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    Default RP Log: Barrelhead Bazaar, 4/2/2016

    [2016/04/02 11:01] Barrelhead Bazaar Horn: shouts: a long and loud blast of sound!
    [2016/04/02 11:02] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Oi, Tra! How been?"
    [2016/04/02 11:03] Aposiopesis Fullstop wriggles her way past the rocks and takes a seat on the bench.
    [2016/04/02 11:04] tralala Loordes: "Still running the sands...tryin' to steer clear of that thing out in the Cape...yah see that thing?"
    [2016/04/02 11:04] Lunesta Matova: "Hmm...smoothskins."
    [2016/04/02 11:04] Aposiopesis Fullstop raises her hands to the sky. "PRAISE FUCKIN' ANYTHIN', SOMEBODY ELSE HAS SEEN THE THING!"
    [2016/04/02 11:05] tralala Loordes: "Oi Lune...it's good to see yah...and yer aint lost any bits I can see.."
    [2016/04/02 11:05] Lunesta Matova: "None that you can see, anyhoo"
    [2016/04/02 11:05] tralala Loordes: laughs
    [2016/04/02 11:06] Lunesta Matova: "Been workin' that candy masheen tryin' to get my other eyeball back."
    [2016/04/02 11:06] tralala Loordes: "I was mentioning that THING what's out in the Cape sands..."
    [2016/04/02 11:06] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Were near thinkin' it was some damn 'lucination...." She turns to the Ghoul. "...Lunesta? Well I'll be. Ain't seen ye in a bit. Goin' good?"
    [2016/04/02 11:06] Lunesta Matova: "Goin', goin', gone. Ain't seen the critter of the Cape yet, not for lack o' tryin' though"
    [2016/04/02 11:07] tralala Loordes: "Yer tries yer dies with that thing..it aint natchurl I tell yah"
    [2016/04/02 11:08] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "Some us been goin' on huntin' parties of a night. Ain't had no luck - if it's luck t'meet that thing at all..."
    [2016/04/02 11:08] Lunesta Matova: "Folks keep tellin' me I'm already dead-like, so this should be interestin'. I heard it took down a coupla folk already."
    [2016/04/02 11:09] Aposiopesis Fullstop turns to Tralala. "Ye tried to fight it off, I assume?"
    [2016/04/02 11:09] tralala Loordes: whispers: "Gave me a few lumps...took a whole sack o'medkits just to be able to crawl away"
    [2016/04/02 11:10] tralala Loordes: "I gave it a few lumps of my own..acted like I was ticklin' it with a feather"
    [2016/04/02 11:10] Aposiopesis Fullstop whistles through her teeth. "Well, thass reassurin', too. I couldnae seem t' hit the thing for nothin'. Or I could hit, but it were like hittin' a hunk o metal. Just... wouldn't seem to take a wound."
    [2016/04/02 11:10] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Ain't just me, then! Hooray?" She chuckles grimly.
    [2016/04/02 11:11] Aposiopesis Fullstop: ((Heya Marko, heya, Dark!))
    [2016/04/02 11:11] tralala Loordes: "Mighty fast too it were...gor more legs that the witch got arms..."
    [2016/04/02 11:11] Marko (tammykilledherdad) strides up to the camp, "'Lothere everyone!" and finds a seat.
    [2016/04/02 11:12] tralala Loordes: 'Oi to yah Marko..aint seen you since the Witch only had 2 arms"
    [2016/04/02 11:12] Aposiopesis Fullstop looks up over Tralala's shoulder. "...Marko? Holy..."
    [2016/04/02 11:12] Lunesta Matova: "Didya get any whacks to it, smoothskin? Or did it just take ya down faster ya could blink?"
    [2016/04/02 11:12] Marko (tammykilledherdad) laughs at Tra, "Been that long has it? Hmm maybe so..."
    [2016/04/02 11:13] tralala Loordes: "I gave it some fair swipes with the Vicious...and yer know that don't deliver any whatcha might call love taps...didn't make no nevermind to that thing"
    [2016/04/02 11:14] Marko (tammykilledherdad) butts in, "You talking about that whatever in the Cape? Irk was tellin me stories..."
    [2016/04/02 11:14] Lunesta Matova: "So ya didn't even get a soo-ven-eer of a leg or nuthin'?"
    [2016/04/02 11:14] Aposiopesis Fullstop's dropped jaw rises into a grin. "Well I'll be fucked. Is good seein' ye back, Marko! You'll hafta tell me some stories!"
    [2016/04/02 11:15] Lunesta Matova sniffs the air and looks around to see the smoothskins and nods in greeting.
    [2016/04/02 11:15] tralala Loordes: "Yar...that thing what's in the Cape Marko. As far a somethin' to 'member it by..it gave me a dose of somethin' worse than greenish mystery meat after being in my pocket all day in the sun..."
    [2016/04/02 11:15] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "Irk's come huntin' w' us a coupla times. Not that we found it yet. But he ain't gonna rest 'till it's a squidgy heap o' shell. an' leg."
    [2016/04/02 11:15] Marko (tammykilledherdad) nods to Apo and smiles, "Yeah good to be back, mostly. Stories are few, just sore feet and grit in my hair."
    [2016/04/02 11:16] tralala Loordes: "Yer didn't see nuthin' what you can tell a tale about?"
    [2016/04/02 11:17] Aposiopesis Fullstop shivers a bit. "That were a bad dose o' poison, for sure. An'... okay, hopin' this too weren't just me: did ye have a hard time movin'? Like some o' that sticky were on ye, an' ye could scarce get away?"
