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    Default Malice Meets The Oracle - 7/17/16

    ((What's with all the M names! Anyway - this encounter has been gently edited to remove OOC bits.))

    [18:07] Malice (malice.shepherd) climbs over the railing and flops down heavily, walking in slowly.
    [18:09] Maenas seems to pay no mind, simply rolling a pair of square bone dice back and forth from hand to hand. She sets them back down on the table. "Do you seek answers?"
    [18:10] Lune (lunesta.matova) enters the building, sensing a presence.
    [18:10] Malice (malice.shepherd) stares for a few seconds, then arches a rotting brow. 'Answers? wut?'
    [18:10] Lune (lunesta.matova) whispers..."Malice, I told ya she wasn't no legend...she's real...come outta the sands from ancient Reaver lands."
    [18:10] The Wastelands: You lost track of tralala.
    [18:12] Maenas makes no eye contact with either person, but gives a small, satisfied nod at nothing. "Perhaps you do not seek them. But perhaps the answers seek you."
    [18:12] Malice (malice.shepherd) turned and looked over his shoulder to Lunesta and shrugged. 'Thought er'ythin' there were dead...' He then turned back to the mysterious female and stepped forward slowly, eyeing the table. 'So, where do yeh find yer answers?'
    [18:13] Maenas: "Within the scrap," she says, "within the sands. The land speaks to those who would listen. The scrap is but one of its voices."
    [18:14] Lune (lunesta.matova): "Just put a piece of whatcha found there on the table...real careful like...and jes wait"
    [18:15] Maenas: "The three things you have found most recently. Lay them on the table, so I may see them as they are."
    [18:15] Malice (malice.shepherd) took half of another step forward, then stopped. 'Wait, wut, within tha... Da fuck? Kinda witchcraft be this?' But, at Lunesta's urging, he did just that, reaching into his shirt and placing his scrap
    [18:17] Lune (lunesta.matova) whispers "Jes do like she says..she got the knowin'...she does."
    [18:17] Maenas nods as each one is placed. "Which was first found? Which was last?"
    [18:18] Malice (malice.shepherd) pointed at the chemical, 'that were first,' and then the gear. 'That were last.'
    [18:22] Maenas nods, then closes her eyes. She begins to hum a low, discordant tone, a drone that sounds like it's two notes at once. It echoes strangely in the near-empty building, reverberating - and then she stops, her eyes snapping open once more.
    [18:23] Malice (malice.shepherd) arches his rotting brow even further.
    [18:25] Maenas: "Chemical E. A mystery of the Old World. Its identity is unknown. The purpose it serves is... mutable. It may serve to heal. It may serve to harm. Its original purpose... none know. This is your past," she states plainly.
    [18:26] Malice (malice.shepherd) listened intently and his other brow slowly began to raise as she spoke.
    [18:28] Maenas: "The knife blade. This... was not given to you by the sands. It is a made thing, made within the Masheens."
    [18:28] Maenas: "But they were given, once. Once and spans ago..." she muses, looking particularly distant.
    [18:28] The Wastelands: You smell the familiar odor of Bo on the winds.
    [18:29] Malice (malice.shepherd) smirked a bit and shrugged. 'Mah apologies, ferget what I carry on meh sometimes. Jes' lug it all around tagether.'
    [18:30] The Wastelands: You lost track of Bo.
    [18:32] Maenas: "This is what would speak of your present. But, with this, it speaks of a present and a past. The one resembles the other, serves the same purpose as the other, and yet it is not the other. It is a made thing, not a given one. It is... manufactured."
    [18:33] Maenas: "But the blade," she continues, "is linked to the Masheener. TO that which manufactures. This is your present: unlinked from your past, a created thing, but manufactured by your own hand."
    [18:33] The Wastelands: In the distance you see Bo cresting over a sand dune.
    [18:35] The Wastelands: You lost track of Bo.
