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    Default Barrelhead Bazaar RP Saturday 9/3/2016

    Part 1
    tralala Loordes: "Oi Lune...good ter see yah"
    Lunesta Matova: "Oi, Miss Tra...how ya be?"
    Lunesta Matova: "Oi there, Apo!"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me stumbles over to stand by the wreckage of her booze stand. "Oi. Imma juz zdand ober 'ere. I god de Ruzdmouv," she says, in a voice thick with congestion.
    tralala Loordes: "The usual..cursin' the sands and hoping fer goods. Been watchin' all the new folk stumble around crabbin' cause all they gots was a feather from the buzzard..." Laughs
    Lunesta Matova: /me chuckles. "Some a them new folk don't unnerstand the value in things they find"
    tralala Loordes: "s'truth...Apo yer sounds like yer swallowed a handful o'grubs"
    Lunesta Matova: "A feather's jes a feather 'til ya learn how ta addit to stuff. Can run a man right clean through with it."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me snorts. "Id veels lige dere's a Big Vad Grub siddin' in mah 'ed alreddy, dagin' ub all da room in mah 'ed-'oles." She rubs her forehead.
    tralala Loordes: "I offered to trade it with him cause he was cryin' over missin' out on a leg or two o'meat..but yah know how when yer makes an offer they sudden like get all cadgy and grabby...thinkin' fer once they don't maybe know it all..."
    Lunesta Matova: "Seen a few new folk runnin' right by the spikey flowers what grow in places...not realizin' their lives might depend on that little-seemin' weed"
    Lunesta Matova: /me listens to Apo hacking and coughing behind her. "Feelin' worse are ya, Apo?"
    tralala Loordes: "Maybe Apo yer should wet down some bloodmoss and slap it up on yer head...maybe feel better a bit." "Gotter find yerself some cure...."
    Sonjay Zadark: /me stood off observing what appeared to be a little market place hearing in part the comments of the wandering vagabonds of the wastes. He looked down at a finger nail that was looks and he tried to stick it back on but if fell off and he sighed. Grumbling he stepped forward trying to pick up a little on what they were saying.
    tralala Loordes: Laughs..."Lune I see one mad dog runnin' fer them flowers and cuttin' em down just fer spite.."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me nods slowly. "Id'z drue. I alwehz ding... 'Oh, I gan'd use a Ghemigal A on dis gagdus; i godda save id.' An' den DIZ habbenz, an' I ain'd god a zdogbile anehmore."
    Lunesta Matova: /me tosses something to Apo, barely missing her head. "Small comfort, but somethin' to hold tight when ya get to hacking real bad."
    [2016/09/03 11:18:33] Robin Firethorn: /me hefted her pack and moved up to the market remembering it from the one time they had an auction sometime back. She put her goggles on her forehead and tried to come out to see them with a little greeting so as not to sneak up on them. "Hey, you trading in there?" She asked.
    Lunesta Matova: "A few folks is learnin', I think. Them posters Apo painted must be doin' some good."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me tries to catch it, but misses, swatting it onto the ground. She picks it up and looks at it. "Aww, id'z a beer! A bear. Nod a beer. Alreddy god lodza beer." She hiccups.
    tralala Loordes: Shakes her head..."Yer aint never 'sposed to not have a few bottles of chem a in per pocket...it aint never a good idea to blow it at the masheen...mebee they has some over to the shelter?"
    tralala Loordes: "Oi stranger...I can be tradin' if they's somthin' yer after? Is they somethin' yer wants?"
    Lunesta Matova: /me chuckles at Apo...."Ya still feeling the brew from the other day or ya startin' fresh with that nasty stuff? Not sure it'll cure...mebbe help with the pain though"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "I do god zum now," she says with a sniffle. "Bud now i gan'd vind de blandz, ov gourze." She snorts again, and spits on the ground.
    tralala Loordes: kicks some sand over that spittle....
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me peers over and gives a vague wave to the new arrivals.
