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    some rusty boxes near The Great Fissure.

    Default RP Log: Barrelhead Bazaar 7/2/2016

    [11:05] Barrelhead Bazaar Horn shouts: a long and loud blast of sound!
    [11:07] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods respectfully. "Irk."
    [11:07] Irk nods and grins a fangy grin as Apo approaches, "Apo. I hope the sands are treating you well."
    [11:08] Aposiopesis Fullstop chuckles. "Cain't complain all so much - though I still ain't findin' what I been lookin' for...."
    [11:09] Irk cocks his head, "What is it? I have many rare items for the right trade." He takes off his bag and supplies stowing them behind him under the bench.
    [11:10] Aposiopesis Fullstop strokes her chin. "Aye, these is rare items all right... I hear tell there's bits of a tore-up map out there. Stick 'em back together right, they show the way to some great big trove o' scrap..."
    [11:11] Irk nods and rolls his eye, "I have heard these tales. I have seen others with scraps of this map, all searching for something that might not be there."
    [11:15] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Might not be there?" She arches an eyebrow, then shrugs. "...Well, I cain't help but wonder. It's been, what, two spans since that shite got buried. E'en if we ain't found it, it coulda got et by sandworms or fell into the den o' some... sand bear, iono."
    [11:16] Irk sorts at the vision of a sand bear, then begins to search in his bag, producing two small scraps of paper. "I think these are copies, I got them from a trader for almost nothing. If you want them I will trade low, treasure hunting is not the warrior's way."
    [11:19] Aposiopesis Fullstop peers over to examine them. "Ooh. ...Man, it still does my brain a strangeness, seein' things sketched out small, an' so precise, out the way buzzards must see it," she muses. "...An', aye, it must be the right ol' map. Still got the ol' long-drowned Cape," she muses. "A'ight, I reckon thass real enough. What sorta lowball trade ye wantin' for these, then?"
    [11:21] Irk looks at the map scraps and shrugs, "Something to eat, maybe flatbread or grubs." He points to the map, tracing the red dotted line, "For a drunk he draws very well."
    [11:26] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods slowly, rummaging through her pack. "Oh, iono he was drunk ALL the time. He was good at... keepin' up 'peerances. Cain't say he weren't successful, in his own shite-eyed ratfuckin' way..." She extracts a small pouch of clear film, a couple wads of still-gooey Grubs within, and passes it over.
    [11:26] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "They ain't savory or nothin', but..."
    [11:27] Second Life: Aposiopesis Fullstop gave you WL: Grubs.
    [11:28] Irk grins as he takes the grubs and tucks them away in his pouch. He then gathers the map parts and hands them over. "If these lead to much at all I will be surprised, but I wish luck on you for finding it!"
    [11:29] Aposiopesis Fullstop shrugs. "Sometimes, it ain't just the findin'. It's the huntin'."
    [11:29] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Also... well, iono. Hate to just let it rot in the sands. You heard 'bout where all that shite come from?"
    [11:31] Irk nods, "These words are true. The evil oily devils of the sky have made me strong, hunting them hardens my feet and skin." He looks to the sky, changing subjects gladly, "I have heard only that a mad shaman stole from his tribe and then burned them all alive in a wooden shack."
    [11:33] Irk shakes his head, "Only a smoothskin would do this to his own tribe."
    [11:35] Aposiopesis Fullstop snorts. "Well, that ain't quite the true of it - though I'd not be too surprised. He did try an' burn the godhouse down, an' some us were still in it. But I think he were only tryna off hisself an' his his other believers. Everybody got out, I think. E'en him - he run outta there eventually. So, aye, I don' think he's really burnt nobody 'live... buuuut..."
