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    Default Minxx Meets the Oracle - Part One

    For those of you who didnt know, The Wastelands has its very own Oracle. Below is an exchange between Minxx and the Oracle. She will soon be available every Sunday to read your fortune. Feel free to contact her to set something up! Hope you enjoy!

    [2016/04/10 18:11] The Wastelands: You become aware of Maenas's presence.
    [2016/04/10 18:12] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me stands outside..and takes a deep breath.. she mumbles to herself and then dares to peek her head through the front door. She cant bring herself to say anything so she just watches the woman silently.

    [2016/04/10 18:15] Maenas: /me, her arm outstretched, trails her fingers through the smoke of the burning incense. Head cocked at a somewhat strange angle, she looks along the flesh of her arm. "You have questions," she says plainly.

    [2016/04/10 18:17] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me opens her mouth in surprise and the nods solemnly.. She taps her temple nervously with her gloved forefinger.. as she is wont to do..then takes one step into the building. " so many " she whispered.

    [2016/04/10 18:19] Maenas: "The sands may have answers. Or they may not. The truth of things is as fleeting as things themselves. What meaning there is, and where it lies..." Her eyes follow a wisp of smoke as it rises, spreads, disperses into the air.

    [2016/04/10 18:21] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me frowns a bit and stands there awkwardly. She wasnt sure what to or say to that so she did the one thing she was always good at.. putting her foot in her mouth " so should I go ask the sand? " she wasnt being sarcastic.. she was a bit off in the mind. She would actually go ask the sand if she thought it would respond to her. She began to fidget nervously.

    [2016/04/10 18:24] Maenas: /me replies in the same low, slow voice, showing no mockery, no contempt, but no charmed smile either. "All things speak to those who would listen. The sands, yes. The clouds, yes. The smoke, and the bones, and the innards of birds. And even the scrap."

    [2016/04/10 18:27] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me grins a bit lopsidedly at the thought of bird innards talking to her. She cleared her throat loudly to try to stifle a laugh but it didnt work. Instead she made a really weird noise and then coughed a bit for real. When she was done making a complete fool out of herself she used her palm to hit herself in the temple a few times. " can i come closer? or should I go talk to other things? " she wasnt sure if this woman wanted to talk to her or if she was telling her to go away and talk to the clouds.

    [2016/04/10 18:32] Maenas: /me continues to watch the smoke. "You may move as the spirits move you. But you do have questions. You do seek answers. You may try to listen and to see on your own. Or you could approach. You could lay down your three most recent findings in the sand, your three most recent pieces of scrap. And I could see what may be seen. I could read order from the random."

    [2016/04/10 18:33] Maenas: /me suddenly turns to face you, her matted hair whipping around, and fixes you in an intense stare. Before you can reply, she says, in a voice still low but powerful, "But there will be a price."

    [2016/04/10 18:35] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me makes an interested face and nods a bit.." i got some stuff i found today i can show ya " she moves forward and walks over to the woman.. digging in her pouch as she does so. She starts talking herself through her own actions.. everything she says is barely above a whisper. " i will show her this, and this and then that too. Should i hand them to her? " She looks up at her as she stands before her now.. " do i give em to you? "

    [2016/04/10 18:35] Maenas: /me stretches a hand toward the table. "Simply place them here."
    [2016/04/10 18:36] Maenas: /me moves the small bone dice aside to make space.

    [2016/04/10 18:36] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me she felt like maybe she was being too slow so she fumbles quickly with her three items and just drops them in a pile onto the table ..in silence

    [2016/04/10 18:40] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me after dropping her stuff she glances to the woman now.. wonder what will happen.
    [2016/04/10 18:41] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): wondering*

    [2016/04/10 18:41] Maenas: /me gives each item an appraising glance. "Which was found first? Which was found last?"

