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    Reformatting does wonders to clean up your computer heh

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    Default anonymizer

    Can anyone recommend a good free "anonymous surfing" application? I have been using the free 15 day trial of GhostSurfer which seems to be pretty good but I'm not sure I want to pay for the download after the trial period ends.

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    awww my eyes


    Tor is free and is open source too - this being an important bonus for a security-related application.
    I don't know about GhostSurfer speed, but be prepared to some slowdown when surfing using Tor, as it encrypts and proxies your communications through a distributed network of hosts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoBokrug View Post
    I was bored and tried it today!

    I like seeing the things moving around, and actually feeling like it's doing something, unlike the default Vista on.

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    Cool Mac Tuneup tips for SL and games

    I saw Cloudie talked about posting tips, I thought I would share mine.

    1. Still no need for antivirus etc. so remove or disable at least for running SL (same reasons as Neo gives for speed).

    2. Mac OS is unix-based and takes care of defragmentation on startup/shutdown. If you have crashes (especially graphic related), you should boot into the command line by holding Apple and S and then run fsck -fy (instructions are in the last couple of lines of text). If the result includes "SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED" run fsck again. Also run Disk Utility and repair permissions. Empty Cache in SL if things seem slower than normal.

    3. General performance: OS 10.5.6 is a big improvement for SL if you are running an Intel CPU Mac. This URL [url]http://web.me.com/trilobyte/Zanzibar/Mac.html [ /URL] has many hints for older systems (G4 and 5).

    4. More RAM. At least 2 gbyte which many older systems are limited to. 4 gbyte = better.

    5. In SL Preferences, Graphics, Hardware Options. Make sure the Texture Memory (MB) slider is set to no more than 50% of the video memory in your hardware (EG if you have 256, set to 128). You can check the video memory in About this Mac under Apple Menu. Reason: Mac OS shares memory among applications including Finder, and SL hogs memory.

    For better WL performance set graphics to Low.. good for combat and salvaging although everything will look bleh.

    6. Limit other applications when running SL, especially web browser.

    7. Newer Macs seem to be handling SL better. The Mac Forum on SL website has lots of comments. Macbook and current iMac seem to be favored there.

    8. If you use a Macbook Pro.. beware of overheating, which can cause the graphics chip to fail, and then computer to crash. I use a stand, with a fan base under the laptop, SMCfancontrol to keep the internal fans at highest ROM, and keep the battery out of the laptop.. thats extreme but it works.
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    Default Patrice's built PeeCee for SL

    Patrice's New Windows XP computer

    EVGA Nvidia Geforce 250 GTs video card - PCIE 2 $119.00 (after 5% open box discount and rebate)
    Gigabyte GE1M-ES2L Motherboard 55.00
    Intel Core Duo 7500 CPU 149.99
    Kingston 2gbyte DDR2 667 (2 sticks = 4GB) 90.00
    Orion Power 480 Watt 16.99
    Bluesonic ATX case (with 400 Watt Power) 39.99
    LG GTH22L CD/DVD SATA 34.99
    Gateway USB keyboard 9.99

    Total without tax 504.95


    Acer x183H 18.5" flatscreen monitor
    Optical USB mouse
    150 GB IDE Seagate 7200 HD
    500 GB SATA Seagate 7200 HD
    D-Link USB hub

    Reasons for this system


    I have been running Second Life (SL) on a Macbook Pro since 2005. My first Macbook died (probably from overheating the graphics chip) and I feared for my current one, which I need for my computer consulting work. Another factor was that although I could run the latest graphic enhancements to SL by using Bootcamp PC emulation, performance was very slow- 1 to 5 fps with highest level graphics and shadows enabled- and the fans would be going full tilt in the Macbook Pro. I also wanted to try making machinima (movies in SL) and the performance would not permit that on the Macbook Pro.

    So I decided to try to buy or build a system for under $600. My first thought was a "barebones" system from Tiger Direct or New Egg, but I could not find a system under $600 that I was happy with. I list my requirements below (based on lots of research, mostly on Tom's Hardware).

    1. All my research indicated that for SL the graphics card is the key ingredient for good performance. Nvidia was the most recommended card for SL, as its drivers are said to cause less trouble than other cards. I looked at higher performing cards (for more money) but decided that the GTS 250 would fit my budget and perform well enough. One factor that seemed important to me (based on my SL experience) is that the more Video RAM the better, for texture loading, and the GTS 250 comes with 1 gig of VRAM.