    Sonjay Zadark: /me listened and snapped his eyes to the girl he had met earlier with Malice and backed up a step. He was not to sure about all these people, not since the change. Swallowed at the mention of drink and grunted. His milky eyes went wide when of them waved. He blinked and looked down at himself.
    Lunesta Matova: /me looks over her shoulder and nods to the folks.
    Robin Firethorn: Well, I got a lot of wood. I do carpentry and fix stuff, well some stuff as I can. You need any wood. I always trade for food or any old thing.
    tralala Loordes: "Oi strangers...welcome to come down to the cookfire here...nothin' btter'n bacon cooking stink is they?"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me stares at the figure at the other end of the row of wrecked booths. "You zpeag wordz? We gan'd read mindz, zdranger..."
    Robin Firethorn: /me blinked and looked over her shoulder spotting the ghoul and flinched. She narrowed her eyes. Yep it was the same one as earlier. "Hey there. Gnash. Said his name was ... What was it uh ghoulie man, Sam Gnash?" She shakes her head. "I don't think is adjusting so good." She glanced to him.
    tralala Loordes: "Yer can add some wood to the cookfire here...I gotta fine bit o'fatback here fer yah..I knocked off the green bits where that ghoul was lickin'."
    Sonjay Zadark: "If I had something to say, I'd say it now wouldn't I." He rubbed his cracked lips together and grunted. "How Is or ain't adjusting is none of your buisness." He said to the little human girl. "Mind your own buisness. I am looking for someone."
    tralala Loordes: Snorts...."Bold talk fer this early"
    Robin Firethorn: /me blinked at the rude ghoul and turned and pulled from her pack some wood. "Oh sure okay, no problem. I comb the dunes and round that old lake, well used to be for little bits of wood, you know." She fed the fire wood and stood there respectfully hoping for a bit of meat. "Robin Redhand." She looked to the ghoul in the distance.
    Lunesta Matova: /me chuckles and kicks the sand...."Mebbe jes more meat fer the Diner, Tra"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me chuckles, the sound dissolving into another hacking cough. "Who'z yeh loogin' vor? I'll warn 'em."
    Lunesta Matova: "Apo, you hoardin' that brew or you gonna share? Less of course it's got them rustmouth spores innit"
    tralala Loordes: Pulls a fatback outta her pocket and blows some lint off..."here yah go...yer takes that to Aeg and he'll make yer some fine bacon strips. Just the thing fer chewin' on long scavs."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me gives Robin a weary wave. "Good meedin' you, dough, Robin."
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    Part 2
    Sonjay Zadark: /me balled up his fists as the females poked at him with their words but he pushed back the helmet and stepped around the stall and puffed up a bit with pride. "I was told by a fellow, ghoul, to look for a Lune. You folks are more accepting than I figured. Either you are crazy or are able to take care of yourself."
    tralala Loordes: "yer know my sayin' Lune..meat's meat and we all gotta eat."
    Lunesta Matova: "Aye, I'm Lune...who are you?"
    Lunesta Matova: "Ain't smelled ya round here before I dun think"
    tralala Loordes: "I think we're a bit of both really...almost gotta be to git by"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me nods to Lunesta. "Aye. I ain'd been dringin' oudda diz jug," she says, hoisting it in an unsteady hand. Fumbling fingers extract a small clanking wooden box from her pack; she opens it and extracts a small array of thin stone cups. Getting about as much booze on the ground as in any given cup, she fills some cups.
    Robin Firethorn: /me gratefully received the food from the woman. She frowned at the man in the helmet and humorously moved behind the female ghoul not liking the male too much. She turned watching the woman filling cups.
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me grins and nods at Tra. "Damn righd."
    Lunesta Matova: /me shakes her head, hearing Apo. "It's either the brew or the sickness, but yer soundin' pretty unsteady there"
    tralala Loordes: Sniff the air..."Another fine batch I smell Apo...."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me backs away from the booth. "Gome an' geddid. I'm gonna go ober 'ere zo i don'd invegd aneh ov yeh."