    [2016/04/10 18:42] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me titlts her head curiously at that question and thinks its kind of cool that it makes a difference. " Th moss was first n the stuff in the bottle was last " she hoped she wasnt going to die because of this reading. She made a weird face and almost punched herself in her own temple to make the thought go away. " is that bad? "
    [2016/04/10 18:44] Maenas: "It is as it is," she replies. "But. Before I see and speak, I say again: there will be a price. And will this price be paid?"

    [2016/04/10 18:45] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me looks upset by this and her hand starts rummaging in her pouch as she looks at the woman nervously. " what is the price? i didnt know there was a price. " she begins to babble nervously. " nobody ever tells me nothin. I woulda brought you some food at least.. or even a weapon i made. "

    [2016/04/10 18:48] Maenas: /me stares fixedly at you. "The price can not yet be known; the price can not be named. And will this price be paid?"

    [2016/04/10 18:49] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me doesnt like eye contact so she glances down as she exclaims " what if you want my head? i cant agree to that beforehand cause that would be crazy ya know? " she sighed and frowned and debated with herself for a while. Her entire body was fidgeting now as she became mentally anxious. " okay okay .. so .. yes.. I will pay a price but not my head okay? "

    [2016/04/10 18:56] Maenas: /me slaps her hand flat on the table. The small bones clatter, the oil sloshes in the censer, and the firelight gutters and flickers. Its inconsistent light casts strange shadows on her face and shines in her eyes. The sound of the slam echoes off the empty ruin walls, as does her voice. "You seek answers and order, you seek to know things beyond your sense, you seek to defy the chaos that burns at the heart of all things, and YOU would set a limit on your price?! I ask a third time and final. And will this price be paid?"

    [2016/04/10 18:58] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me just about shits her pants and nods fast as tears well up in her eyes " yes miss.. i will pay " says is a trembley voice. It was a long time since someone yelled at her and it brought her back to a time she didnt like. She stood quietly now.. her arms crossed behind her back.. waiting as if she were ashamed.
    [2016/04/10 18:58] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): in*

    [2016/04/10 19:00] Maenas: /me nods. "So it is sworn. Know that an unpaid price will be collected thrice. And now I shall see as can be seen."

    [2016/04/10 19:00] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me just nods not looking at the womans face.

    [2016/04/10 19:01] Maenas: /me looks first at the thick mat of Bloodmoss. She closes her eyes and hums a long, low, droning hum.

    [2016/04/10 19:02] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me glances up and watches her from under a hood of thick lashes.

    [2016/04/10 19:04] Maenas: "Bloodmoss. A caution against taking things for granted. It is thick and nourishing now. But if it is not respected, it can bear poison."
    [2016/04/10 19:06] Maenas: /me looks next at the rubble. "A fistful of rubble. The stones are the bones of the land. They may seem so common as to be worthless. And yet they are integral. They are part of the cycle of sand to stone, stone to sand."

    [2016/04/10 19:07] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me is afraid to say anything right now so she just nods solemnly trying to make sense of it in her head. She swallows hard at the warning and begins to dig her nails into her own palm hard.. taking solace in the pain for a moment. She then glances to the rubble and nods. She always did like the more seemingly worthless things.

    [2016/04/10 19:07] Maenas: /me looks last at the bottle. "The chemical A. It speaks of old mysteries. It is an elixir of creation and of preservation."

    [2016/04/10 19:08] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me perks at old mysteries.. she wondered what that meant.

    [2016/04/10 19:08] Maenas: /me points at them in order. "What is found first may speak more of past. What is found second, of present. What is found last, of what may come." She closes her eyes once more and hums again.

    [2016/04/10 19:10] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me wants to hum too.. she does everything in her power to stand still and respectful.. she looks to the woman still not saying anything. She wondered if there was more.

    [2016/04/10 19:12] Maenas: "This speaks of a past that saw great disrespect. A taking-advantage for temporary gain. And, as a result: ruin. But I see that you were not the one in advantage. You were the one put-upon. And, as the spores of the Bloodmoss can rise and choke, as so small a thing can make whole great regions impassable for spans," she says, a hand gesturing outward toward the northwest and whatever remains of Bloodmoss Swamp, "So it was for you. Danger. Death. Loss. Things became... unreachable."