    2. That card meant I would need a PCI Express 2.0 board. Here location made a difference in my buying.. I live in downtown Toronto and there is a stretch of College Street near Spadina Avenue with dozens of small computer stores. They are great for comparison shopping and getting some information from the store owners. One store had a package deal of a Gigabyte GE1M-ES2L Motherboard and Pentium Core Duo 7500 plus 1 2Gbyte DDR2 chip for $250.00.. so I went for that. I added an LG DVD/CD burner and a 480 watt power supply, and a BlueSonic case - which came with a 400 watt power supply which will be a backup power supply if I need it! Finally I added a $9.99 Gateway USB keyboard as I did not have a working PC keyboard in my junk shelf although I did have HDD's and mouse. I could reuse the Acer monitor I use with the Macbook.

    I toted all the bought parts home on my bicycle (pushing, not pedalling!) and built the computer in about 3 hours. It all looked good but nothing happened when I went to power it up. After a lot of angst I realised that the power on lead from the case was not hooked up right... yeesh! The good news was, when that was corrected all went smoothly. The next morning I set up the BIOs and tried to use the SATA HDD but to no avail yet.. the IDE HDD worked fine though and I had to go through some hoops to find a working XP Professional install CD that worked. I finally found a TinyXP ISO online that I burned it the Macbook Pro and was able to use with my valid key number.

    So far I have installed the basics and three versions of SL.. see below. Frame rates also.. a big improvement! That is with everything in Graphics Preferences set to highest except Draw Distance at 120 metres and Particles set to 1024.

    Information from "About Second Life" SL viewer

    Second Life 2.0.1 (203797) Apr 21 2010 03:03:52 (Second Life Release)
    Release Notes

    CPU: Intel Pentium III/Pentium III Xeon (0.25 micron process) with external L2 cache (2933 MHz)
    Memory: 3327 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (Build 2600) compatibility mode. real ver: 6.0 (Build 2900)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce GTS 250/PCI/SSE2

    Windows Graphics Driver Version: 6.14.0011.9745
    OpenGL Version: 3.2.0

    libcurl Version: libcurl/7.19.6 OpenSSL/0.9.8j zlib/1.2.3
    J2C Decoder Version: KDU
    Audio Driver Version: FMOD version 3.740000
    Qt Webkit Version: 4.6 (version number hard-coded)
    Vivox Version: Not Connected
    Built with MSVC version 1400

    Frame Rates SL Viewer 2.01 10 - 22
    Kirstens S20 7 - 18
    Emerald 1.23 15 - 28

    That is with Rendeferred On.. Shadow, Ultra settings except Particles at 1024 and Draw Distance 136

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    Default More thinks about my new PeeCee

    First, I want to thank Dassina for her help in hardware choices.

    Second, although the Nvidia graphics card took the most time to research, I am happy I went with lower cost/performance and more VRAM... the VRAM seems to pay off in SL.

    Third.. next steps- Neo suggested Windows 7 64bit... I am looking at Quad Intel CPU when prices come down.

    Any thoughts and comments?

    oh.. screenshot using Kirsten S20 with FPS up in Malady
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrice View Post
    Windows 7 64bit.
    As a long time Mac user who recently switched over to PC, I have the Windows 7 64bit and I love it. I highly recommend getting this. It is sleek, easy to use and is a much better than Windows XP, 2000 or Vista (I'm still not sure why people are using Vista, I didn't like it at all). And honestly, there wasn't much of a learning curve as I thought from switching from Mac to PC (though there are still things that I'm not sure what to do).

    I use my PC for gaming, design, web and haven't had any glitches except in SL... but that was the video card I chose, which is ATI (it runs fine with everything else, except SL) I am actually looking into a Nvidia graphics card to replace the one I have, seeing as I do spend a lot of time in SL. My friend actually recommended one and I can post that here if would like to compare it to the one you've chosen.
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    Get an EVGA-manufactured nVidia card. My "nVidia Beta 2-cards-in-one 7950GX2 1GB" card from 2005 died, I never even registered it for the warranty, and they replaced it and shipped me a new one free. Not ALL of them have lifetime warranties, check the details.

    The "Fermi" nVidia 460 is under $160 now. Newegg probably the best place to buy from. No tax, either. Remember with 64-bit, you arent crippled with under 4GB of RAM any more. Get a mobo that supports quite a bit and you wont be upgrading for a long time. Gigabyte and other manufacturers using solid capacitors, too. Solid capacitors are better mainly (I think) because none were manufactured during the capacitor plague era http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague
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