    [11:36] Aposiopesis Fullstop shakes her head. "He did pass hisself off as a godtalker, an' he did call on his people to give him all their scrap, so as to protect us all from some 'Second Fall.'" She spits into the fire. "We din't fall for that shite. But, well, apparently there were other settlements what did. That trove o' scrap is supposed to be his ill-got gains from them other settlements he duped."
    [11:37] Irk nods and shrugs, "The sands tend to make all stories bigger than then are. I think a treasure of this kind would not last long hidden anywhere. Something would find it in this long time."
    [11:40] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "Thass true. But, like... say I find that shite. Howe'er much shite it is. Wouldn't it be a hell of a thing to use it, whate'er it is, toward helpin' some folk out - 'specially if them better-fed, better-armed folk get to gang up an' use them very things to kill that sorry-ass fucko?" She grins.
    [11:43] Irk smiles, "This would be a justice. If the mad shaman is as you say then his evil would create his own downfall, as the water seeks to balance between two ponds." He shifts his weight and looks overtly uncaring, "Have you any idea where this treasure is...?"
    [11:46] Aposiopesis Fullstop peers at the pieces in her hand. "Well... I'm guessin' it's in the settlement. An' it cain't be in that sand sea beyond Cormac - all that shite were impassible, back when the rest o' this map were made. But... lemme see how they line up - IF they line up - with them other bits I found so long ago..." She unlatches her journal from her thigh and begins to flip through the pages, eventually extracting a few similar fragments of paper.
    [11:48] Aposiopesis Fullstop stands and takes a few wary steps away from the fire , then sits in the sand. Unfolding the papers and smoothing their creases out by rubbing them against a pole, she begins to lay them out - after taking a few wary glances around, first.
    [11:49] Irk watches from the corner of his eye as she reveals the parts of the map. "It is strange that such fragile writing would survive two spans in the winds..."
    [11:49] Aposiopesis Fullstop chuckles. "I take good care o' papery things, I do. I got a few scrawlings from my very first spans here, yet..."
    [11:51] Aposiopesis Fullstop fumbles with the fragments. "Oi! They fit!"
    [11:52] Irk nods, "The smoothskin glyphs I have seen are like chickens walking on paper. But I know the spirits of the past are in these words." He looks skyward, "One day I hope to learn these scratches."
    [11:53] Irk eyes the pieces of the map, cocking his head to one side then the other to see the way they connect.
    [11:56] Aposiopesis Fullstop looks up a moment. "...Aye? Well, I'd be glad to teach ye. Or try to, an'how. Readin' and writin'... well, is like a near magic. Things that was just wiggly lines is suddenly fulla meaning! Ye can look at a thing, an' - bam! - know a thing that ye ain't known afore! Plus, ye can put yer own meanings into them wigglylines, so that e'en if your voice dies out, an' the voices o' them as knows you, anybody who finds yer scrawlin' can look at it an' - bam! - know things 'bout you an' yer life."
    [11:59] Irk repeats with a smile, "I would like this bam. I know some glyphs from my tribe but these are mostly warnings for poison plants or dangers to be avoided. The history of my people is only through speaking." He pauses, then adds sincerely, "The teaching of this, I must trade for it. It is the warrior's way."
    [12:03] Aposiopesis Fullstop grins. "Knowin' glyphs is real valuable," she says. "I'd not mind learnin' whate'er of them you know. But... hm." She looks at you, curiously, drumming her fingers on her thigh.
    [12:04] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "I got an idea. But I can see it causin'... problems, mebbe."
    [12:05] Irk snorts, "Trouble is sometimes opportunity."