    [18:35] Maenas: "The thing found last speaks of future. For you, it is the Gear. The Gear, too, speaks of masheening. Of effort and ingenuity. The gear is also linked to trading, and to prosperity - in much the way of Scrit."
    [18:36] The Wastelands: Bo has wandered closer to you.
    [18:36] Malice (malice.shepherd) thought for a few seconds, then slowly grabbed his things. 'Well, I'll be damned... Yeh knows things.'
    [18:37] The Wastelands: You lost track of Bo.
    [18:37] Maenas: "So. I see that your past is... uncertain. Uncertain even to you. As a Ghoul, you are not what you were in life. You are a thing other, a thing beyond. Do you persist? Or do you create yourself each day in your own image? Regardless: the scrap speaks that you do this well, and to your profit. That which you do, you do with tireless tenacity."
    [18:38] Malice (malice.shepherd) continues to listen intently.
    [18:44] Maenas: "Though there should, perhaps, be caution: you show a Small Blade in the place of the old Knife Blade. But the old and the new cannot always be interchanged. The old does not work as the new one does. And so the old ways do not always work in the present. Time and sand dulls even the sharpest edge. Still, should you be careful and crafty, the promise of the gear will come to pass."
    [18:45] Malice (malice.shepherd) thought intently, and nodded slowly. 'Aye... Good wisdoms indeed... Many thanks, strange ladeh.'
    [18:47] Maenas: "The Gear and the Scrit are seen as one, in many readings. With work, there will be profit. It is a good time for trade and for business." She nods. "So does the scrap speak. If you find more, and wish more wisdom, I will return, as the sands will it..."
    [18:48] Malice (malice.shepherd) nods, and slowly turns, muttering softly. 'Business... good business...'
    [18:48] Maenas looks up to the grimy glass dome. She looks at you, for the first time, surveying you up and down. And she looks, too, at Lunesta. Closing her eyes, she spends a moment in thought.
    [18:48] Malice (malice.shepherd) looks at Lunesta, and nods. 'We gotsta kick it inta high gear.'
    [18:48] Maenas: "Yes. ...Yes. There is... a price."
    [18:49] The Wastelands: Malice walks into the distance.
    [18:49] Lune (lunesta.matova) stand up and slowly approaches the table.
    [18:50] Maenas watches him leave. "A price unpaid. The sands will have their due," she says, a faint smirk on her lips.

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    [18:50] Lune (lunesta.matova) whispers: Looking at the Oracle, she says in a whisper, "May I show you one thing that the sands have given me this day?
    [18:50] Lune (lunesta.matova): "
    [18:51] The Wastelands: You become aware of Bo's presence.
    [18:52] The Wastelands: You spot Lunesta on the horizon.
    [18:59] The Wastelands: In the distance you see Bo cresting over a sand dune.
    [19:00] Lune (lunesta.matova): "Oracle I have but one question for you. A question even you, with your seeing beyond seeing might not see,,,but i must ask"
    [19:00] Lune (lunesta.matova) places a wheat sheaf on the table.
    [19:01] Maenas nods thoughtfully. "I shall see what may be seen."
    [19:01] The Wastelands: Bo has vanished into the wastes.
    [19:02] Maenas surveys the grain. "What is your question?"
    [19:02] Lune (lunesta.matova): "The wheat has its seasons...from growing in the soil, then cut down yet still with a form of life....not unlike the transformation I have undergone, from human to ghoul."
    [19:02] The Wastelands: You smell the familiar odor of Bo on the winds.
    [19:02] Lune (lunesta.matova): "There is still a force that animates me, not unlike the dried sheaf of grain."
    [19:03] Maenas nods. "This is so. A wise observation indeed."
    [19:03] The Wastelands: Bo has vanished into the wastes.
    [19:03] Lune (lunesta.matova): "But the wheat will eventually become dust, in its time. Am I like the wheat? Do I have more season before I am fully dust?"
