit, intentional seconds all 'round! Well, most o' the way around."
    [2016/03/05 14:08] NickCitrus Resident: /me burps right after finishing his second shot.
    [2016/03/05 14:09] tralala Loordes: "I'm needin' this after a mornin' with the cranky Witch...is it me or has she got meaner lately..since this stuff she's been doin'..dirt, shit and that stone thing?"
    [2016/03/05 14:10] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me shakes her head back and forth rapidly. "Whooo... some batch this is..."
    [2016/03/05 14:10] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me scoots back in the bench so as to not be in the line of fire between the Witch and Tra.
    [2016/03/05 14:10] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me shakes her head. "She been plenny nice t'me!"
    [2016/03/05 14:11] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Mebbe, though, is becaush I been doin' the thingsh I shaidI'ddo."
    [2016/03/05 14:11] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "She is very generous."
    [2016/03/05 14:11] NickCitrus Resident: "Whazzat?"
    [2016/03/05 14:12] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Whass wha?"
    [2016/03/05 14:12] tralala Loordes: "Guess it is just me then...I got bad karma" Shrugs
    [2016/03/05 14:12] NickCitrus Resident: "Whazzat ye blabbed?"
    [2016/03/05 14:12] tralala Loordes: Hollers at Nick..."The Witch givin' me a hard time."
    [2016/03/05 14:13] NickCitrus Resident: /me hollers at Tra, "I be knowin' that! Apo said somethin' that ain't make no sense!"
    [2016/03/05 14:13] tralala Loordes: Hollers.."ok"
    [2016/03/05 14:13] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Blabbed nuffin'! Just shaid I done the thingsh I shaid I done. Like e'erbody seen. You 'member? W' the whole entranshe? Pile o' shask.. shags... sacks?"
    [2016/03/05 14:14] NickCitrus Resident: shouts: "Huh!?"
    [2016/03/05 14:14] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me smirks at the slurred speech but says nothing.
    [2016/03/05 14:14] tralala Loordes: "I'm gonna git her sacks..not that you and Nick left much dirt to git"
    [2016/03/05 14:15] Aposiopesis Fullstop: shouts: "I SHAID THE WITCH'S BEEN NICE TO USH 'CAUSHE WE DID HARD WORK UNLIKE SHOME PEOPLE!"
    [2016/03/05 14:16] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me rolls his fingertip in his ear because of the shouting.
    [2016/03/05 14:16] NickCitrus Resident: shouts: "YOUSH MEAN CAUSE WESH GOTS THEMSH WITCHITCHITCH SHTONE?!"
    [2016/03/05 14:17] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me reaches out to clap her hand over Nick's mouth and drunkenly puts too much of her weight on it.
    [2016/03/05 14:17] Aposiopesis Fullstop: shouts: "SH'UP, YE RIGHT IDJIT, ELSHE TH' WHOLE WASHTE GON' HEAR!"
    [2016/03/05 14:17] NickCitrus Resident: shouts: "APO ISH TOUCHIN' ME LIKESH SHE WANTSH ME!"
    [2016/03/05 14:18] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me tries to clamp his mouth shut again.
    [2016/03/05 14:18] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shakes his head, "See? What if this Dan Semacone comes here and starts a fire, which drunken one of you could do the fighting?"
    [2016/03/05 14:18] NickCitrus Resident: shouts: "YE SH'UP YE 'EARSH? AIN'T YE KNOWSH SHYE ALSHO DOIN' THEM YELLSH?!"
    [2016/03/05 14:18] Aposiopesis Fullstop: shouts: "SHO HELP ME IMMA STUFF YER MOUF W' THAT HAT!"
    [2016/03/05 14:19] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me tries to paw his hat off of his head.
    [2016/03/05 14:19] NickCitrus Resident: "I will fight yesh shright up, Irkshle!"
    [2016/03/05 14:19] tralala Loordes: "We're gonna make Dan's ear bleed Irk"
    [2016/03/05 14:19] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me snorts
    [2016/03/05 14:21] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me briefly stops trying to unseat Nick's Hat and looks - blearily - over to Tra. "Thass right! Gon' make LOTSH of him bleed. Earholesh. Eyeholesh. All new holesh."
    [2016/03/05 14:22] NickCitrus Resident: "Buttholesh 'shpecially!"
    [2016/03/05 14:22] shannonwilsonbell Resident: "And when you see double, which will you attack first?"
    [2016/03/05 14:22] tralala Loordes: "Yer right...if all of us pile on and stay mindlful of each other's swingin' and cuttin' he don't stand no chance"
    [2016/03/05 14:22] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shrugs, mutters, "smoothskins..."
    [2016/03/05 14:23] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Whichever one has the meat an' makesh the blood come out!"
    [2016/03/05 14:23] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me grins and shakes his head.
    [2016/03/05 14:24] NickCitrus Resident: /me hiccups, "Dan Shemaconsh gonna be bleedin' places ye cain'tsh e'en been bleedin' from!"