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    ((part 2))

    [12:08] Aposiopesis Fullstop grins broadly. "So it is... A'ight, here's the thought I had. You say yer history's only spoken, aye? So how 'bout a trade to top that trade: If'n you tell me some o' them history stories of yer clan... I can get 'em writ down. Hell, I reckon ol' Bartleby would e'en take them stories to other settlements - spread the lore an' legends o' yer tribesfolk farther an' longer than they themselfs might e'er walk or speak..."
    [12:12] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Now, if any o' that reached yer people... well, I can see 'em bein' a whole lotta Not Happy. Stories is sacred things. Mebbe they WANT 'em to die when voices die, iono. An', besides, they're damnfool enough to think you ain't even a real member o' the clan no more, which might mean ye ain't got no right to go sharin' these things," she says, shaking her head. "Come the next Gathering, they might hunt ye down an' see that YOUR voice dies. An' I'd sore hate to see ye the target o' that Great Hunt..."
    [12:12] Irk stares for a moment, blinking a few times. "I have never thought to speak the mutant stories with the smoothskin tongue. It seems... unusual. But for the history of the ages I would like the stories to be known. My people are brave and smart, all of this is in the lore." He thinks and nods slowly, "I would do this trade."
    [12:16] Irk becomes quiet for a moment. "My people do not recognize me. For me to tell our stories would only bounce off of their ears."
    [12:18] Aposiopesis Fullstop grunts, and is quiet for a moment in turn. "Well," she says at last, "Thass the good thing of bein' an Exile. Ye ain't gotta follow their rules no more. They say ye ain't to be seen nor heard? Too bad - there's a whole rest o' the world to see an' hear ye."
    [12:19] Irk nods, "Yes, I must be for them no more. It is small and cruel, but it is our tradition."
    [12:23] Aposiopesis Fullstop gives a grim little smirk. "Know what? It'll be THEIR damnfool decision to kick ye out that might end up makin' the tribe's tellings last for spans on spans. ...Thass real hopeful, mind, 'cause the rest of us is fulla skags an' rockbrains an' assbutts, too. But still." She winks.
    [12:25] Irk nods, "That would be another justice. I have begun my own ballad, maybe this would also be a thing for your scratches to catch."
    [12:28] Aposiopesis Fullstop's eyes widen. "Oooh, thass gon' be a hell o' a thing. An' then, as ye learn, ye'll get to write yer very own scratches, an' ye ain't need nobody!" She beams at you.
    [12:29] Irk nods sincerely. "A good trade. See here..."
    [12:30] Irk extends a long finger into the sand, "I will show you this mutant glyph to start the trade." He proceeds to slowly draw a circle, then makes a crossways slash through it. "This is the glyph for danger among my people. It is an ancient symbol, I have seen it on things from the old world, left by our ancestors."
    [12:31] Irk continues, "If it is a plant with poison or spines a small leaf can be drawn inside the circle. Or any danger can be shown inside it."
    [12:31] Aposiopesis Fullstop looks at it approvingly, then pulls a stub or charcoal from her pouch and reprints it on a blank page of her book.
    [12:34] Irk: "I have seen this glyph on an old world sign with a hooman walking under the slash. These are the earliest signs of the turmoil between our peoples. We must have wanted you destroyed."
    [12:34] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Glyphs make good sense. One quick symbol, an' yer done. The *word* for danger is a whole string o' symbols - but prolly good to reckonize." Beneath the symbol in the sand, she spells out "DANGER"
    [12:35] Irk looks at the word in the sand and bites his lip, "this means danger? It is very... messy."
    [12:36] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "Ye ain't gotta worry 'bout what each o' them six letters are right now - nor how they sound out the word. We'll get to that. Fer now... just know that if ye see this messy ol' pattern o' lines.. means there's some sort of dangerous shite afoot."
    [12:38] Irk nods, studying the lines in the sand carefully. He points, "Are these a stack or a line of ... glyphs?
    [01:32 PM] Aposiopesis Fullstop rubs her eyes. "Oi, sorry, spaced out a mite. Nah, they ain't glyphs as such - they don't really mean nothin' on their own. They're just signs to let you know what sounds to make. Like this one here is a D, an it makes a sorta 'duh' sound. Each letter tells ye a sound. ...Though, er, some makes more'n one sound," she admits, rubbing the back of her neck.
    [01:34 PM] Irk nods and repeats, " 'duh' ... I see. But DANGER has none of this sound in it." Irk looks confused.
    [01:35 PM] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Well... is hard to say some o' them letters on their own. D's really more like just.... d'. But is hard to make yer tongue stop in time, or keep yerself from sayin' some sort of an uh or ah or w'ever w'it."
    [01:36 PM] Irk stares, trying to get it but clearly not. "I will learn this strangeness in time."
    [01:37 PM] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "Helps if ye grow up w' this. Back in my settlement, we was big on it. E'erbody learned the letters an' their sounds, at least. But... the real weird thing o' words is, e'en if ye can read 'em, an' ye know the sounds ye gotta make to repeat 'em... ye still ain't actually know what the word MEANS!"
    [01:40 PM] Irk snorts, "Why have a glyph if there is no meaning in it? Hoomans have strange ways. But I will learn these words AND the meaning too."
    [01:44 PM] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Well, is just like ye don' necessarily know what a glyph means, 'til ye been taught. Like, folk round here got a glyph 'bout danger, too..." Below the word 'DANGER,' she scrawls a triangle with its point at the bottom. "Also quick an' easy. Looks kinda pointy an' spiky, too. But we might not lookit yer linecircle an' know it means 'danger' right away. Ye may not see our triangle an' know it means 'danger.' There's meaning in things - but that meaning's not always full obvious. To do that, we'd hafta.... draw li'l pictures of everythin'. Which'd take time. ...An' there's a lotta things that ye just cain't draw." She laughs, a little self-deprecatingly. "Whole thing's weird, if ye spend any bit o' time thinkin' 'bout it. But I'm sure ye can learn it! We'll meet up at The N, how 'bout, an' do a li'l bit at a time..."
    [01:47 PM] Irk stares again, taking it all in, "Yes. Yes, we will meet to exchange words for words. I am much happy for this trade." He stands and gathers his bag and supplies from under the bench.
    [01:50 PM] Aposiopesis Fullstop nods. "I look forward to it! An'... thanks again for the map bits," she says, pulling a Roll of Tape from a pouch and carefully taping together the sides that match, before folding the whole thing up and tucking it in her book again. "I hope some good comes outta it."
    [01:50 PM] Irk smirks, "Yes... maybe you will find a great treasure with the scraps of paper. I hope this happens."
    [01:51 PM] Aposiopesis Fullstop: "An' I hope the same for you," she says with a wink. She rises from the sand and dusts herself off. "You keep well out there, Irk."
    [01:53 PM] Irk nods with respect, "Walk the safe path, I will be to see you at The N soon." he looks to the sky for a moment then walks away without a word..

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