    Lunesta Matova: "I'm already dead...what's yer point, Apo?"
    Sonjay Zadark: /me Took the helmet off and unwrapped his face, a young face and dead as dead could be. "Sam Gnash. Gnash will do. Malice told me to fins you Lune. Why I can't say. Told me find you as I ain't been like this long." He looked over the tough little group. "Got an illness?"
    tralala Loordes: Jumps up and snatches a cup...unscrews a bottle of X and pours in a few drops..."Just in case they was a spore or two swimmin' innit...thanks Apo. I feel better about things already."
    A stone cup of Bog Shot: You swallow the shot as quickly as possible. It's eye-wateringly harsh, but with an herbal - in fact, downright mossy - aftertaste.
    Lunesta Matova: /me looks over at Gnash. "Gnash ya say? Look too purty for a ghoul ta me...you jes gettin' sick er sumthin?"
    A stone cup of Bog Shot: You throw the emptied stone shot glass to the ground.
    Robin Firethorn: /me put the food away and seeing the guy looking gooey dead and hearing the talk of illness she moved off. "Thanks for the food. I better run home for my family goes to looking for me. Later." the girl waved.
    tralala Loordes: "He's still got all his bits I bet."
    Lunesta Matova: /me shrugs. "You'll be dead soon enough though"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me laughs. "Well, Rudzmouv ain'd vun ver da dead, eider. An' da udder dwo volgz mighd nod abbrezhiade Da Zig adz bard od da Wazdelands welgum."
    tralala Loordes: flicks a limp hand at the departing woman
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me waves wearily.
    Sonjay Zadark: /me lifted his eyebrows and grunted at the crew. "Yeah, you gal's are a funny lot I can see that. Not uh changed over maybe a month. I am dropping a few parts, but not that one yet. Look you don't got nothing useful to say I won't disturb ya no more, but Malice... I don't know told me to look for you." He ran a hand ove rhis head and some hair came out. " Damn it that again."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me shrugs and weaves closer to her booth again.
    Lunesta Matova: "Well, have a seat and take a load off then. Malice is a right ghoul and if he sent ya...thass good enough"
    tralala Loordes: "It's fer you to say what yer mean by useful...aint blithering just to feel the wind on my lip now am I?"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me grins. "Don' azg da Mudand Widge dat..."
    Lunesta Matova: Ain't good that ya got the fungus, Gnash...'specially with rustmouth goin' around, too. Least ya still go on fer a bit after the fungus kills ya"
    Lunesta Matova: "Ain't so bad, really"
    tralala Loordes: "I don't even mind the smell any more...really"
    [2016/09/03 11:44:24] Sonjay Zadark: /me nodded and came over to the fire and glanced them he frowned a little feeling the broken ribs grind a little as he sat. "Thanks. I figured he was a good ... yeah well he tried to give me a machete to help me out, so I figured if he did that well he was a righteous guy. Shit you got rust mouth. I don't know how I got infected, but I fell off a cliff, helped by some old boys and now I am like this."
    Lunesta Matova: "All them meat smells risin' from yer diner....ghouls jes one more smell, Tra"
    Lunesta Matova: "Yeah, Gnash, they probly helped ya alright...helped ya right outta the life you think you knowed"
    Sonjay Zadark: Yeah, they were real pals. I mean to return the favor I ever see them again.
    tralala Loordes: "Right yer are Lune...right yer are. I was born lovin' the smell o'meat I was. And was never one to be particular about meat like some."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me gives a solemn nod. "Bud id ain'd zo bad. Dere'z zome Ghoulz who dalg aboud Ghoulizm lige id's... bragdigally zagred or zummin'" She turns away and lets out another volley of coughs.
    Lunesta Matova: "Machete'll help ya harvest the plants ya need to crafter yerself a cure for rustmouth, Gnash. Ain't no cure for the ghoul fungus though"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me turns back again, red eyes streaming. "Oi, Irg."