    [2016/03/05 14:24] tralala Loordes: "Only 2 choices Irk..if one don't bleed the other one will"
    [2016/03/05 14:25] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me returns from a little walk in the sand and sits down back next to her bother ((i would say))
    [2016/03/05 14:28] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me looks between the others for a moment "these found reason to drink yes?" she asks her brother half loud
    [2016/03/05 14:28] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "Always, it seems."
    [2016/03/05 14:28] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Yah! Damn Shawkawn is gon' get REAL fuck't up. An' Nick'sh gonn' have a REAL coo' new plashe. W'mebbe a BAR! An' Dan's rattalil HEAD ish gonna be abovva door!"
    [2016/03/05 14:28] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me just nods
    [2016/03/05 14:29] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me raises an not existing eyebrow and listens to there babbeling
    [2016/03/05 14:31] NickCitrus Resident: /me starts to drool a bit under his mask.
    [2016/03/05 14:33] tralala Loordes: "Welp looks like if I ever want to hear the end of it I better go dig that dirt for her grace here....I'll see yer filthy selves in the sands...thankee again Apo fer the juice"
    [2016/03/05 14:33] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me hiccups. "Yer gon' be fine, Nick. An' you need anyfin' to make the plashe better - or anywhere to resht in'tweentimesh... jusht call on me, a'ight?"
    [2016/03/05 14:33] shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods to Tra, "Safe travel, Tra."
    [2016/03/05 14:33] tralala Loordes: "Fair winds to yahs"
    [2016/03/05 14:33] Ccindy Pfeffer: /me looks at tra "good lifting"
    (the end will have to be added here as I left at this point)
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    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    ((Thanks for posting this, Tra! It was a great Bazaar! You didn't miss too terribly much after you left; here's the remainder.))

    [2016/03/05 14:34] NickCitrus: /me nods. "I be callin' all y'allsh shoon 'cause 'member what I be shayin' earlier?"
    [2016/03/05 14:34] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me pats NIck on the shoulder, leaning heavily on that hand - then uses it to wave to Tra. "G'bye!" She slumps over behind Nick's back. "Oopsh I founda butt."
    [2016/03/05 14:35] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Don' wave w' the leanin' hand," she slurs, hoisting herself back upright. "Bad plan."
    [2016/03/05 14:35] NickCitrus: /me giggles.
    [2016/03/05 14:40] Irk (shannonwilsonbell): /me stands and stretches, "I must make the path to the bog in search of mushrooms. Thank you for this gathering, may the sands be kind to you all. ((see yahs at FN!))
    [2016/03/05 14:40] Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): /me she nods "good hunts"
    [2016/03/05 14:40] NickCitrus: /me nods his head. "Irksh, shee ye shwing rocksh at me shoon."
    [2016/03/05 14:40] Irk (shannonwilsonbell): /me smiles and nods to his sister.
    [2016/03/05 14:41] Irk (shannonwilsonbell): /me snorts at Nick.
    [2016/03/05 14:41] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me grins at Irk. "Yeah! You show then shroomsh! An'... an'...." Her brow furrows, the mental effort plain. "Oh yeah. An' thanksh. For newsh. 'Bout Sham."
    [2016/03/05 14:41] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "You... you shee her... you tell'er we miss'r an' we're waitin'."
    [2016/03/05 14:42] Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): /me stands up herself "me should do more work too. sood need finish all things. and there be no talk with yous anymore now"
    [2016/03/05 14:42] Irk (shannonwilsonbell): /me nods at Apo, "I hope your friend returns soon. I will give her the message if I see her again." He makes his way into the dunes.
    [2016/03/05 14:43] Bartleby Ricantaur: "You did say ye'd -" he hiccups - "share AAAALLL the shtories 'bout that daycircle... time... masheen thing."
    [2016/03/05 14:43] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me nods.
    [2016/03/05 14:43] Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): /me lays her head to the side "did me not answer all question yous asked?"
    [2016/03/05 14:44] Bartleby Ricantaur: "Well. Mebbe I jus' din' ask. But. Whass the thing called, an'how? Besides... big roun' daycircle time masheen thing." He shrugs.
    [2016/03/05 14:45] NickCitrus: /me yells, "SHIT!"
    [2016/03/05 14:45] NickCitrus: /me runs off, wobbling.
    [2016/03/05 14:45] Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): /me thinks about it for a moment "me did not think name it. does it need name?"
    [2016/03/05 14:46] Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): /me follows him with her eyes and shakes the head
    [2016/03/05 14:46] Bartleby Ricantaur: /me shrugs. "Mebbe not. But folk might want t'call it by a name - an' the right one. Mebbe is gotta word in yer language."
    [2016/03/05 14:47] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me looks up. "Huh. I besht go, too. Gotta get food in me 'fore the things o'er at the plashe."
    [2016/03/05 14:47] Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): "me will think about"
    [2016/03/05 14:47] Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me stumbles all around, then weaves her way to the Mesa.
    Whatever shit Wastelanders do, however dirty or bloody or batshit random it is, it comes right from our gritty, fucked up little hearts, and that's beautiful.

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