    [2016/04/02 11:18] Lunesta Matova: "Sounds like it's gonna take a posse to stand up to that...thing. Hard when some folk are sleepin' when others are huntin' or hidin' from the sun."
    [2016/04/02 11:18] tralala Loordes: "I had a hard time movin' alright...cause I was face down and eatin' sand quick as a wink"
    [2016/04/02 11:18] Marko (tammykilledherdad) smirks at Tra, "You ever hear the tale about the guy who went looking for someone in the desert and doesn't find anything so he comes home? Home to monsters?"
    [2016/04/02 11:18] Aposiopesis Fullstop snorts.
    [2016/04/02 11:19] tralala Loordes: "I guess I've heard it now.."
    [2016/04/02 11:19] Aposiopesis Fullstop blinks, then casts Marko a concerned look. "...Ye din't find her out there?"
    [2016/04/02 11:21] Marko (tammykilledherdad) shakes his head, "No, I went looking but she wasn't where I'd heard she was, nor any points in between. So I came home, and there she was. Weird timing."
    [2016/04/02 11:21] tralala Loordes: "Who was yer looking for what's here now?"
    [2016/04/02 11:21] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "Sam."
    [2016/04/02 11:23] Aposiopesis Fullstop rubs her head. "Well... that answers a few things, a bit. I was wonderin' why she were out there alone. Worried that sommin' had happened to ye out there. The Thing, mebbe. Or... certain other monsters what sometimes look like people."
    [2016/04/02 11:23] tralala Loordes: "Seems like most who wander off comes back sometime..course not everybody is welcome back.." "But Sam is a goodun"
    [2016/04/02 11:23] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Does me bloodsack good to see ye again, man!" She chuckles.
    [2016/04/02 11:24] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods vigorously at Tralala. "Cain't nobody stay away too long. ...'Cept for them folk I would like t' see again..."
    [2016/04/02 11:25] Marko (tammykilledherdad) smiles, "Thanks, I'm glad to be home. And if Sam's brain ever gets here I'm sure she'll feel the same way."
    [2016/04/02 11:25] Aposiopesis Fullstop looks over to Marko with an almost sheepish expression, her boot grinding squealy circles against the stone. "Dumb to ask, but... ye'd not have heard nothin' 'bout a Kezz Mauriac nor a Pietro Moskvitch out there...?"
    [2016/04/02 11:26] Lunesta Matova lets out a raspy laugh "them's names I've not heard in many spans"
    [2016/04/02 11:26] Aposiopesis Fullstop rubs the back of her neck. "Aye, I know, I know..."
    [2016/04/02 11:27] Marko (tammykilledherdad) shakes his head, "Nobody by those names. I think you asked me about them once, when I first came to these parts. Never met or heard about them otherwise, sorry to say.'
    [2016/04/02 11:27] Aposiopesis Fullstop shrugs, a little too casually. "Nah, ain't nothin'."
    [2016/04/02 11:28] tralala Loordes: "If I could bring back one who wandered off and aint found his way back yet..it'd be Gideon Switchblade. He were the kind o'fellow make a girl wish she'd rinsed off some of the dirt in Fissure afore running into him..."
    [2016/04/02 11:29] Marko (tammykilledherdad) smiles
    [2016/04/02 11:29] Aposiopesis Fullstop grins broadly, shaking her head. "Ahh, that Gid. He were a handful all right..."
    [2016/04/02 11:29] Lunesta Matova: "Some ya thinks was swallowed up by the sands...the sands spits 'em back out again. Aye, ain't seen Gideon since the disappearance of sands in the north"
    [2016/04/02 11:30] tralala Loordes: "He were friendly fer a Reaver"
    [2016/04/02 11:30] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "For a certain' sort o' 'friendly.'" She chuckles.
    [2016/04/02 11:30] Lunesta Matova: "Speakin' of the Reavers......."
    [2016/04/02 11:31] Lunesta Matova lowers her voice. "I seen the Oracle once or twice...the one that stayed in the Reaver camp long ago."
    [2016/04/02 11:31] Lunesta Matova: "She wun't just a legend."
    [2016/04/02 11:32] tralala Loordes: "I ant knowin' that tale...tells us more"
    [2016/04/02 11:32] Marko (tammykilledherdad) chuckles under his beard about the oracle.
    [2016/04/02 11:32] Aposiopesis Fullstop turns to Lunesta and gives her a wide-eyed look.. "Vikki, the Reaver Crone?"
    [2016/04/02 11:34] Lunesta Matova: "No, no...ain't seen Vikki in many spans. I'm talkin' 'bout the one who sees with an extra eye. I threw down some scrap at her feet and she told me things ain't no normal person could see in that pil o' junk."
    [2016/04/02 11:35] Aposiopesis Fullstop blinks. "Still sounds like Vikki t'me. Unless..."
    [2016/04/02 11:35] Marko (tammykilledherdad) laughs, "Maybe that's my problem, I've been gettin my fortunes from a pile of junk."
    [2016/04/02 11:35] tralala Loordes: "An extry eye....and got the knowin' of things...I wish I'd run into her"
    [2016/04/02 11:36] Lunesta Matova: "Seen her once since. Made me shiver. She got some kinda power that one. Said she could read beyond the scap. Tell ya things. She knows things that ain't natural, I tell ya. Seems friendly enough and said she's willing to read for other folk, but she hinted at some kinda danger involved."