    Lunesta Matova: "Oi there, Mutant"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me approaches the camp fire cautiously, a worried look on his face as Apo coughs. "Hello. Is the sickness in you?"
    tralala Loordes: "Heyo Irk...yer a fine sight this day."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me grins green teeth at Lune and Tra.
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Id iz," she says in a thick and somewhat slurred voice. "Dryna geeb aweh vrom evrehbody."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me takes a few more steps away from Irk.
    tralala Loordes: "Irk just sos yah know..Apo was passin' out the bog juice...if yer in the mood that is..aint too early or nuthin'."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods sympathetically, then scoots closer to the fire and sits, nodding at the stranger as he does.
    Sonjay Zadark: /me flexed his hands and looked down ant the grey skin and shook his head. "Yeah, figured there was nothing to be done for it. " He huffed out a breath and looked back to see the muty. "Hey...' He trailed off and rubbed his head. He chuckled at the other woman's avoidance of plagues and infections. "I just um well checking in with ya and glad enough to have met you Lune." He glanced back at the mention of the drink. "What you trading for that drink?'
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shakes his head, "No, a warrior must keep his mind clear. But you enjoy the juice."
    Lunesta Matova: /me nods at Gnash. "By the way, that there is Irk...Irk's a nomadic mutant been wandering the wastes fer many spans. Kinda green-lookin' but an alright sort"
    tralala Loordes: "I never do not enjoy Apo's brews...and I never ask how she makes 'em..not that I'm delicate or nuthin..."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me nods, the corners of her eyes crinkling a bit, implying a smile somewhere under the bandanna. "You gan 'ave one vor vree. Zoundz lige you gould uze a zdrong dring."
    Lunesta Matova: "Irk...this is Gnash....jes wandered in to sit a spell"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me snorts. "It is not easy being green."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "Gnash" he repeats.
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me scurries forth, one arm over her mouth and nose, and delivers a cup to Gnash, then scuttles back.
    tralala Loordes: "I'm tra from over Stygian way."
    Sonjay Zadark: /me gave a soft laugh. "Was a time I used to kill Mutants and ghouls alike, hell anyone, now adays I been rethinking things. Now I am the ghoul. Yeah, irony, got to love it." He accepts the cup and looks down and sniffs it but not to picky he drinks.
    Sonjay Zadark: Good to know Tra...
    Lunesta Matova: "Yeah, well, out here...things jes might kill ya back"
    Sonjay Zadark: Yep, might and did
    Lunesta Matova: "Hell, even pickin' up the wrong crate might kill ya"
    tralala Loordes: "yer kill 'em fer meat or just fun?"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Or walgin' on da wrong muzhroom."
    Lunesta Matova: /me cocks an ear toward and Apo and chuckles softly at her slurred speech.
    tralala Loordes: "That purple 'shroom will do you like a whole night of Bog shots."
    Lunesta Matova: "Does make fer some purty colors in yer face though"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me grunts agreement, "The purples have strong spirits within."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "I odda mage a Burble Muzhroom dring vor zpezhal oggazhionz. ...Oggazhions when you don' godda do nuvvin' vor da negzd vew dayz...."
    Sonjay Zadark: /me finished off the drink and his dead eyes looked all around but did not seem to see the hoped for and mentioned effect, and stood and moved over and rummaged in his pack. "Good drink, but then again my taste of late is off." He moved over to the table and laid down trade for Apo. "Well, ladies, I am moving on. See ya in the wastes."
    tralala Loordes: "Who got time fer that kind of slackin' Apo? Hard times comin' soon...scav'll be scarce and folks starvin' more."
    Lunesta Matova: /me nods. "Take care out there, Gnash"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods as Gnash leaves.
    tralala Loordes: "Fair winds to yah"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me nods. "Good meedin' yeh. Geeb well oud dere, an' iv yah need anehding, gome do Da N oud in Da Wazdelands brobber."