    [19:04] Lune (lunesta.matova): "I've know this form for...several spans. Will I survive yet more spans in this form until I, too, become one with the sand?"
    [19:06] The Wastelands: In the distance you see Bo cresting over a sand dune.
    [19:07] Maenas: "We are all as the wheat," she says. "We all rest in the shadow of The Hand That Takes. All is an end unending. But," she says, closing her eyes a moment...
    [19:11] Maenas: "...This wheat has not even begun to truly rot. Dried, it is preserved. It can keep well, for so long as you keep it dry. Now, it is not immune to rot. If you rubbed it in filth and poured the water of the swamp on it, it would succumb and decay. This is true of you. You can do only so much to... preserve yourself. You will pass, in time. But I do not see this happening soon. Though you, too, are not immune. if you seek to hasten your final death, if you put filth or poison in yourself... well, death would come if you called."
    [19:11] The Wastelands: You spot Francus on the horizon.
    [19:12] The Wastelands: Bo wanders away.
    [19:13] Lune (lunesta.matova) considers this carefully. "I have grown accustomed to this condition, although it slowly pains me more each day. Yet I feel that my spans are limited, I do not wish to hasten my final death. I thank you for this insight."
    [19:14] The Wastelands: You become aware of Bo's presence.
    [19:15] Maenas gives a small smile. "I am glad of it."
    [19:15] The Wastelands: ElTetue has wandered closer to you.
    [19:17] Maenas: "The later spans can be... difficult. The forgetting. The difficulty in controlling emotions. The rising of the obsession. But remember that, even then, it is usually some spans before all is lost, before one simply dies, or becomes a Ghast."
    [19:19] The Wastelands: ElTetue wanders away.
    [19:20] The Wastelands: You lost track of Bo.
    [19:20] Lune (lunesta.matova) slowly rises and takes the wheat sheaf, folding it carefully and placing it in her pouch. "I have some remembering, yet it becomes blurred. The emotions become...difficult...and will soon overtake me, I fear. My blade is quick to show itself; it surprises me. But I will continue, and see what each sun brings. You have returned as you have foretold - I hope your days of wandering have been....safe ones. I, unlike those who have scurried from your sight, am ready to pay the price for the wisdom you have imparted."
    [19:21] The Wastelands: Francus wanders away.
    [19:22] The Wastelands: You spot Bo on the horizon.
    [19:25] Maenas shakes her head. "As when you've sought answers before, the spirits ask no price of you, you who holds and tends this Reliquary. And your blood cannot pay for his," she says, a gleam in her eyes. "But they know that you would pay. There may be a time, or a question, for which they ask your blood... but it is not today."
    [19:26] Maenas: ((whoops. Serves me right, rightclicking on a thing.))
    [19:26] Wastelands Hud: Today is the 17th day of the Season of The Fire King during the 9th span. It is Twilight, Blistering and Mostly Cloudy outside.
    [19:27] Lune (lunesta.matova) inhales deeply and sighs. "Thank you. I shall tend this space until you return again one day. Please take this, to sustain you in your travels."
    [19:27] Lune (lunesta.matova) carefully offers a bit of sustenance.
    [19:28] The Wastelands: Bo walks into the distance.
    [19:28] Lune (lunesta.matova): "The sun is setting. I must go and see what the sands will reveal this night."
    [19:29] Maenas nods deeply. Her stomach emits a hollow gurgle at the sight of the food. "I thank you. And... I may stay near," she says, tucking the food into a hidden pouch within her bloody skirts. "There is an unpaid price, after all; I will not be leaving until it is settled..."
    [19:29] Lune (lunesta.matova) smiles a lopsided grin and shambles out the door. "Oh, the price they will pay......"
    [19:30] Maenas chuckles softly, glancing back to the small bone dice.
    [19:32] Small Bone Dice: Maenas Resident rolls the small bone dice. They show a total of 7.

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