    [2016/04/02 11:37] Aposiopesis Fullstop stares into the fire. "Well ain't there always. Where ye seen her at? I'd not mind havin' a talk w' her meself..."
    [2016/04/02 11:37] tralala Loordes: "Me too"
    Whatever shit Wastelanders do, however dirty or bloody or batshit random it is, it comes right from our gritty, fucked up little hearts, and that's beautiful.

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    Part 2:

    [2016/04/02 11:37] Lunesta Matova looks at the Innkeeper. "You heard of this one? Last hailed from Reaver land...but she comes from nowhere and e'rywhere?"
    [2016/04/02 11:39] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Ain't ringin' no bells. ...Though my bell been rung enough times that ain't no surprise," she says, rubbing the side of her head.
    [2016/04/02 11:39] Lunesta Matova: "Me nods her head to the north "That old building near the battlin' arena and the tracks. Some kinda old...I dunno. Symbols on it say M-U-S-E...can't make out the rest."
    [2016/04/02 11:39] Lunesta Matova: "Said she'd be back. I'm watchin' and waitin'"
    [2016/04/02 11:40] tralala Loordes: "If she be a Reaver..they aint right in the noodle. All friendly like and then next morning all they finds is yer knucklebones next to a cold campfire..."
    [2016/04/02 11:40] Marko (tammykilledherdad) asks suspiciously, "What's the special extra eye seein end up costing?
    [2016/04/02 11:40] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "That place? I peeked in but once. Place kinda gave me the jibblies, an' I'd some wounds on me, so I weren't about to explore... Felt like there was somebody in there."
    [2016/04/02 11:40] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "
    [2016/04/02 11:41] Lunesta Matova: "I dunno. Some special eye that sees things that just aren't seeable to most."
    [2016/04/02 11:41] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Mebbe she stole YOUR eye."
    [2016/04/02 11:41] Aposiopesis Fullstop snickers.
    [2016/04/02 11:42] Lunesta Matova glances at the Innkeeper with her good eye and snorts.
    [2016/04/02 11:42] tralala Loordes: "Apo where's yer couth..aint manners to talk about no ghoul bit what fell off..."
    [2016/04/02 11:43] Lunesta Matova: "I got enough bits left to hold this here crowbill, so careful"
    [2016/04/02 11:44] Marko (tammykilledherdad) says to break the tension, "So uh, anyone lookin for some Red Beans?"
    [2016/04/02 11:45] Lunesta Matova: "Aye, got me some from trader Alden after he sent me out lookin' fer some of his stuff"
    [2016/04/02 11:45] tralala Loordes: "Lookin' ..but aint findin"
    [2016/04/02 11:46] Aposiopesis Fullstop holds up a hand and grins. "Aye, I know it! Iono. I ain't gonna come out an' say is gotta be a big ol' scam, o'course. Now THAT ain't couth. But... Reavers sometimes have weird thinkin's, an' that sorta puts me ill at ease."
    [2016/04/02 11:47] Lunesta Matova: "Reavers wun't so bad....if ya didn't get too close."
    [2016/04/02 11:47] Marko (tammykilledherdad) nods, "I just traded for some. Think I might plant them and see what happens."
    [2016/04/02 11:47] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "I got on well w' them, but... well, there's a certain depth o' awful only reachable by them who think that nothin' means nothin' in the end." She leans back on the bench.
    [2016/04/02 11:48] tralala Loordes: "I likes to have a nice distance between me and them that aint particular about what they eats."
    [2016/04/02 11:48] Lunesta Matova: "Nuthin' don't mean nuthin' in the end. I seen the end. It wun't nuthin' but fallin-off bits"
    [2016/04/02 11:48] Marko (tammykilledherdad) laughs
    [2016/04/02 11:48] Aposiopesis Fullstop raises an eyebrow. "Alden gave some beans? For errands? I gotta run for him more often... ain't know why I forget most days."
    [2016/04/02 11:49] Lunesta Matova: "Well, I misspoke there. I traded for them. He took damn near errything I had, but he coughed up beans in the end"
    [2016/04/02 11:49] tralala Loordes: "Cause Alden is a drunk mofo and if he knows what yers hopin' to git he aint never going to hand it over..."
    [2016/04/02 11:50] Marko (tammykilledherdad) nods, "Irk tells me Alden pays pretty good for what he asks."
    [2016/04/02 11:50] tralala Loordes: "maybe jist to me then..he hates me fer sure"
    [2016/04/02 11:50] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods slowly. "I'll try buyin' some up w' my scrit. Though I hear Saul serves up a fine bean stew now, too..."
    [2016/04/02 11:51] tralala Loordes: "saul do give out a cup o'soup now an agin..tasty too."
    [2016/04/02 11:51] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Thass the way o' it, Tra! They KNOW, I tell ye. An' I got a theory on how..."
    [2016/04/02 11:51] Lunesta Matova: "I piled so many trader scrits on his desk that he told me to stop. Then he turned over some beans and some other stuff. Mostly he just gives me crap. I don't think he likes ghouls. Imagine that."
    [2016/04/02 11:52] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Weeellll," she begins - then shuts her mouth abruptly, opening it again only to say "Who's for some hooch?"
    [2016/04/02 11:52] tralala Loordes: whispers: "I aint never one to say no Apo."