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    Part 3
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me rubs her eyes. "....I godda gure diz zhid; idz vuggin' ub bah wurdz. AH NED MAH WURDZ, DAMMID!"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me leans in and whispers to Tra and Lune, "Apo, her sickness is bad. She should be at rest in her camp. Why is she here drinking juice?"
    tralala Loordes: whispers: "I think she's at that senseless part of Rustmouth...aint thinkin' right."
    Lunesta Matova: /me lowers her voice and responds to Irk. "She been hittin' that jug fer days. That and the sickness bout done her in, I reckon"
    Lunesta Matova: /me watches the stranger receding over the hill. "Well, alrighty then"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me scans the horizon, her eyes clearly unfocused.
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me declares firmly, "News of the sickness worried me, I began to gather plants and make Cures. I can offer one of these to you, Apo. And because you are a friend I will trade easy." Pauses, "Unless you want to stay sick."
    tralala Loordes: "That one aint used to his new condition yet...can't even say who he was lookin' for. Mebee we could'a helped. Of course, mebee not too." Brushes some hairs off her shirt
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me shakes her head. "Nah. I ding I gan mage id mahzelv. Onleh realized I 'ad id da odder nighd ad Durbs, and den... eh." She waves the moonshine jug. "Didn'd ged 'roud do id."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods at the slurring woman, rolling his eye a little.
    tralala Loordes: laughs..."I tole yah this is no time to be slackin' Apo....We aint looking' forward to findin' yer face down in the sands and hauling yer tall ass self back to the shelter"
    Lunesta Matova: /me whispers, "I dun think she could make a cure in her condishin...probly couldn't climb them stairs up to Aeg"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me nods. "Aye, aye, a'ighd. I gnow I'be libed drough a wurze gaze ov Da Zig avore, bud... don' mean I godda dough id oud again..."
    tralala Loordes: snorts
    Lunesta Matova: "Probly find her layin' in that there sinky sand at the bottom of the stairs"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Gon' go mage zum Zinderblogz and den go zee Dog Aeg. Den I'll 'ave zum Gure vor da beoble who realeh need id."
    Lunesta Matova: "Way she's staggerin' around I hope she don't fall into the fissure"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "She is dangerous to herself and others. The sickness cooks the brain meats."
    Lunesta Matova: "We gotta lot a cooked brain meat folks runnin' around....mebbe they was sick"
    tralala Loordes: "Mebee she should stand in the water till she cools down...or maybe just her head underwater..."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me snorts
    Lunesta Matova: "Aye, you know I like the water"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "In my tribe when the sickness comes we burn the camps of those with it. But I would not wish flames on The N."
    Lunesta Matova: "I ain't no friend of fire, but I can unnerstand that, Irk"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "It is a great sadness, but it must be done to drive out the spirits of sick."
    tralala Loordes: "Speakin of them whats cooked in the skullmeats...I was watchin' some feller with a hand full'o arrows tryin' to stabbity at a Buzzard...no bow jist some arrows...I was gonna say whatcher doing in a holler but I was too gobsmacked and nuthin' came outta my mouth..."
    Lunesta Matova: /me's eyes widen at Tralala's words...."Say what there? You seen WHAT?"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me stumbles down the dunes with a slithering of sand and a series of muffled thumps. "OOF DABBID ARGH.... I'BE OGAY."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me 's eye opens wide, "This sounds like a brave warrior, to fight with such small weapons."
    Lunesta Matova: /me watches with a worried look as Apo stumble across the sands.
    tralala Loordes: "Mebee instead of burnin' we could just douse the place in Apo's brews and make her wash up in the Fissure lava waters...mebee burn her clothes though..."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me watches Apo fall over, wincing as she does. "Are you broken?"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me considers what Tra said, "Hmm.. this bog juice is a strong spirit, if it will drive away the shadows of sickness this would help many who suffer."
    Lunesta Matova: "Ya might not want to get it too near any fire though"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "I have tasted it, it is very near fire."
    tralala Loordes: "Yer knows how much I like the drink so it aint somthin' I say with any lightness in my bloodsack...just gotta be done I think..fer the good of all."