    [2016/04/10 19:14] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me her frown was deep as her gaze took on a far away gaze.. she began to gnaw on her lip..pulling part of one of her scars into her mouth.. she released and took a deep breath. She nodded slowly .. watching the woman in awe.

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    Default Minxx Meets the Oracle - Part Two

    [2016/04/10 19:17] Maenas: "But the rubble... the rubble is your present. And it, though sundered, has strength. Rubble is a solid thing, and yet a changing thing. It was once of greater rock. Now it is smaller. In time it will be sand. In time that sand will be stone. It is, and yet it may become. It is part of the cycles of this land, though it may be a long, slow time before a change may come. Though it may seem common, though it may be dismissed, though it may be seen as the meagerness of what is left after ruin... it is only beginning."

    [2016/04/10 19:19] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me almost burst out crying for some reason.. she makes an odd noise and clears her throat and glances away. This was crazy.. how can this woman know these things. She seemed to know her . She took another deep brath and stared at the Bottle of Chemical A. This was going to give her the answer she wanted.. she was scared and it showed on her face.

    [2016/04/10 19:25] Maenas: "The chemical A speaks of what may come. Creation, as it can help to forge and strengthen. Preservation, as it is this elixir that can stop the withering of a cut cactus - so that it might be used in new ways. Used even for the cure to great illness. Chemical A speaks that, even though there is a severing, even though there has been ruin, there need not be a withering." She looks up at you. "You need not shrink. You need not turn to dust and blow away. It may seem right, it may seem inevitable. It may be what those who cut you would have wanted. But you, in this moment, are stone, and stone sees many spans before it comes to dust. Do as you do, and use yourself to create new things. It may even lead to healing. This is what the scrap says."

    [2016/04/10 19:28] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me looks into the womans eyes for a long time without saying anything then she smiles softly.. the scars on her mouth pulling in what seems to be a painful way, but she doesnt seem bothered by it. She nods to her and whispers for the first time since she was yelled at. " guess you cant ask for my head then " her attempt at a joke was stupid and she immediately regretted it.. she followed it by saying in a quick way " nobody ever said stuff to me like that. nobody ever says much of anything to me. maybe youre right.. maybe its time to let it all go " she loosens her fingernails grip into the fleshy pat of her palm and relaxes a bit. " am i allowed to ask a question or do i need to take what you said and figure th rest out ?"

    [2016/04/10 19:30] Maenas: "Ask what you would know. I will see what can be seen."

    [2016/04/10 19:31] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me immediately blurts out " is my papa comin back? "

    [2016/04/10 19:35] Maenas: /me looks at the scrap already shown. "From this... it is hard to see. Show one more piece of scrap - a piece of your choosing. Think on your question as you seek."

    [2016/04/10 19:36] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me titlts her head and nods as she reopens her pouch and rummages through her bag.. she whispers over and over " are you comin back to me papa? " she says it like ten times before placing her item on the table.
    [2016/04/10 19:36] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): tilts*

    [2016/04/10 19:43] Maenas: /me looks at the small item as it's placed on the table. She shuts her eyes again. "The roll of tape. It is... a symbol of connection, yes. Connecting one thing to another, one idea to another, one person to another... and yet, these connections are flimsy and weak, easily broken, and weakened further still by time and the environment. And yet," she says, opening her eyes again and looking up at the grimy dome. "It does speak of connection. Perhaps more weakly than any other such symbol - but so many others don't speak of connection at all. There is hope."

    [2016/04/10 19:45] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me she closes her eyes and nods.. and allows her obsession with him coming back for her to continue. " thank ya for that.. i hold onta that hope every second i breathe. now i wont ever let go. " she glances to her things. " I know I gotta pay ya thrice somethin but id like you to have my stuff too. " motions to the table
    [2016/04/10 19:48] Maenas: /me nods, then gives a small bow. "I thank you," she says, and moves to collect the items.