    [2016/04/02 11:52] Lunesta Matova: "Beans was too crunchy fer me on accounta not havin a lot o teef. So...I turned 'em into something more to my liking."
    [2016/04/02 11:52] Lunesta Matova: "Aye"
    [2016/04/02 11:53] Marko (tammykilledherdad): whispers: "All them traders, it's a racket"
    [2016/04/02 11:53] Aposiopesis Fullstop extracts some stone cups from her pack, then whispers back to Tralala, "Can Gid confirm that?" She winks, pours the drink, and passes it over.
    [2016/04/02 11:53] Marko (tammykilledherdad) nods, "And yes please!"
    [2016/04/02 11:53] Lunesta Matova: "Aye, traders run hot and cold like"
    [2016/04/02 11:53] tralala Loordes: laughs...
    [2016/04/02 11:54] Aposiopesis Fullstop pours another cup and, keeping well away from the open flame, walks it over to Lunesta.
    [2016/04/02 11:54] Lunesta Matova: "I'll try somma that. Thank ye"
    [2016/04/02 11:55] tralala Loordes: whispers: "This here is one o'yer best brews yet..I think I taste a little bloodmoss innit"
    [2016/04/02 11:55] Aposiopesis Fullstop pours one more for Marko, sliding it down the bench, and then a last for herself. She raises her cup. "To absent friends - an' the return of them!"
    [2016/04/02 11:55] A stone cup of Bog Shot: You swallow the shot as quickly as possible. It's eye-wateringly harsh, but with an herbal - in fact, downright mossy - aftertaste.
    [2016/04/02 11:55] A stone cup of Bog Shot: You throw the emptied stone shot glass to the ground.
    [2016/04/02 11:55] Lunesta Matova: "Absent friends"
    [2016/04/02 11:56] tralala Loordes: "Aye to them what's gone"
    [2016/04/02 11:56] Marko (tammykilledherdad) takes the drink and nods, "Absent friends."
    [2016/04/02 11:56] Lunesta Matova: "Damn, that's mighty potent"
    [2016/04/02 11:57] Marko (tammykilledherdad) drinks the cup in one gulp, waiting for the burn to subside before saying, "Daaaaamn."
    [2016/04/02 11:57] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "It'll put hairs on yer chest! Hairs on other bits, too. Hairs allwheres."
    [2016/04/02 11:57] tralala Loordes: "puts hair on yer tongue..."
    [2016/04/02 11:57] Marko (tammykilledherdad) rubs his head, "Finally! Hair!"
    [2016/04/02 11:59] Aposiopesis Fullstop cackles!
    [2016/04/02 12:00] tralala Loordes: "I'll be lookin' fer the Oracle. I like to know some stuff...that cranky ole Witch never let's anything slip..."
    [2016/04/02 12:00] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Oh - any o' ye seen Nick in the last few days?"
    [2016/04/02 12:01] Marko (tammykilledherdad) shakes his head, "Haven't seen that guy for awhile now."
    [2016/04/02 12:02] Lunesta Matova: "She comes and goes with the sands. Ain't seen Nick in a few suns, but catch a whiff of him on the winds usually"
    [2016/04/02 12:02] tralala Loordes: "Last I saw him he was doin' a little favor fer the Witch. Him bein' a mad dog fer hire sometimes...if the price is right."
    [2016/04/02 12:02] Aposiopesis Fullstop grumbles a bit. "Figgers." She casts a somewhat worried look toward the northwest.
    [2016/04/02 12:02] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "What's up, Apo?"
    [2016/04/02 12:04] Aposiopesis Fullstop sighs. "Well, ye remember that skag-ass fucko Dan Seawwconds?"
    [2016/04/02 12:05] Marko (tammykilledherdad) looks surprised, then angry. "Yeah, fire bug asshole."
    [2016/04/02 12:05] tralala Loordes: Drinks..."The ugliest guy I ever did see"
    [2016/04/02 12:05] Lunesta Matova chuckles, "I seen him out Fissure way not too long ago"
    [2016/04/02 12:06] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "Fucker burnt down Nick's place."
    [2016/04/02 12:06] Marko (tammykilledherdad) is wide eyed, "Burned, like to the ground burned?"
    [2016/04/02 12:06] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Damn near. There's a coupla less-burnt bits what still are stayin' up, an' I think he still holes up in 'em, but..."
    [2016/04/02 12:07] Marko (tammykilledherdad): whispers: "Damn... monsters of all kinds."
    [2016/04/02 12:07] tralala Loordes: "Fair lit up the night all the way to Stygian.."
    [2016/04/02 12:08] Aposiopesis Fullstop sighs. "The real fuck of it is, it happened when all this other shite starts goin' down. Hearin' that Sam was comin' back. Thing in the dunes. An' I just realized it's been a damn moon now, an' I still ain't helped to rebuild."
    [2016/04/02 12:09] Lunesta Matova: "That splains why I seen Nick standin' there lookin' all shocked, like was starin' into nuthin'"
    [2016/04/02 12:09] Marko (tammykilledherdad) nods, "I'll go over there after things wrap up here, maybe lend a hand if he's around. Thanks for the news." he says worriedly.
    [2016/04/02 12:10] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "Kaya, too. She saw it happen. Seems... rattled."
    [2016/04/02 12:10] Marko (tammykilledherdad) nods.
    [2016/04/02 12:11] tralala Loordes: "Yer sees yer place like that and makes yah think yer coulda been inside sleepin'..."