    Lunesta Matova: "Oi there, Apo...I see ya made it back without fallin' and breakin yerself"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me nods, wiping a thick coating of goopy sand off of her. "Gwigzand iz good baddin' vor vallz." She hiccups. "I vurgod da wader; gon' go indo da Fizzer." She lurches off northward again.
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "She is very active for a sick person."
    tralala Loordes: "We should tie a rope around her....so she can't wander around so much."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: whispers: "A long rope..."
    Lunesta Matova: /me rolls her eyes..."I guess she ain't outta danger quite yet. That booze is takin' a toll as bad as the rustmouth"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "Who else is with the sickness? I know of only a few so far."
    tralala Loordes: "When I had my dose of the Rustmouth that booze was like drinking sharp knives...I hadda git the cure." I hear many of the runners have the sicks..."
    Lunesta Matova: "Seems like a lotta new folk been comin' down with it. I cured mahself, then got sick again right away. Cured again and now I'm stickin' to the shadows"
    tralala Loordes: "I hear yah sistah...fer once runnin' all the time aint a bad thing."
    Lunesta Matova: ((when it got to the point where exploding crates were killing me immediately, I figured it was time to heal myself))
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me grunts disapproval. "It is like a poison vine that reaches further every day. A powerful magik is needed to send it back to the blackness."
    Lunesta Matova: "Mebbe it will go away on its own or mebbe erryone needs to cure at the same time...who knows"
    tralala Loordes: "We need that old Witch to wander back form whatever haunt she's hiding in and have a little talk with Aeg maybe. Git rid of Rustmouth once and fer all."
    Lunesta Matova: "Ain't seen the Witch in a long, long time. Mebbe she's off talkin' with the spirits"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "My sister is powerful, if the spirit of sick can be captured it is she who can do it. But no, I have not seen her in a full moon or more..."
    tralala Loordes: "Spirits can wait...they aint going nowheres..we got troubles here."
    Lunesta Matova: "Aye, it's true. Always some kinda trouble here...the sickness is jes another one....bad one, though, fer sure"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me, now free of sand but completely soaked, lurches over to the barrel and holds onto it for stability, then drapes herself over it. "Wader'z all muddeh. Eeeever' dime. Aaaaalwayz w' da mud." She snorts.
    tralala Loordes: laughs..."Ain't never the paradise yer was hopin' for is it Apo? Even the feckin' water won't act right"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me staggers into the Knucklehead cage, then fumbingly pulls the door shut behind her. "Imma juzd zday in 'ere."
    Lunesta Matova: "Water ya say, Apo? Ya need some water? I got a little here in my pouch, if ya in need"
    Lunesta Matova: "Eh..looks like she dun passed out in there"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me offers with a shout, "I have found a woven sack you can use to stay warm, if this is what you need."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Yeh. Wadder," she mumbles into the sand.
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "W'ever I god, id in'd wad nuvvin' needz. W'ever I need, id ain'd w' nuvvin's god," she slurs.
    tralala Loordes: Hah..."Why that's the song of the Wastes Apo..."
    Lunesta Matova: /me sighs and tosses a flask at the prone figure
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me is confused by the slurred rambling, and impressed that Tra can understand it.
    Lunesta Matova: "Least she had the sense to shut herself in that cage...critters won't nibble on her"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Ohhhh, you lige a ding, Apo? You lige da Gaozeum? Neh, gon' go 'way. Den zum jerg iz gon' dage da land an' brolly uze id d'be a jerg.... vuggin' jergs..."
    Lunesta Matova: "Aye, I seen the sands swallowed it...was a sad sight"
    tralala Loordes: "Yer right about the jerks I fear."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "The sight of it was horrible to my eye."
    Lunesta Matova: "Some jerg buyd it alright"
    Lunesta Matova: "Bricks was still warm from the fallin' down...jerg come in and cleared it all away"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me stares at the water flask that has landed in the soft sands. "Ever'ding goez 'way.."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "All I do... alla dime... dry an' make dingz zday..."