    [2016/04/10 19:49] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): " so whats tha orther payment ? " asks cautiously
    [2016/04/10 19:50] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): other*

    [2016/04/10 19:54] Maenas: /me slowly slides the small bone dice forward again. Small and crude, their carvings seem to be stained with blood. "You have sought knowledge from the unknowable, meaning from the absurd, and order from the random. And now the random calls its due. You will roll the dice." Her intonation makes it clear that this is not a suggestion.

    [2016/04/10 19:56] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me glances to the dice and nods.. thinking this could become really interesting. " Okay. " She reaches out and takes the dice into her hands and closes her eyes holding them to her chest. " Be nice to me " was all she said.. then she rolled them like she knew how.

    [2016/04/10 19:56] Small Bone Dice: Minxx Blackthorne rolls the small bone dice. They show a total of 3.

    [2016/04/10 19:57] Maenas: /me looks on them. "Your number is three. And three will be your price. You will stand." From beneath the table, she extracts her Rattlesnake.
    [2016/04/10 19:58] Maenas: /me calmly walks along the cracked and ancient tile and stands behind you.

    [2016/04/10 19:59] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me blinks about 500 times watching her pull a freaking snake out. She swallows hard and tries to remember that her fortune didnt tell her she was gonna die today. " Oh .. boy.. what.. oh boy " She stands perfectly still and keeps blinking nervously.

    [2016/04/10 20:00] Maenas: /me stands silently a while, her eyes closed. There is no voice, there is no humming.

    [2016/04/10 20:00] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me breaks out into a sweat and wonders how long she can stand like this before her instinct to run kicks in.

    [2016/04/10 20:04] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me glances at her over her shoulder.. " why is this a payment? " whispers.

    [2016/04/10 20:04] Maenas: /me strikes out three times in rapid succession, the fangs of the Rattlesnake digging and clawing at flesh. Finished, she nods. "The price is paid." Her Rattlesnake dripping, she walks back to the table.

    [2016/04/10 20:02] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me her body jerks as she is hit but it doesnt seem to phase her.. she has a built in defense against such things.. when she feels pain she goes elsewhere in her mind. This was unexpected but she preferred this to anything else..cause this.. she knew and understood.
    [2016/04/10 20:05] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me follows her motions with her gaze and relaxes a bit..the area where she was struck.. stinging but nothing over the top for her. She glances to the blood drawn and frowns.

    [2016/04/10 20:06] Maenas: /me replies, in that same low and distant voice, "Would you ask that question? Would you pay its price?"

    [2016/04/10 20:07] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me decides to change the subject.. " what about you? you speak good like i do.. even better.. so you read books right? but you seem so alone.. does anyone read things for you? to tell you your path ? " seems genuinely concerned.

    [2016/04/10 20:09] Maenas: "One seeking. One question." is the only reply, as her eyes watch the smoke once more.

    [2016/04/10 20:10] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me frowns softly and nods.. " well if you ever wanna trade books or sumthin..i live over in North Yard where the ocean meets the rocks. " she knew nothing of this womans past so she said it innocently.

    [2016/04/10 20:14] Maenas: /me closes her eyes. She reaches out her hand once more and trails her fingers through the smoke, weaving them back and forth. She makes a small grasping motion, as if to catch some of it - then unfurls an empty palm to the sky above the filthy dome.

    [2016/04/10 20:14] ϻıɴᶍᶍ (minxx.blackthorne): /me takes a few steps backwards and winces slightly as the dirty fabric of her shirt rubs on the wounds on her back.. she turns , looks over her shoulder and says " everyone needs a friend " then darts out into the sands, into the night.

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    thx for shareing.
    took the liberty to merge both topics so they stay together
    I eat your Face.

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    This is great, thanks for posting! I am so bringing some savage to the Oracle now...

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