    [2016/04/02 12:12] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Aye. An' would ye e'en know what was goin' on by the time ye woke? Would the smoke creep in an' kill ye ere ye could?"
    [2016/04/02 12:12] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "When that sombitch burned Sam's place she was gone by luck. That guy is gonna kill someone."
    [2016/04/02 12:13] Lunesta Matova: "Nick's a fast one, ya know. Mighta been alright, but good he wasn't there"
    [2016/04/02 12:14] Lunesta Matova: "Hard enough to find shelter and to think someone would just burn it fer no reason..."
    Whatever shit Wastelanders do, however dirty or bloody or batshit random it is, it comes right from our gritty, fucked up little hearts, and that's beautiful.

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    Part 3:

    [2016/04/02 12:14] tralala Loordes: "Smoke aint nuthin like air...dont puff up them bladders in yer chest sos yer go on livin."
    [2016/04/02 12:14] Lunesta Matova shakes her head
    [2016/04/02 12:15] Aposiopesis Fullstop spits into the fire. "I still cain't believe he burnt her place, Marko. Nor that he burns nothin' of nobody. How he ain't been put down by now, I ain't know."
    [2016/04/02 12:16] Lunesta Matova: "The sands make some folk crazy in the head, I tell ya."
    [2016/04/02 12:17] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "He's a snake, that's how. I've gone after him myself but he's always just a step ahead. Weird considering what a mental peewee he is."
    [2016/04/02 12:17] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "I admit, I kinda worry sometimes... 'member how he talked all puffed-up 'bout how he had a bunch o' folk, an' was gonna try an' take over the Fissure an' other places? I pegged it fer all talk, but.. what if he HAS got some folk out there keepin' him safe, an' thass why he ain't gotten dead?"
    [2016/04/02 12:17] tralala Loordes: "am I dreamin' or was there one some spans ago what liked to burn down churches.?
    [2016/04/02 12:18] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "That church burnin down wasn't Seawwconds's doin."
    [2016/04/02 12:18] tralala Loordes: "ahhh"
    [2016/04/02 12:18] Marko (tammykilledherdad) rolls his eyes, "That was the might Jedidiah Stone."
    [2016/04/02 12:18] Aposiopesis Fullstop frowns. "Aye. That were Jedi. It were... more a special li'l statement."
    [2016/04/02 12:19] Aposiopesis Fullstop sneers. "I swear, i ain't been rubbed so wrong so quicklike in my life..."
    [2016/04/02 12:20] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "If he has folks out there keepin Dan alive, and I don't doubt the possibility, then they are deep in the shadows. I've never heard he even had a friend."
    [2016/04/02 12:21] Aposiopesis Fullstop snorts. "Aye, Dan's warnin' notes were real pieces o' work." She unlatches the journal from her thigh and flips through old pages. "Think I copied one down..."
    [2016/04/02 12:22] Aposiopesis Fullstop finally thumbs through and finds it. "Ah! I copied TWO down!"
    [2016/04/02 12:23] Aposiopesis Fullstop passes the page around.
    [2016/04/02 12:24] Marko (tammykilledherdad) looks a little sheepishly at the papers, takes them and does his best to read.
    [2016/04/02 12:25] Aposiopesis Fullstop rereads them, herself, her face doing something between sneer and smirk all the while. "...'My Raiders will bring slawter in the nit.' Heh."
    [2016/04/02 12:25] Lunesta Matova looks at the notes. "Sounds pretty puffed up with himself, I'd say"
    [2016/04/02 12:26] Lunesta Matova: "And burnin' folks shelters when they's gone takes nuthin' but a coward"
    [2016/04/02 12:26] Marko (tammykilledherdad) moves his lips as he silently sounds out each letter.
    [2016/04/02 12:26] tralala Loordes: whispers: Understands every fifth word maybe..." Dan musta been running the sands without a hat too long. His brains are gone to mush....but he aint the first what claims all lands as his..."
    [2016/04/02 12:27] Lunesta Matova: "Aye, Tra...there's been a few of them puffed up ones"
    [2016/04/02 12:27] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "Man, who all else..."
    [2016/04/02 12:28] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "Yeah, asshole." he declares, handing the pages back to Apo with a nod.
    [2016/04/02 12:29] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "A lot I cain't remember, 'cause they was just big-talkin' newfolk. The sort to show up day one, claim we ain't but weak idjits, swear they're gonna bring back sommin' we ain't ne'er heard of - then slink back into the Nothin' in less than a moon."
    [2016/04/02 12:29] tralala Loordes: "Was some jackass what set himself up a shack in front of ole Aeg...demandin' some salvage for him not givin' yah some lumps and agreein' he was top dog...pfft...dog alright.."
    [2016/04/02 12:31] Aposiopesis Fullstop snorts. "Oh aye, that twerp. He been an' gone - thank whate'er."
    [2016/04/02 12:32] Lunesta Matova: "Amazin' how some scrap outta the end of a slugthrower quiet's 'em right down tho."
    [2016/04/02 12:32] tralala Loordes: "Onliest thing he was good fer woulda been as the meat shield when we go Thing huntin'..."
    [2016/04/02 12:33] Marko (tammykilledherdad) chuckles
    [2016/04/02 12:33] Lunesta Matova considers this. "Meat shield might be a good idea"
    [2016/04/02 12:34] Lunesta Matova: "Dangle 'em on the end of a long pole out over the sands...see if the critter gets interstid"
    [2016/04/02 12:34] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods slowly. "I hate t' say, but... I think that might be sorta how a fight will gotta go. That somebody keeps it distracted while the other folk attack from afar - or just from behind."