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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    Part 4
    Lunesta Matova: "If ya bleeve the mutant though...spirits stay, iffn they wants to"
    tralala Loordes: "Aint nuthin' but shadows in our heads now...if we forget 'em..then they;s gone fer good."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me nods, her chin digging a little trench in the sand.
    Lunesta Matova: "We all jes takin' care of our little heaps...ain't nobody owns the sands...though some like ta think they do"
    tralala Loordes: "yer knows what we needs? We needs someone who can paint these past things onna rock so we can always see them and 'member. Some folk what knows how to make things look alive with colorin's"
    Lunesta Matova: "Well, Apo been makin' the colors...don't think she's in no condition to use 'em quite yet"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "An' we gan dell da new volg. An' dere's wurdz. But zome jergs don' LIZZEN da wurdz... dey only gare 'boud dem, an' deir own li'l heabz, an' deir zgrid..."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me shakes her head quickly, sand flying. "Noooo. Daaazz why. I maged dad mab. E'erdime I mage dad mab, an' bud dings on id... zummin' big goes 'way."
    tralala Loordes: "Them words in they head is shoutin' too loud to hear anything else...yer can almost hear 'em yer stand next to they ears"
    Lunesta Matova: "Aye...the maps in our hearts...it's jes that it don't match the map of the land no more"
    Second Life: A group member named Morbid Deceit gave you The Crossroads - DRD.
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shakes his head as if he's been thinking about something, "Things come and then they move on, like a dune that moves across the land. A shaman could paint these things and hold the spirit of memory for all time in the painting. But their magik must be strong."
    tralala Loordes: Nods at Irk..."Yar that'd be it."
    Lunesta Matova: "It don't mean as much to some folk...like Tra said, they be shoutin and beatin their chests so much...they dun listen to the quiet things"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me nods. "...Don' lige bein' wrong. Inzides oughda madge da oudzidez, elze 'm wrooong."
    tralala Loordes: "Like that bunch o'fools callin' theyselves 'Mulisha'...hollerin' WAR a comin...war..." What war? Who's they fightin?"
    Lunesta Matova: "Eh...some like puffin theyselves up real big...not much more in em than hot air"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "I have seen these flags of Mulisha, what is it?"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Ligin' dings... dings wha' don' egg... egzizzd nomore. Dey're doin' id doo. War don' 'zizd nomore. Juz' zgwabblin'."
    tralala Loordes: "It seems Mulisha is one old one leading a bunch of young know-nuthin's around."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "Mmm, the cubs can be so idiot."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "Is this the word? Idiot?"
    tralala Loordes: "that's the word alright...."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "Your hooman speak is still hard on me sometimes."
    Lunesta Matova: "Even the taters take time to grow roots...they's patient...learn from the soil, soak it up slowly. Some new ones ain't nuthin' but little sprouts actin like they's taters already"
    tralala Loordes: laughs..."That's a good way to say it Lune..."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me repeats with a snort, "Little sprouts. This is truth!"
    Lunesta Matova: "Tater's get cut down 'ventually...sprouts, well, they just die if they don't grow"
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "...don' gnow wha' dey don' gnow..."
    Lunesta Matova: "Course I ain't sayin all growd taters is tasty...some are all rotted inside"
    Lunesta Matova: /me snickers
    Lunesta Matova: "Tater heads"
    tralala Loordes: "Them tater insides is somthin' else. Don.t try putting them on masheen with some chafin' fuel...they 'splode allover the place..."
    Lunesta Matova: /me laughs
    Lunesta Matova: "Tater and a cheese wheel and a sharp blade and mebbe a chafing fuel can...would be a tasty thing"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods seriously, "I have wondered this, if the taters and a cheese wheel might make something amazing..."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me makes little hills in the booze-soaked sand, then smashes them flat again, then makes more hills.

