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    I was busy on my allotment last weekend and as I was tending to my vegetable plot, got to thinking about the potato issues we have in the Wastelands. Currently we have several issues pertaining to the Potatoes, one is that plants never seem to reach maturity status. The other is down to various differing viewpoints that people who put in work for potatoes (bleeding at the arena, sitting guarding them etc), where plants are being picked up by people who do not work to cultivate them. This I guess leaves some bitter tastes when they are harvested early and especially by passing people who look for a chance item, harvest a young plant and take while they can.

    By all means under the current mechanic, this is working as intended. The nature of wasteland living and the balance between greed vs survival means its current working mechanic is working as intended. However on returning to the wastes, gives me an opportunity to sit back and watch people in how they utilize such things as the Potatoes in the WL game.
    From what I see it balances out between four aspects. These are committed farmers, opportunists, wastelanders knowing that if they don't take a plant now they will never get a chance and lastly... people deliberately taking plants to annoy the farmers.

    Obviously plants reaching maturity are not happening under a free for all plant grabbing race. Perhaps a better way of cultivating them would be beneficial.

    1- One way would be to have plants retaining to a players blood type, therefore if you bled in the arena and spilled blood for one, that potato would grow and be harvestable by that player only.

    2- How about a growing game, where plants around the arena spill potato seed which has a shelf life. This would prevent players stocking up on them and selling for absurd prices to existing and new people. Players could grow this on their own land or on special rented allotment parcels, therefore creating farming communities and a game within a game. Crops would be dependent on blood related fertilizers... such as perhaps your own blood or a mix of vegetative salvage (fungus, mold and bloodmoss for example). One potato seed could create one potato plant that develops potatoes and maybe two seed potatoes... so one would grow another two plants and so on, building up to trading potato seed with other players etc. Therefore creating sustainable farms.

    As a potato takes three or more days to reach maturity, it is somewhat unfeasible for said potato farmers to sit all day to tend to the plants, especially when they are openly harvested. What with RL responsibilities, a better way might be good to keep those interested in growing vegetation in game could be rewarded for time and effort . One of these ideas might be a good suggestion,maybe other people have better. I do love the growing vegetation in WL though, it adds a lot to the game. Just wish people utilized it better as its a great feature.
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