    [2016/04/02 12:34] tralala Loordes: "I says as somebody has to go first it should be a big shit pickle like that..aint nobody miss it when it's gone."
    [2016/04/02 12:35] Aposiopesis Fullstop cackles. "Shit pickle!"
    [2016/04/02 12:36] tralala Loordes: "I am might innerested in what yer gets if yer kills that Thing...meat or juice ...somthin.."
    [2016/04/02 12:37] tralala Loordes: mighty))
    [2016/04/02 12:37] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "A lot of leg meat."
    [2016/04/02 12:37] Lunesta Matova: "I think yer life might be the reward...'course for me that don't apply"
    [2016/04/02 12:38] tralala Loordes: haha..."Yar and we give the meat shield a fine old funeral and cook out..."
    [2016/04/02 12:38] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Ye know what I'd like? I'd like the fangs o' that fucker. Make sommin' like the Rattlesnake with 'em - only e'en more poisoney." She grins malevolently.
    [2016/04/02 12:39] tralala Loordes: "That'd be fine too..."
    [2016/04/02 12:39] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "Yeah I'd like to see those biters too..."
    [2016/04/02 12:39] Lunesta Matova: "I'd be willin' to join with other folk, even the smoothskins and muties to try and flush it out...but no tellin' when it shows itself."
    [2016/04/02 12:39] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Or! E'en better! Mebbe it's carryin' spiderlings, yeah? An' ye can scoop 'em up in an Empty Glass Bottle or sommin'. An' throw it at people!" She beams.
    [2016/04/02 12:39] Marko (tammykilledherdad) laughs, "Now that is creepy innovation."
    [2016/04/02 12:40] tralala Loordes: "That's a good one..aint nobody be expectin' that..." Hears the screams in her head
    [2016/04/02 12:40] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods thoughtfully at Lunesta. "Well... I was thinkin' on that. I reckon ol' Syruss wouldn't mind if I invited more folk into the ol' Hunter's Guild..."
    [2016/04/02 12:42] Lunesta Matova: "Sometimes, not always, mind ya, we got to set aside our differences when there's a....thing out there"
    [2016/04/02 12:42] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Could try an' meet up an' spread word more. An', o'course, if we find the thing, put out a call to everybody available. My plan is, next I find one o' them sticky crates, run back o'er here an' get on the horn." She jabs a thumb toward the great curling Bazaar horn.
    [2016/04/02 12:42] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "That's right, the thing needs killin."
    [2016/04/02 12:43] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "An' I don't want it gettin' no closer to the main settlement than it is now. Where it is, thass plenty close enough."
    [2016/04/02 12:44] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "Irk has a bow he's tryin to learn how to shoot, says he's gonna stand back and pick the thing off."
    [2016/04/02 12:44] tralala Loordes: whispers: "Sure dont want to wake up, rub yer crusty eyes and see that in front of yah..the Thing"
    [2016/04/02 12:44] Second Life: You posted to Flickr.
    [2016/04/02 12:44] Lunesta Matova: "I keep thinkin' of that when I'm carrying one of them clawing and thrashin' crates back to the trader....hopin' it ain't a baby THING inside"
    [2016/04/02 12:44] Aposiopesis Fullstop smiles at Marko. "That'll be a help! Hope he got enough arrows, though..."
    [2016/04/02 12:45] Lunesta Matova: "I can help Irk with the arrow-makin' if he needs it"
    [2016/04/02 12:45] tralala Loordes: "Baby things..yeesh..crawl under yer clothes I bet."
    [2016/04/02 12:45] Aposiopesis Fullstop looks at Lunesta. "Aw jeez, ain't thought o' that. Usually there's some furs, ain't there? Not that that makes it no better..."
    [2016/04/02 12:46] Marko (tammykilledherdad) nods at the ghoul, "I'll let him know that, thanks."
    [2016/04/02 12:46] Second Life: You posted to Flickr.
    [2016/04/02 12:46] Lunesta Matova: "Lotsa baby things are cute n furry when they's little, then grow into somethin' else entirely"
    [2016/04/02 12:46] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "Like Nick."
    [2016/04/02 12:46] tralala Loordes: haw haw
    [2016/04/02 12:47] Lunesta Matova guffaws and wipes the blood from her sleeve.
    [2016/04/02 12:47] Aposiopesis Fullstop cackles.
    [2016/04/02 12:47] Second Life: You posted to Flickr.
    [2016/04/02 12:49] Aposiopesis Fullstop sighs. "I just hope this ain't like them taters all o'er again..."
    [2016/04/02 12:49] Second Life: You posted to Flickr.
    [2016/04/02 12:49] tralala Loordes: "What like the taters you meanin.?
    [2016/04/02 12:49] tralala Loordes: "
    [2016/04/02 12:49] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "Taters never killed yah with poison. Well, not yet anyway."
    [2016/04/02 12:50] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Well, is about... workin' t'gether. if we tend 'em proper, an' ain't nobody picks a sprout, then the tater plant gets full grown an' has a big harvest, yeah?"
    [2016/04/02 12:51] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "In theory, yeah."
    [2016/04/02 12:51] Lunesta Matova: "That don't work when you got some who'll mash their dirty boots all over the sprouts n kill em erry time"
    [2016/04/02 12:51] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "But, well... how many times has that happened? There's always somebody picks it. Whether they don't know no better, or they're doin' it on purpose outta spite."