    tralala Loordes: "Jist the thought makes drool come up"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "My friend Sam has tried many times to make something with the cheese wheel at the masheen. So much time made nothing."
    tralala Loordes: 'Aint had no luck either."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "...jeez wheels is jergz."
    tralala Loordes: "Peeps claim' to make all manner of things these days at the masheen but aint heard of no new foods yet.."
    Lunesta Matova: "Mek mek cakes, roasted cheese sammiches, savory breaded tenders...a ghoul can dream"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me 's stomach rumbles.
    tralala Loordes: "All bacon wrapped..."
    Lunesta Matova: /me rubs her stomach and stretches, looking across the sands.
    tralala Loordes: "I tole the feller who figured out 12 new recipes in a single day span to think on new foods..."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "This is a clever one to find so much in the masheen so soon. My learning there is small."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me's stomach rumbles as well... and she struggles to her feet, scrambles to the corner of the cage, and throws up, barely pulling away her bandanna in time.
    tralala Loordes: Averts her eyes
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shakes his head.
    Lunesta Matova: /me stands up and brushes the sand off. "All this talk of foods we ain't got...makes me hungry. I'd better hit the sands before I fall over. Take care out there, each of you. Don't wanna lose another one of ya to the sands"
    tralala Loordes: "fair winds to yah Lune"
    Lunesta Matova: /me rises and shambles off toward home.
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "Be well, Lune."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me waves wearily. "Go zave, Lunezda..."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me coughs, and wipes her lips with her arm - noticing the streak of blood left behind.
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me offers without thinking, "Sometimes when one is sick in my tribe we bury them in the sand up to here." He points to his neck.
    tralala Loordes: "Apo is somebody going to have to hold you down and pour cure down yer swallower?"
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "This way the sand keeps them cool. And if they die they are mostly buried already."
    tralala Loordes: "that's pretty practical thing to do considerin' yer also have that practice of throwin' rocks at workers..."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me shakes his head, "This custom brings joy to my people. I did not know it was such taboo in the hooman world."
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: /me shakes her head, staring at the long red streak. "Neh," she says, lurching to her feet, feeling along the sides of the cage. She pushes the door open and almost falls over.
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me keeps his eye on the gravity-bound Apo...
    Aposiopesis Fullstop: "Gon' go mage da Gure. Dunno why 'tiz an Apo gedz da be 'round when alla good dingz iz goin' 'way.... bud may'z well zday."
    tralala Loordes: "It'd bring joy to me too if I wasn't the one gittin the rocks heaved at me...which considerin' they're tossed at workers aint likely to ever be me."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me snorts
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me declares sincerely, "I will not honor workers with stones again. It is idiot, but I won't."
    tralala Loordes: "I think Apo made the right choice...she wouldn't have lasted much longer."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "Her sickness is far along. Soon her breathing will be as knives."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "If she is not well soon I will hold her down so you can pour cure into her talk hole."
    tralala Loordes: "We can do that..."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "Someone must. We should not lose the spirit of Apo to this sick."
    tralala Loordes: "I agree...too much is bein' lost already. Gotta save what we can."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: "I have not heard of death coming to anyone yet, but this is not far I fear. I have made a stock of cures, to help drive the spirits of sick back. I hope it is enough."
    tralala Loordes: "Gotta tell them once they cure to stay away from others what might still be sick fer a bit...that's important."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me nods, "It is best to stay far from everyone in these times." He nods to the strangers.
    Heath Oakleaf: glances around. "Damn slim pickings these days. Thought Robin said they was a market day." He nodded to the others.
    Rianna Firehawk: /me nods back and looks around, "Guess we missed everything today, Jack. Sorry, I fell asleep, just felt so off earlier."
    Heath Oakleaf: Well, She said she traded with these nice folks.
    tralala Loordes: Sniffs the air and stands... "Smell that Irk? Stinks. Something rotted. Meat I bet. See yah irk.."
    shannonwilsonbell Resident: /me laughs, "Be well Tra."
    Meat is meat and we all gotta eat..

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