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    Default Misha Meets the Oracle - 6/5/16

    Part 1:

    [18:21] Maenas stares up at the sky, a distant and thoughtful look on her face.
    [18:23] Maenas continues staring at the clouds. "Do you come here seeking wisdom, wanderer?"
    [18:25] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) fidgets, looking around to see if anyone else is around. "Oh, you mean me?"
    [18:26] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): Yes, what kind of wisdom do you offer and how much is the payment?
    [18:28] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): I have been trying to reach the Great Fungus but none of my mushrooms have worked for me lately. So I need to seek wisdom elsewhere today. I heard of your coming on the winds.
    [18:29] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) morosely nibbles on a white mushroom.
    [18:29] Maenas: "The sands give as we need," she says, "and the scrap speaks to those who would listen. I would see what your findings speak of your future. The payment..." Her eyes finally meet yours. "Your hands have not yet decided it."
    [18:30] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) looks at her hands. "My hands? what do you mean? Oh, they are dirty but it's mostly from digging up the mushrooms, so it's clean dirt really."
    [18:32] Maenas does not respond, but turns and walks into the dim building behind her. "Follow, if you would gain wisdom," comes her echoing voice.
    [18:33] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) peers around in the gloom. "What is this place?"
    [18:33] Maenas fingers the small bones beside the dish of burning oil. "This is the Reliquary."
    [18:36] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): So... should I sit down? I haven't done anything like this before. Usually I get wisdom from the children of the Great Fungus. I don't know why they don't speak to me anymore.
    [18:37] Maenas: "To sit. To stand. It is of no matter. The scrap means as it means. Has any of it come to you today?"
    [18:40] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) pulls out some tattered cloth and unwraps it. "Hmm, small haul today, I have an iron scrap and spent ammunition. But yesterday the Doc made me a ton of sand hippo bacon, maybe one of those would do?"
    [18:41] Maenas shakes her head. "That which you get in trade will not speak your fates. It is what you find in the sand that hints at the truths of your mind."
    [18:41] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) looks at the bacon hungrily, popping a piece into her mouth.
    [18:42] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): Ah well, then it'll have to be the iron scrap and the spent ammunitions then. Although the bacon seems more useful.
    [18:43] Maenas: "Iron scrap. Spent ammunition. Lay them on the table, so I can see them as they are. Which was first found?" she asks
    [18:43] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) holds out the handful of loose scrap. "Do I hand it to you directly?
    [18:47] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) puts the scraps on the table.
    [18:48] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): I'm always surprised by how much junk I can haul around. It seems smaller when it's in my bag.
    [18:50] Maenas nods slowly. "And which was the first to be found? A reading is difficult, with two..."
    [18:52] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) looks over the scraps and points to the ammo nearest her. "This ammo first, then the iron scrap"
    [18:52] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): And the other ammo was the most recent I found, see how it is a bit dirtier than the other.
    [18:53] Maenas nods. "The older may speak of your past. The newer, your future. Or they may speak of present and future, or past and present. A reading is difficult, with but two," she repeats.
    [18:55] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): Well, the thing I found before these items was some yellow mold, would that help?
    [18:56] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): Sorry, I mean green fungus.
    [18:56] Maenas: "Ah - ammunition came to you twice?"
    [18:56] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) blushes, "maybe I have been eating the wrong color mushrooms lately"
    [18:56] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): Yes ammunition came to me twice
    [18:57] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): But I haven't found a gun yet, and the ammo looks kind of useless anyway.
    [18:57] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): Although I wished for one recently when several of those turkey buzzards rammed me down a sand dune so hard I lost consciousness.
    [18:57] Maenas nods deeply. "I see. And I will see," she says, fixing her gaze on the pile of scrap. "For it to come to you twice, it must bear great meaning..."

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    Part Two:

    [18:58] Maenas closes her eyes and begins to hum a single low note unwavering. It echoes off the walls and seems to fill the air of the room.
    [19:00] Maenas opens her eyes again, and looks at you. "Spent Ammunition. A thing that is worn out, expended of its power. And yet it is able to be reinvigorated."
    [19:02] Maenas: "In your past, you have been a vessel for the works of others. You have been the casing, but not the bullet, not the gunpowder that gives such spark. You helped another - and were left discarded in the sand. So does this scrap speak."
    [19:03] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) closes her eyes, rubbing them tiredly, but leans in as if to listen more closely to the oracle's words.
    [19:05] Maenas: "Iron Scrap. It is strong. It is inflexible. It is the start of many things. Yet even it may rust, if it is not cared for. This is your present. From your past, you have found strength and solidity. Many paths await you, and you have the power to forge them - if not, just yet, the knowledge of which to pursue."
    [19:07] Maenas: "The spent ammunition returned to you to show your future. But it may not mean the same thing, this second time. For spent ammunition itself represents the cycle of violence - of pain begetting pain. In the future, it may be you who leaves these spent shells behind to tumble down the dunes..."
    [19:11] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) opens her eyes, which seem brighter than they were before.
    [19:13] Maenas looks into the burning dish. "All are signs of fire. You seek answers from the mushrooms, from that which lives in the soft and the wet. Perhaps this is balance. It is important to listen to that which opposes you. But the scrap does speak. And it says that, if you pursue power, you will attain it - though you would do well to be cautious of rusting in idleness, or throwing yourself or others away in recklessness."
    [19:17] Maenas gives you another long look. "Have you any other questions, you who would seek wisdom? Or are you prepared now to pay?"
    [19:19] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): You have given me a lot to reflect on, I have no more questions for now. But my hands don't seem to know what to pay you still.
    [19:20] Maenas points to the small bone dice on the table. "You have sought order from that which is chaos, and now the chaos begs its due. Roll the bones and know the number."
    [19:20] Small Bone Dice: auntiemisha Resident rolls the small bone dice. They show a total of 9.
    [19:21] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): 9? But 9 what?
    [19:21] Maenas pulls her Rattlesnake out from below the table and grips it in her hand. "Your number is nine."
    [19:23] Maenas slowly walks behind you. "Stand, seeker, and let what is owed be paid."
    [19:23] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) readies herself. "That's a weapon, isn't it?"
    [19:24] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) sits down.
    [19:25] Maenas says nothing, but simply repeats, "Stand, seeker, and let what is owed be paid."
    [19:25] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) stands up
    [19:25] Maenas rears back and strikes, dispassionately, with the Rattlesnake.
    [19:26] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha): Do I need to arm myself for this to work? I've never fought anyone before.
    [19:27] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) feels the bite of the weapon and falls back a little, but steps forward, a determined look on her face.
    [19:27] Maenas strikes nine times, slowly, her face as blank as stone.
    [19:28] Maenas: "It is paid." She steps aside. "Go, seeker, and seek what you choose."
    [19:30] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) holds her bruised and bleeding arms. "Thank you Oracle, for your wisdom."
    [19:30] Maenas simply nods, and looks up through the grimy dome at the sky.
    [19:30] Misha Ivanova (auntiemisha) painfully stumbles slowly to the door

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    That was way cool.
    The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world. The sun shining behind him represents the divine nature of the Fool's wisdom and exuberance. On his back are all the possessions he might need. In his hand there is a flower, showing his appreciation of beauty. He is frequently accompanied by a dog, sometimes seen as his animal desires, sometimes as the call of the "real world", nipping at his heels and distracting him. He is seemingly unconcerned that he is standing on a precipice, apparently about to step off.

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