    [2016/04/02 12:52] tralala Loordes: "Well yer can see where that tater is sproutin. Yer can wander them sands all night and not see the Thing..."
    Whatever shit Wastelanders do, however dirty or bloody or batshit random it is, it comes right from our gritty, fucked up little hearts, and that's beautiful.

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    [2016/04/02 12:52] Lunesta Matova nods, "True"
    [2016/04/02 12:52] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Aye. But how long's it gonna be 'fore people learn to leave a sticky-lookin' crate out there alone, an' not try an' fight it themselves?"
    [2016/04/02 12:53] Lunesta Matova: "Ain't no tellin' when that thing will sprout up and kill ya. Just the luck...bad luck...of the draw"
    [2016/04/02 12:53] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "Til they each get killed."
    [2016/04/02 12:53] Aposiopesis Fullstop shrugs. "Iono. There's folk who cain't believe there's anythin' they cain't do alone, y'know?"
    [2016/04/02 12:53] tralala Loordes: "I gist too excited when I sees a crate to look that closely afore I snatch it up...guess I gotta learn me some new tricks."
    [2016/04/02 12:54] Lunesta Matova: "So there's some kinda sticky stuff on the crate? Or just kinda oozing outta it?"
    [2016/04/02 12:54] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "An' folk who won't wanna learn.."
    [2016/04/02 12:55] Lunesta Matova: "Some folk only in it for theyselfs and how many crates they can collect"
    [2016/04/02 12:55] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "I din't get too clear a look - I was just excited to open it up, as ever. But there was definitely sommin' on it, I could tell."
    [2016/04/02 12:55] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "Never seen one, m'self."
    [2016/04/02 12:55] tralala Loordes: "Thems the folk I wants to tie onna stick and dangle it out front of me in Cape....yar."
    [2016/04/02 12:56] Lunesta Matova: "Like one a them old contraptions Facemelt made...tie a long pole in front"
    [2016/04/02 12:56] Aposiopesis Fullstop grins.
    [2016/04/02 12:57] tralala Loordes: "'xactly"
    [2016/04/02 12:57] Lunesta Matova: "There's a scent I haven't caught since Kronbelt days....."
    [2016/04/02 12:58] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "Hope he'll come back sometime, too. Ne'er got to know him so good."
    [2016/04/02 12:59] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "He gave me my Slugthrower, though..." she says, a small smile on her face.
    [2016/04/02 12:59] Lunesta Matova slaps her knee and looks around, "So I'm tellin' you all that I'm willin' to set aside any bad feelings for the huntin' of this thing. Ya in?"
    [2016/04/02 13:00] Aposiopesis Fullstop seems to return to the present. "Yer damn right, in."
    [2016/04/02 13:00] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "I'm in, never had no bad feelin's to put aside."
    [2016/04/02 13:00] tralala Loordes: "I am only in iffn it's clearly unnerstood I aint the meat shield"
    [2016/04/02 13:00] Aposiopesis Fullstop laughs.
    [2016/04/02 13:00] Marko (tammykilledherdad) snorts
    [2016/04/02 13:01] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "Maybe we can get the Mercs in on this too."
    [2016/04/02 13:01] Lunesta Matova: "Ya ain't no mean shield, Tra. Ain't enough meant there anyway. So I hear the horn blow and I'll hightail it to the Cape."
    [2016/04/02 13:01] Lunesta Matova: meat*
    [2016/04/02 13:01] Lunesta Matova: "I blow the horn and I 'spect some help"
    [2016/04/02 13:01] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "Nick ain't believe me that it exists still. But he's been huntin'. He'd be sure to give it hell if'n is found."
    [2016/04/02 13:02] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Aye. I'm well across the Wastes, but if I hear it, I'll come runnin'."
    [2016/04/02 13:02] tralala Loordes: 'I come runnin...I wanna know what's in its guttyworks"
    [2016/04/02 13:02] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "I'll tell Itch about it when I see him, bet he'll sign on too."
    [2016/04/02 13:02] Aposiopesis Fullstop grins.
    [2016/04/02 13:03] Lunesta Matova: "We all win if we can whack it...don't matter who gets to claim it"
    [2016/04/02 13:03] Marko (tammykilledherdad) nods
    [2016/04/02 13:04] Lunesta Matova: "I don't mind gettin' killed again, in the name of a speriment"
    [2016/04/02 13:04] tralala Loordes: whispers: "I aint so much innerestin in having parts of anything what pulled blood outta me...just want to know what's innit."
    [2016/04/02 13:05] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Aye! Some things is worth a risk o' death - or twicedeath - an' this is one of 'em."
    [2016/04/02 13:05] Lunesta Matova: "Aye, Tra...it's the ad-ven-chur that's makin' me wantin' to find it"
    [2016/04/02 13:05] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "Some things just need killin"
    [2016/04/02 13:06] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "I'll try an' get more recruits. Mebbe see if I can't dig up ol' Syruss hisself again. Next I see Bartleby, too, I'll ask if he'd ask 'round about it in his travels - mebbe there's other settlements seen 'em, know 'bout how they get killed, what they do."
    [2016/04/02 13:06] tralala Loordes: "I was thinkin' I was smellin change in the air...I aint so much crazy fer finding more things as I is in the knowin' of things now...maybe that happens when yer gets older.."
    [2016/04/02 13:07] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "When you're old like me it's about forgettin things."
    [2016/04/02 13:07] Aposiopesis Fullstop drums her fingers on her thigh. "Might try an' brush up that warnin' poster I made a bit - least put the glyph on to say it's a thing ye oughta call for reinforcements..."
    [2016/04/02 13:07] tralala Loordes: 'Yar Apo..good idea"
    [2016/04/02 13:08] Aposiopesis Fullstop grins at Tralala. "Iono - this has got me more innerested in the scavvin', too. Realized I ain't had much supplies for medkits an' the like..."
    [2016/04/02 13:10] tralala Loordes: whispers: "yer always needs medkits...between crates and quests and things...and not to fergit crazyass other wasters."
    [2016/04/02 13:10] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Think I'm gonna have to do a lot o' scavvin' and collectin', 'tween hunts. Mebbe make meself some guns again, e'en."
    [2016/04/02 13:11] Lunesta Matova picks up head from dozing off...."Gun? Where?" (looks around)
    [2016/04/02 13:11] Marko (tammykilledherdad) laughs
    [2016/04/02 13:11] Lunesta Matova: "Oh...ne'er mind...musta dozed there for a minute."
    [2016/04/02 13:11] Aposiopesis Fullstop grins. "Aye, just talkin' on how I gotta make some."
    [2016/04/02 13:12] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Oughta make me a Ripper again. I useta be mighty good with 'em, but I swear the Masheens just don' make 'em like they use to..." She chuckles.
    [2016/04/02 13:12] Lunesta Matova: "I got a couple stashed in my heap. Willin' to share if we get folks who need more than their fists"
    [2016/04/02 13:13] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "I keep a Scav Rifle at home, I'll bring it out on the hunt."
    [2016/04/02 13:13] Lunesta Matova: "Gotta keep hittin' the sands and finding more crates...supplies get low."
    [2016/04/02 13:15] Lunesta Matova: "'course I'm partial to my old weapons, but sounds like this thing will need real firepower"
    [2016/04/02 13:15] Aposiopesis Fullstop flips to a blank page of her journal. "I'd reckon that we'd prolly all wanna have, what - one good bashin' thing, like mebbe a Kidney Burster or Vicious Clobberin' Stick... Flayer mebbe, though that shell seems hard t' cut.... then we could try an' have least one person a li'l ways away, usin' some sort o' thing like a bow or some type gun... then mebbe, aye, somebody a bit farther out on Scav Rife or Hunter's Rife..."
    [2016/04/02 13:15] tralala Loordes: "I aint no good with a gun..I gets excited in a fight and most likely shoot anything close to me....even youse."
    [2016/04/02 13:15] Aposiopesis Fullstop scribbles notes as she mutters.
    [2016/04/02 13:16] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "Yeah that's a solid plan Apo. We'll bring out the heavy artillery on it's ass."
    [2016/04/02 13:16] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Well, crazy ol' thought, but... mebbe we could pool some our scrap, too. Like, pick one day, all go scavvin', then gather it all together. What we find that's useful, we mete out. What ain't, we trade for better, mebbe save up for the real good shit from Alden. Sorta like the ol' clan days," she muses.
    [2016/04/02 13:18] Lunesta Matova: "I'd be willin' to do that."
    [2016/04/02 13:18] tralala Loordes: "Heh..that'd be lovely fer thems that joins up, gits the scrap and runs off..like thems that aint never tossed nutin in the stoo but eats it alla time,,"
    [2016/04/02 13:19] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "I'm going to focus on the Seawwconds problem before I get into anything else."
    [2016/04/02 13:19] Aposiopesis Fullstop rubs the back of her neck. "Er, right. I gotta help out Nick, for sure."
    [2016/04/02 13:20] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "An' you got a point there, Tra. But that always was the risk w' clans. You just kick 'em out, call 'em KOS, an' freeze 'em out from trade."
    [2016/04/02 13:20] Marko (tammykilledherdad): "KOS?"
    [2016/04/02 13:21] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Kill On Sight." She grins.
    [2016/04/02 13:21] Marko (tammykilledherdad) chuckles, "Of course, silly me,"
    [2016/04/02 13:21] Lunesta Matova: "Speakin' of which, Tra...thank ye kindly for that box of foodstuffs gave for the stoo locker. Much appreciated, speshully since you're making it most times yerself"
    [2016/04/02 13:22] tralala Loordes: "aint no thang..we gotta eat...gotta jist grit yer teeth sometimes I guess as them slackers tuff they face."
    [2016/04/02 13:22] tralala Loordes: stuff))
    [2016/04/02 13:22] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "I don' miss the bullshit that was 'round clans back in them old span. Ain't none could hardly do nothin' without their 'enemies' makin' a mess o' stuff. You'd not e'en be able to do a thing like Rondyvoo nor a Salvage Auction, I reckon, but that it'd turn into a bunch o' snitfits an' fights. But... groupin' up has its uses."
    [2016/04/02 13:23] tralala Loordes: whispers: "Yar..pay no attenshun to me..I gotta vent sometimes..blow up stink bubbles like the lava I guess."
    [2016/04/02 13:23] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "Aye, we gotta keep the stew stocked, too. I'll try an' keep better eyes on it. Ne'er seems to need what I got, though - so I'll try an' give ye what I have available a bit more, Lunesta."
    Whatever shit Wastelanders do, however dirty or bloody or batshit random it is, it comes right from our gritty, fucked up little hearts, and that's beautiful.

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